Wednesday Rest + My Social Media + Getting Excited

What day is it? I know it’s not Monday or Tuesday…. Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone’s Wednesday has been wonderful.

Last night ended with the cutest thing. I told Lynn that we needed to change Bella and Emmy’s outfits as the internet was going to get tired of what they were wearing (I exaggerate, I know). So, right before bed we changed them into different Christmas outfits. When we put Emmy in clothes, she becomes very needy for about 30 minutes and either has to be in our lap or she just pouts. Bella was a model in a previous life so she naturally loves to be dressed up in clothes. The funnier the better, but that is for our entertainment! Aren’t they just the cutest?! Emmy was NOT having it! See that side-eye?

I hit snooze 81 times again this morning, so Lynn left before me (She DID have to be at school early this morning though) and I was in charge of taking out the pups before I left for work myself. They just looked so precious in their Christmas clothes I gave them a Christmas treat! Emmy ate hers right away, and Bella hid hers until Lynn got home. When Bella was distracted with Lynn’s arrival, Emmy stole it and ate it. She’s smarter than she lets on sometimes!

Today was a busy day at work but not a lot to report as funny as that sounds! I was very sleepy today as we both stayed up past our bedtime last night and I regretted it all day. I put Kenny G Christmas music on at my desk today and it made me instantly happy! 

I absolutely love Christmas music. My Mom used to play Elvis Presley’s Christmas CD as well as Vince Gill’s when we were young and tucked in for the night. She’d still be up in the living room, and we would be drifting off to sleep listening to Christmas music and it was very comforting. I love Christmas, but that will be for another post!

Today started out miserably cold, but by the time the afternoon rolled around it was in the 70’s. So, I told the pups they could put on their bikinis and head to the pool! This picture was actually taken when they came with us last March to Virginia Beach where I ran my 19th Marathon. We really enjoyed that race and it’s one I’d like to go back and do. Running on the boardwalk was super cool!

I had an amazing Salad Bowl for lunch topped with Chicken Shawarma and Greek Vinaigrette. Was delicious and if you haven’t had one of those salads where you can get all the Mediterranean toppings in it you want, I suggest you google one now!

Something I do with my employees and team each morning before I do rounds is send a “Good Morning” text. If it happens to be Friday, I’ll throw a TGIF in. One of them responded back with the following and I absolutely loved it and screen-shot to share with all of you!

I decided to take today off from running as I have done about 30 miles in the past week with a speedwork in there and a 5k, and wanted to give my legs a bit of a breather. I will do an easy 4-5 tomorrow and Friday and rest again Saturday. The temperature for the half marathon Sunday is way warmer than I like and makes me glad I’m not doing the full!

I am 8 days into this blog and still figuring things out. I’m tweaking things as I go and learning more each day. I added a section at the top for my social media, so please take a look and follow me if you have Instagram or Twitter. Those are new to me as well but I’m LOVING Instagram! Pointers are welcome across the board… ready, go!

I looked down at my hand earlier today and the sunlight caught my engagement ring just right. It made me smile very big as it’s a constant reminder of how lucky I am to get to share my life with someone so incredible!

I am studying the course for the San Antonio Half and getting excited. Sarah and Monica will be with Lynn that morning cheering me on! Extra motivation to do well! I’ll let you know my goals closer to the race! 

– What state was your favorite race in?
– If you have animals, do you dress them up? Do they hate it?
– What is your favorite Christmas song?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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