Last day of Thanksgiving break + 5 miles of wind + Back Home

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday week with friends and family! Time always go by so fast and it’s hard to believe it’s back to the grind tomorrow. It’s always sad when time with family is over… however, Christmas is only a few weeks (okay a month) away and we are already counting down the days! It is nice to be home again though and can’t wait to sleep in our cloud of a bed tonight!

I thought the joke about setting your scale back ten pounds this week was funny (instead of setting the clock back for time change), but maybe I’m just tired from lack of sleep this week. Totally. Worth. It.  🙂

I knew we were going to be leaving today, and I wanted to get a 5 mile run in before we left as I knew I wouldn’t be worth much once we got home. Mom Papke made a delicious egg scramble and breakfast sliders, so I had some of each before I headed out on my run! I LOVE eggs with a ton of vegetables in them topped with ketchup and salsa. Don’t knock it till you try it, lol! The best (and cutest) thing about breakfast were the three furry faces sitting by my feet hoping I’d drop some food. Aren’t they perfect? Wrigley is Mom and Dad Papke’s adorable pup and he is just the cutest. Emmy and Bella love playing with him.

As I was trying to put on my Levitate 2 shoes, Bella wouldn’t stop whimpering to be held. Toughest decision of the day was choosing between my Brooks and Bella. Don’t worry, I cuddled with Bella for a few minutes before passing her off to her other mama to head out the door for my run. Isn’t that little Bella just precious? We feel so bad for her as she is getting a bit older and she has pain in her little paws. She is just the sweetest thing in the world.

The run was a bit brutal as wind was blowing pretty hard at 20 mph, so it made for a rough start to get motivated. That coupled with my darn Apple Watch running app stopping itself every 300-400 feet was really aggravating. I’m all about my stats and times (Lynn gives me a hard time about that as I’m all about numbers, but she loves me) so I decided to use Strava. I had downloaded and used the app once or twice when I forgot my watch (the horror, I know). I was halfway through my run when I utilized the Strava app, but I really like how it breaks things down more so than my watch. I really want a Garmin so I can be REALLY crazy with my running stats. Just sayin’.

My run ended up being 5.2 miles as I wasn’t sure of my distance at the turnaround (2.6 miles) until I turned on Strava. 9:09 average for 5.2 miles which I’m okay with for another easy day and deadly winds (I may be exaggerating a bit). I am going to hit up the track tomorrow for some speed-work and really excited to get back into my weekly routine. I need some more podcasts as I’ve been listening to those during some runs instead of my normal running music so I don’t get burned out before the half marathon and marathon in January. I need to download more music as well. 

After my run I sat and visited with Lynn and Erik for an hour or so until their parents got home from church and drank an amazing cup of coffee. Erik dropped his girlfriend Sarah off at the airport early this morning so it was just the three of us. It was so great to meet her and it’s so awesome to see Erik so happy!

I took a shower and started packing as I went which was sad, but I kept reminding myself we’d be back in a month and we have so much fun at home (like three races in the next three weeks, yeah!). After we all caught up from the morning, we had lunch. I had a salad with some leftover ham, and called it turkey for the first five minutes for some reason. #runnerbrain

It was sad to say goodbye as we packed the car, but we are looking forward to being home. We stopped at Target to pick up a few things and to pick up some packages that Santa left in our mailboxes. Lynn thought one of the packages she picked up was one she ordered, but it was one I ordered for HER…. so, we have to be more careful as Christmas presents are sent to our house from the North Pole so surprises don’t get ruined. Harrumph

Once home, we unpacked and gave the girls a couple of Christmas treats before they both passed out on the couch. It’s a ruff life 🙂

To end the day, I checked the countdown until I marry my best friend (yes, I have a countdown on my phone and I get excited about it every time I see it), and inhaled some Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream (my FAVORITE) as I worked on the blog.

Time to get ready for bed and prepare for work tomorrow and the 175 emails I haven’t read over the past few days. I’m serious about that number if you are wondering! I’ll just keep thinking about how excited I am for this weekend’s half marathon and to see my girl in action at her second photo shoot! I’m as exhausted as little Emmy!

Questions of the day: (and I want comments as I really want to hear from you)
– What podcast would you recommend and what is your current favorite song to run to?
– What is your favorite type of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?
– What watch do you use for your workouts?

2 thoughts on “Last day of Thanksgiving break + 5 miles of wind + Back Home

  1. Not much into Podcasts but do like Trevor and Angie at Marathon Training Academy. I had Todd Rungren’s ‘Bang on the Drum’ drop on Spotify a couple weeks ago. Hadn’t heard it in years…decades? Jumpin’ tune, mindless lyrics, great for picking up the pace. Gave it a thumb’s up. Resisted a Garmin for years but absolutely love my Fenix 3HR. Seamless Strava updates.

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