Tuesday Trail Run + Giddy + GU Ambassador Hopeful

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Okay, the Texas came out a little bit in that welcome, but I feel great today after my run and productive day. The day started out like any other… hitting snooze 17 times, wondering why I have to roll out of bed, if the day is worth standing up for…. (Okay, I’m kidding but I warned you I’m not a morning person. LOL).

I slept longer than Lynn of course, and she was already eating a small bite and sipping on Starbucks Cold Brew watching the lovely Judge Judy before I put my contacts in. Judge Judy really gets us going in the mornings ya know? Makes me feel very normal and like a productive member of society and I definitely take notes on how she gets her point across to some very out there individuals! 

Bella looked as tired as I did this morning, but isn’t she adorable? I told Lynn that we need to put her in a different outfit as the internet is tired of seeing her in pink! Ha!

The day was very busy but extremely productive. I double fisted a Vanilla Latte (with two extra shots) and a sugar free red bull while I snacked on granola during a meeting today. Thank goodness for those drinks as I was very tired today, but was truly looking forward to a run at Leon Creek Trail Head today! 

I was cleaning out my email this afternoon and noticed that I had a very important email in my junk folder from GU! It was notice that applications to become a 2019 Salty Squad Ambassador were now being accepted! Um, can I just start by saying pick me puh-leaze?! 

So yeah, I applied and will be biting my nails until I find out if I got accepted or not! I know that I check every box for the key qualifications and I love the heart and integrity that is part of GU and what they stand for! I’ve been taking GU as part of my running routine for a decade and I can’t imagine running without it! I KNOW I would be an amazing ambassador and would have a blast while making others love it and learn about it as well! I told them my slogans would be “GU GET EM'” JUST GU IT” and a few others I can’t remember. Tonight when I went on my run I couldn’t find my Chocolate Outrage in my workout bag… but realized I had a Vanilla Bean GU in my car. Phew! I really want to try the French Toast flavor they have out as well. Sounds delicious!

I got a little giddy today for a few reasons! I know I’m a newbie to all this social media stuff, so even a like on Instagram, or a like or retweet on twitter puts me on cloud nine. So, the following may not mean much to all you experts, but Christmas came early for me today. 🙂 First, GU (and one of my dear friends) liked and commented on my instagram post yesterday… 

Next, I saw that Kara Goucher (who I totally look up to) posted about being in San Antonio for this weekends race with a picture of her winning it in 2015. So, I commented on her post and she not only liked my comment but commented back. NBD 🙂 Would be so awesome to meet her!

Next, Shalane Flanagan who I look up to very much as well liked one of my comments. Again, no big deal but to me I heard jingle bells. (Christmas coming early.)

Anyways, I was ready to hit the trail for a moderate 5 miler. It’s on an awesome trail close to work and I did two out and backs which made it exactly 5 miles. I started out slower and progressed each mile making my 5 miles an 8:44 average.

It’s starting to get dark so early and I had to use the flashlight on my phone for the last 1.25 mile back. I need to update my headlamp as the one I have is very old and bulky and it’s just going to continue to get dark earlier and earlier.  I love the trails as they all have different starting and stopping points for parking, yet they all connect, have maps, and most importantly….water fountains!

Before my run I ate a S’mores Luna bar. If you haven’t had one I highly recommend them as they are delicious! When I got home I showered and made this delicious salad and caught up with my perfect fiance about our days! 

During my run today I was inspired and didn’t listen to music, but downloaded a podcast featuring Kara Goucher. It was really good and I highly suggest you listen to it on your way to work tomorrow 🙂

I’m glad the week is almost half over and I’m getting more and more excited about our busy weekend. Friends will be in town, I get so see Lynn in action at her photo shoot… the HALF MARATHON… and I think we are going to Fredericksburg after the race to cut down a Christmas tree. We did this last year in Virginia and it was a wonderful memory! I’m so lucky I get to do all the things I love with my best friend. She is the greatest gift and I’m so thankful for her!

See you at the start line!

– Who have you been most excited to interact with on social media?
– Does your family do artificial or real Christmas trees?
– What is your favorite flavor of GU?
– Do you use a headlamp while running in the dark and if so what brand?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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