Half Marathon complete + Friends + Signed up for more + Recovery + Goals

*** warning. warning. long post. good read. great pics ❤

Well Happy Sunday world! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe we are already into December? This year has gone by faster than any other year of my life! 

Last night after we got home from the River walk, we ordered pizza for dinner and the girls (Lynn, Monica and Sarah) did face masks after I went to sleep. Apparently the pups didn’t like the masks too much and were a bit afraid as they woke me up three times barking and I didn’t really go back to sleep. My stomach also really hurt this morning (something I ate, or nerves) so that coupled with warm weather and lack of sleep didn’t make for the the perfect pre-race setup. However, I was pumped!

The alarm went off bright and early at 5:15am and I was SOOO tired. However, for the first time all week I only hit it once, and jumped out of bed! I had already done my pre-race ritual of laying out my clothes, GU, Clif Bar, Bose earbuds, race bib, etc, so it didn’t take me long to get ready. Lynn packed her camera, I packed my fuel and we were out the door!

We got to the parking garage at 6:15 so we had an hour to get to the start and take our time. I always have a bit of anxiety the morning of if I don’t know exactly where parking or the start line is, but Lynn and I did a good job of getting exactly where we needed to be. Now, if they could just power wash the garages so they don’t smell like urine, it would be greatly appreciated. GAG!

My stomach was really bothering me this morning but I was feeling a bit better by the start. It kicked up again between miles 4-8 which made for a bit of a rough patch mentally for me. Mental strength is always my weakness in races so I have to work through that from time to time, especially during the full 26.2s. I was in coral 7, and Lynn and I were able to talk until the start which was really nice! She caught a fun picture while I was catching up on social media and before the sun came up and the crowds showed. She’s turning into quite the photographer and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Here is a picture of us as we waiting for the race to start. Love this girl

After the gun went off I was super excited and tried to get in the right frame of mind from the start. With only two months of training (and no sleep and upset stomach) I wanted under 2 hours for a solid back to training completed half. My goal by this time next year is 1:40 and I KNOW I will achieve that.

My watch showed the course almost .4 long as it clocked at 13.48 so I probably need to work on studying the course and running the tangents better. Mile 10-11 was a steep incline the whole way and my legs were pretty shot after that. Wish I could’ve been just that one second faster to hit even a 1:59:59, but with my next half in a month, I’ll blow the 2hr mark out of the water! At mile 12.5 I was at a 9:04 average pace and I wanted to be under 9:00 so I really pushed that last half mile and glad I came in at the 8:59 pace. I’ll take it for this time 🙂

As I hit the 13 mile marker I saw the girls, and I was so happy! Can you say extra motivation?! I’m very lucky to have good friends and such an incredible fiance! Lynn got a few pictures of me (looking a little rough) as I headed to the finish line. (I was SO happy to see that thing!) Monica is the one ringing the cowbell!

We went to the after party and listened to some music, looked at merchandise and celebrated a bit. I really, really wanted a Brooks magenta tank top and a super soft Brooks Blue pullover but I put them back and used the money for two DIFFERENT things this evening. Will explain a bit later in post 😉

I felt bad as Monica wasn’t feeling well and they spent money on an Uber to come cheer me on, so I will definitely make it up to them in the future! My fiance is the greatest as she hung around the entire race just to see me cross the finish. Knowing she is there TRULY gives me that motivation. That plus also knowing I am accountable here… will absolutely make me want to push!

Um, did you see those cool pictures above? Again, Lynn is going to KILL this photography thing! I’m so excited to support her in the passion she has just like she supports my crazy running self. We are the best team. Below are a couple as I crossed, please forgive the way I look. LOL

As I stated before, Monica wasn’t feeling well so she tried to sit and eat my banana while we roamed for a bit. The below is a conversation between the 4 of us. We all almost died at Monica’s post.

The girls left as soon as we got home as they had somewhere not as cool to be (kidding, sort of, LOL) We went to HEB to grocery shop and then we ate when we got back. I also took the time to sent Brooks a fun shot of my post race recovery.

Above I mentioned saving my $100 bucks from the merchandise booth to purchase something else. Well, I signed up for the Austin Half Marathon February 17th and River Run Half Marathon (Canyon Lake) January 5th which is two weeks out from the FULL Houston Marathon. So, when I complete Austin 10 weeks from today I will have finished 3 Half Marathons, two 5k’s and Full marathon in that time frame. I’m going to owe Lynn a lot of early morning coffee! 

I’m so pumped to continue to work on my running foundation and grow and get faster and stronger. I’ve NEVER put in the work like I should have between races, ever (and I’ve done a lot). I am now doing the work. Every run has a purpose. I will reach my goals. I will. Austin will mark my 30th half marathon, Houston will mark my 21st full. I’m ready and can’t wait to see where I’m at and what times I am hitting this time next year! Hope you all are ready to come along on this crazy journey! 

I’m so excited to have almost 100 followers on this blog and I get SO excited when I see comments or like. Please like my posts and comment on each one as I truly want to hear from you! Thank you for reading!

Questions (Please comment)
– What is the next race on your calendar and do you have a goal?
– What was your favorite race you’ve ran? What about medal?
– Do you prepare the night before a race or morning of?
– What do you have going on this week? Next weekend?

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon complete + Friends + Signed up for more + Recovery + Goals

  1. Elizabeth Strauss

    Congratulations on your race! I’m super impressed that you came in under 2 hours! My favorite race is definitely the half we did together in DC – talk about a fun weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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