Monday Motivation + Track Workout + Random

Well, how was everyone’s Monday back from the Thanksgiving break and holiday? All I know is that when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning I was very confused. After taking 12 naps (hitting snooze 12 times) and holding myself from throwing myself off the 4th floor of our apartment, I got out of bed. Okay, okay… it wasn’t really that bad (it was close) but I am just not a morning person. Well, unless I am waking up at 3 a.m. to run 26.2 miles. Naturally. LOL

Lynn was up and at em’ before me and was sweet enough to take the pups out so I was able to focus on getting ready. I was very sad to put on my non-slip work shoes vs my running shoes, but hey… I had them packed in a bag for my after work track workout! Lynn started her day by watching Judge Judy (doesn’t everyone do that?) while I finished and we left earlier than normal which was nice. I did have 150 emails to weed through after all. 

I had a lifesaver when I got to work this morning…. aka a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha! I sadly closed my blog which was still on my screen from working on it the night before and I got to work. One of the sweet girls in the office brought me some caramel peanut butter rice krispie treats. Peppermint Mocha + Sweets = Great Monday Morning! 

Something I happened to notice about my blog made me laugh out loud today. See if you can notice below! The first picture is after I changed it from the second picture. Apparently I was ready for it to be almost 2020. Again, #runnerbrain!

Was a very productive day at work and was great to see my team again! I did miss laying around, playing games, family and running whenever I felt like hitting the road. So, to make myself feel better, I walked on the trail (next to a sidewalk) and pretended I was in the great outdoors in my running shoes (Okay, it was a shortcut but it still made me feel better!)

Today was one of those days I kind of wanted to go home after work, which is exactly why I pack my running clothes so I can change and either hit the track, roads or running trails! I decided to go to the track to get one more speed workout in before this Sundays half marathon. It felt so good to be on the track again and I had my trusty Brooks and Gu so I was set!

My apple watch died on me at noon today so I guess I didn’t charge it last night correctly. Once again, super glad I had Strava to use! I decided to do the following workout:
1 Mile Warm-up
1X400 Sprint with 200 recovery
8X200 with 200 recovery
1 Mile Cool-down
I was only at 4.7 miles so of course I had to run another 600 to get 5 miles!
I didn’t go full blown today as I want to save legs a bit for this weekends race, but everything felt really good. 

The following were my splits, but I didn’t stop my watch for the recoveries so I was doing around a 6:30 pace for sprints and 9:30-10:00 for recovery averaging and 8:09 pace for full workout. Was a moderate effort and felt good!

It was a very pretty view from the track and was getting dark so I finished at the perfect time!

I hit up Sonic on the way home (I was the GM for 6 years at a Sonic after I graduated high school. True Story and I loved it… still have dreams/nightmares about it. I always dream that I’m working a busy shift and I don’t remember how to make the food. This was 15 years ago isn’t that crazy I still dream about it?) Anyways, I wanted a lemon berry slush as I stick in the freezer and pick at it for dayssss and my sweet girl wanted some chicken so it was perfect! 

Once home I showered and made a salad. I LOVEEEEEE Salad and the more veggies I can throw on it the better. I added some tuna for protein and some wheat thins (saving room for some Ben & Jerry’s) and here I am typing away!

I found a few pictures of my beloved Houston Striders on my Facebook that made me smile. My good friend Aileen who was in one of them actually sent me a message shortly after I saw saying she was eating truffle fries which are freaking delicious. We used to have truffle fries at Yardhouse in Houston when we both lived in the city. Good times and I miss her and the Striders a ton. Was the best running group I’ve been in and we all still stay in touch. I even got to meet up with a few of them in Pittsburgh for the Marathon back in the spring!

My three girls are still tired and little Bella was trying to get her other mama’s attention.

Glad to be back into a routine and to start the week out strong!

Questions – (Please comment I want to hear from you!)
– What workout did you complete today?
– Was it hard to go back to work today or did you take the day off and sleep?
– What is your favorite flavor of GU?

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