Post Half Marathon Shakeout Run + Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope your first Monday of December and one of the last in 2018 has been fabulous! Was it hard for you to wake up this morning after a restful weekend? I know it was for me! My alarm went off and Lynn was up already (go figure) and I actually asked her why she was up so early? Well duh, it’s Monday and we BOTH needed to get ready for work. So, I grudgingly put two feet on the floor and made myself stand up. My girls were tired last night and Lynn WAS a few hours of sleep ahead of me from a nap while I blogged yesterday, but aren’t they cute?

Bella has her squeaky Bark-Brew dog toy above and has to have it by her at all times. She goes bananas for toys that squeak and we have a ton of fun ones from BARK that are fun (ones that look like a stereo, guacamole, camera, etc). Can you see her licking her little lips below? HAHA! Her tongue is literally out!

So, I took the advice of Jim Rohn above, and decided to run my Monday! Most of the day was crazy, but I was able to stop in at Starbucks and get my grande vanilla latte (extra shot) and a Trenta Passion Tea Lemonade (easy ice) so that made my morning tolerable. Hey, I was thirsty and still needed my caffeine, don’t judge me 🙂

I had a sweet surprise on my desk this morning when I was finally able to sit down. It was a baby loaf of banana bread, the length of a fork so it was perfect for me to have a bit and to share with a few other folks. Tasted great with coffee and the morning after a half when I was a bit hungrier than normal.

The afternoon was full of work and I was looking forward to a run! I snacked on some almonds and couldn’t wait to hit the roads for a post half shakeout.

Random question, but as I was looking for some shows to watch here in San Antonio, has anyone seen Hamilton? Lynn and I saw Wicked a month ago at the STUNNING Majestic Theater and I this is a show we’d love to see. HOWEVER, tickets are very expensive so I want reviews of anyone who has seen. We saw Leslie Odom Jr. in Virginia at the UVA Bicentennial last year (front row seats) and have wanted to see this play every since! If you haven’t seen Wicked, you need to find a show and go immediately and then download the pop version of Gravity and run to it. Just sayin’

The day or two after a half marathon I’ve always had sore and tired legs. Yes, after all 27 before yesterday’s 28th. Why? Because I never put the training into them like I needed to and should have. So, I’m so happy and proud of myself that after yesterday’s half, I woke up a little sore but felt great. I felt like I had done a long run for sure, but didn’t have the shin splints, etc that I always seemed to have before this race. I’m so excited for this running chapter as it’s going to be the best one yet. One that will turn into MANY more chapters of growth and progress and I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t let ME down! 

I took my clothes to work and was going to just get in a very slow 3 mile shakeout after work. It was getting dark as I had to finish up a few things, so I decided to simply change at work and then run to the Valero trails and down by the University. I truly thought as soon as I started running I would feel the race and the miles would be tough and slow. That would’ve been okay if that’s how my body responded, but it didn’t! I felt great and instead of three miles I did four (I got turned around so that is why I got the extra mile in) and at an 8:55 average pace. I was so happy that 4 miles after a half felt that great. It’s amazing how my body is responding to training and hard work. With all the walking I did today at work, I had almost 12 miles in for the day when I headed home. Whew! Notice that 1% my phone was at? Yeah, I need to get a Mophie or something asap.

I was really sad to see that my tread on the levitate 2’s are starting to go down a bit. I’m happy because I know that I’ve ran a lot of miles, but I just love these shoes so much! ❤

I saw deer on the trail tonight and tried to snap a picture, but they were so darn fast! I really enjoyed the trails close to work and will use them again if I need something fast. There are lots of rolling hills, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

I’m heating up some Chili that I put in the freezer a few weeks ago. I just got a text from Lynn saying she was locked in at school… from the outside. I can’t wait to hear this story. Poor girl! Want her to have a hot meal when she gets home. She has her observation tomorrow (she’s a 4th grade teacher) so wish her luck!!!! She doesn’t need it as she’s awesome at what she does… and photography 🙂 

I was so excited that the Austin Marathon and the Brooks “talked” to me today… along with GU. I’ve become a social media nerd… and I LOVE IT!

Happy Motivation Monday! Here’s to a terrific Tuesday Eve!

Questions (Please comment, I want to hear from you!)

– What was motivational for you today? Did you run?
– How do you recover after a race?
– Do you still get excited when you get even a like on social media?
– Have you seen broadway shows before? If so, which one would you recommend?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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