Saturday + Gingerbread Houses + Rest Day

Oh Saturday, how I love you… until it is nearing the end of an amazing break. However, as soon as we woke up, we were told that an epic gingerbread competition was about to take place. I decided to take a rest day today as my legs were tired and plans were already made for the day. I do have the San Antonio Half Marathon in a week so I want to take it a bit easy this week to show up on fresh legs. 

So, big question. Three teams created gingerbread houses. I need to know which one is your favorite? 

Lynn and I weren’t very happy with our finished product so we made another one this evening! I took a picture of her taking pictures once again but couldn’t wait to see her finished product, so am posting my lovely iPhone pictures instead 🙂

After mimosas and gingerbread house making, we decided to head into Salado and visit a few shops and have a beer at Barrow Brewing. We had some delicious Nachos and an Jalapeno Pizza right before i dropped an entire beer all over myself. It wasn’t my fault (don’t judge me), the koozie handle broke. So, I got to reek of beer while we played Cards Against Humanity and What do you Meme for the next few hours. Turns out, I’m not that great at these games either!

The shops in Salado we went into were cute, but the candy shop was my favorite. I’m not one who likes a lot of sweets, but gummy candy is a must. I usually prefer anything savory, but put some skittles or some Swedish fish in front of me and it’s game on! Lynn and I did go a little crazy…. can you believe we spent $42 bucks on a couple bags of candy? I guess I got a little greedy, but I did walk out very very happy! Lynn was in heaven as well 🙂

While we were in another Salado shop, I bought us a pickle ornament. It’s a German tradition to put on the tree, and the first person to find it will have luck. Lynn’s family has one on their tree, so we will carry on the tradition and place on ours. We have plans in the next few days to get a tree, and I can’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas!

The day was great, and I’m sorry to see the break end! I’m so excited to enjoy the rest of this holiday season with friends and family and I have a lot of running goals on my agenda over the next few months. I can’t wait to see how far I’ll come this time next year. HUGE goals!

To end the day, a few throw back pictures that Mom Papke showed me of Lynn. Love them and my girl!

Tomorrow morning will be a 5-6 miler with some tempo miles in the middle. I’m so looking forward to next weekend as we have a lot going on! The San Antonio Half Marathon and Lynn’s second photo shoot! At the expo for the race, Desi Linden will be there and I can’t wait to meet her. Meb will also be pacing a group for the half as well. I met him in Houston 6 years ago after he won the Olympic Trials that were held there. No big deal 🙂

Who do you look up to in the running community?
What is your favorite type of candy?
Have you ever made a gingerbread house and what did you do to make yours stand out? We are coming back to WIN next year!

One thought on “Saturday + Gingerbread Houses + Rest Day

  1. Anonymous

    Good morning Road Runner Chick!!! My family LOVES your blog! We check in every day 😊 To answer your questions from up above…

    1. Meb Keflezighi
    2. Nutrageous
    3. Yes, we love ginger bread house competitions here too! I seem to have luck with intricate designs when using toothpicks. Good luck and WIN!!

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