Thanksgiving Part 2 – Papke Style + Easy Run

Our babies!

What a wonderful Friday! It started out a little later than normal (well, this weeks sleeping schedule has been ANYTHING but normal) but turned into a fun fill day. 

After I logged in and got a bit of real life work done, I set my sights on an easy 5 mile run. I dressed way too warm for the weather (I hate running in anything above 50 degrees, but I do complain in the cold AND the heat, LOL) and found some feel good music. I landed on Vance Joy and put on Shuffle. Lynn and I saw him live when we lived in Virginia last year, so it reminds me of that wonderful memory as well. I really miss Charlottesville!

The run felt good, but the last few miles I could feel my tired legs. That coupled with about 150 feet of elevation gain/steady incline on the way back made the 5 miles feel a bit harder than normal.

My goal was just to go out and run an easy pace, but with faster miles towards the end. I’m really trying to work on endurance with tired legs so I can keep up my speed and not hurt so badly during the last portions of my 5ks. Easy run with a 9’13” avg pace for today so I was good with that. Ignore the 16’26’ for mile 6 as that was when I stopped as I hit mile 5 to turn off my watch. I’m weird, I always need to hit an even mile or half mile or I’ll keep running until I do. 

Once back to the house, everyone was still watching the Iowa college football game. Lynn’s brother Erik went to school there and both of their parents (Jeff and Diane) grew up there and let’s just say…. they get prettttttttttty into it. They won! Erik’s girlfriend Sarah had made him an Iowa blanket which was pretty cool and he thought he was being pretty funny by wearing it as a scarf. Sarah also made some amAZing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I had 4 this afternoon and I don’t even care for pumpkin that much so you know they were delicious. I’ll add the recipe above in the recipe section. If you make, let me know how mouth watering they turned out! Thanks Sarah!

Sarah and Erik 🙂

After the game, we played bags outside. I absolutely love that game, but I’m not the best. I do seem to get better with a beer or two, but I’ve been drinking very rarely with the training I’ve been sticking to these past few months! 

Lynn’s mom and especially her dad are very good at bags… and of course we had the Iowa boards to make it even cooler. Lynn took some cool pictures of the action below, and then I took one of her taking pics, because I’m cool like that.

Mom and Dad Papke

We had leftovers (the best) and then later this evening we sat outside in front of the fireplace and played 713 rounds of Catchphrase and snacked on cheese and sausage. Lots and lots of laughs (mostly AT each other) and let me just say there are some competitive folks in this family! 

Today marks one year until I marry my best friend. I’ve created a section at the top of the blog – RRC Wedding, and will keep it updated with details as we start the wedding planning journey. I’m lucky for so many reasons, and can’t wait to see what this next year has to offer!

To end the day, a picture of my girl relaxing! 

Questions of the Day

Did you have any Thanksgiving leftovers?

Have you ever played bags before?
What concerts have you gone to in the past and which one was your favorite? 


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