Happy Thanksgiving + Turkey Trot + Yummy Food + Goals

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you are all miserably full from a delicious meal (with plenty of leftovers), your cheeks hurt from laughing with friends and family all day, and you got your fill of football!

Headed to the finish line!
Threw myself on the ground as soon as I crossed the finish. Whew!

This morning started off with my first 5k since getting back at it a few months ago, and I’m taking the work in between my races seriously. Although I missed my goal by 16 seconds (third mile killed me from going out too fast… I’m notorious for doing this and something I’m working on), I’m pleased with shaving a minute off of last years Turkey Trot and clocking my fastest 5k in a decade. I am so excited to see the results I will achieve this next year with the hard work I will be putting in to this crazy passion of mine.

I came in 2nd in my age group out of 62 and was 20th female out of 600 women (race had over 1000 men AND women). I will better this, but happy with today’s end result. I wore my Brooks Hyperion shoes for the first time in a race and I felt super speedy the whole way!

My fiance took some fun pictures during my race and throughout the day. She will have her second professional photo shoot next weekend before my half marathon and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Not only am I lucky to have someone snapping pics along this running journey I just started, but she has an amazing talent and eye and takes some beautiful pictures. Hopefully she can someday make her passion a career! She has a great logo and a classy name in the works. Stay tuned!

After the race we headed to my parents. It was the first time she was meeting my Step-Dad, second time meeting my Mom… and the first time spending the holiday at my parents vs hers. I am beyond grateful for my amazing family, and so glad we go to spend the time together today and everyone got to know each other better. There were lots of laughs, games (I suck at Pie in the Face), and a delicious meal to top it all off. (Smoke alarm only went off 4 times this year…but to my Moms defense, the alarms ARE very sensitive. One day I’ll tell you all about the time the sweet potatoes had flames on them coming out of the oven).

It was so good to spend time with my sister and her family as well. We had a full house today and we got to meet the newest member of the family, Tippie (Moms new Sheltie puppy)

My amazing sister wraps a book a day for each of her kids to open leading up to Christmas.  I absolutely love this idea!

I am very grateful for my family, and for Lynn’s (my second family) as well. We will play games and eat leftovers at her parents tomorrow (although I did sample an entire plate when I got home tonight, cough  cough).  They are incredible people and I’m lucky to have them in my life!

More pictures to come from Thanksgiving part 2, Papke style tomorrow…. complete with delicious food, corn-hole and beer! I’ll get a 3-5 miler in there as well and think about how lucky I am while I run… and about all the food waiting for me at home. Oh yeah, and the company as well 😉 Oh yeah, and how I’m going to CRUSH today’s time at my next 5k in two weeks! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever set off a smoke alarm and what have you burned? I almost burned down my apartment once falling asleep leaving ramon noodles on the stove. My apartment reeked for DAYS. Lesson learned!

What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?
Mine is Stuffing and Mashed potatoes

Did you run a turkey trot today? What is your next race? My next race is December 2nd, the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving + Turkey Trot + Yummy Food + Goals

  1. Anonymous

    1. No smoke alarms for me 🙂
    2. The ends (with small pieces of the skin attached) of ham, mmm, mmm, mmmmm!!
    3. I attended a Turkey Trot today and will be attending the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half next 😉

    ***Least favorite Thanksgiving dish, GO?!? ***


    1. Anonymous

      That’s great that you haven’t set off any alarms!
      Least favorite Thanksgiving Dish? Not a fan of Cranberry sauce or turkey… bring on the ham!


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