TGIF + Success takes GUts + First Turkey Trot

What. A. Day! TGIF! Next week my goal is to get 8 hours of sleep and drink a cup of coffee before work so I can be my energetic self! This week was a little rough coming back from a whack sleeping schedule over the break, and the snooze button being pressed 193 times this morning will hopefully be the last time I do that for awhile! What’s funny is that I know when my alarm goes off around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning to go run 13.1 miles I bounce right out of bed with bells on my toes (or should I say Brooks on my feet).

I got a Facebook memory this morning from exactly 9 years ago when I ran my first Turkey Trot 5k. I had no idea what I was doing… which is clear by the outfit I thought I was super cool for coordinating that I bought specifically for the race (probably the day before). The weather was very hot and I was over dressed for the race by far! I thought the few times I’d ran around the block would suffice as training and I borrowed the shoes I ran in as I didn’t have any running shoes. I. Was. Cool. NOT! 

I was, however, hooked after that race and I believe I signed up for one two weeks later. 8.5 years later and a ton of races later I am now finally putting the work into my training and runs so that I can be prepared and truly see and hopefully reach my potential in the next few years. I’m ready and I own my own running shoes now, so I am ALL SET!

The day started out with coffee… and lots of it! As we were going down the elevator to our cars this morning I snapped a pic of Lynn’s monster cup (it was only half full though), and then I had my grande vanilla late (extra shot) with a peppermint brownie pop! TGFC should be the morning mantra (Thank God for Coffee) Fa la la la la

I was super excited that two people spelled my name right today… the wonderful Starbucks Barista AND Brooks Running!!!!!

I got THE best news today! GU was having a fun contest on Instagram yesterday that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. Well, out of all the messages that people could come up with that would be cool on the gusset of a GU, guess whose comment was picked? MUAH! ME! YOURS TRULY! @roadrunnerchic1   THAT’S WHO! Another message I suggested was also featured, so double win! They are sending me a free 24 count box of GU which I’m super excited and grateful for! #winning

Hey GU, there is more where that came from! Pick me as an ambassador! I’ll be on pins and needles until you make your decision end of the month 🙂

I’m part of the San Antonio Road Runners (just signed up a few months ago) and am excited to get to meet a lot of them at this weekends race! I know it’s a great group and I’m looking forward to connecting with them and making some friends! There are about 500 members running in this weekends half and full marathon so will be neat to cheer each other on and to stop by the tent to say congrats at the finish! 

There is a Trail Running Film Festival that is hitting the Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio next week! We are SO in! We love documentaries about running, sports, etc… always so motivational and inspiring! I always walk away from films like that thinking I can conquer the world… or at least my next race!

Lynn and I both had late nights so guess where I picked dinner up from? Can you say two nights in a row of Potbellys? The salad last night was delicious and they had the cookies I had been craving. I haven’t eaten one yet, but guess what I’ll be doing as soon as I hit publish on this post?!

I love this picture I took of Bella waiting patiently on Emmy and I as I took them outside when I got home. The picture should be titled, Bella in the City!

And to finish off this exhilarating post… the below picture is the swag I walked out of the expo at from the San Antonio Rock n Roll half I ran 6 years ago and a random picture that I had from the expo of RYAN HALL for the marathon I ran a few months after in Houston! My how time flies 🙂 Now if I can double up on my runners swag (Runners treat or treating!) and meet Desi and Meb I will be able to call this race a success! Oh yeah, a PR would be nice too! LOL! Night world!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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