Trail Running Film Festival + Nanohydr8 Ambassador + Famous Pups + Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday world. I hope everyone had a terrific start to the week, and while I know it isn’t as cute as Friday… it definitely isn’t as horrible as Monday. Just sayin’ 🙂

So, this morning started out very interestingly. I’ve been exhausted as I’ve been punishing myself by not getting enough sleep, as I remind all of you on a daily basis. I was sound asleep, dreaming about who knows what when I feel Lynn tapping me in a very worried manner. She kept saying my name and that she needed help. Mind you I’m half asleep and NOT feeling like opening my eyes. When I do, this is what I see in my face as she keeps repeating “help, cockroach! I’m scared! Please get it before it runs and hides. Help and here, kill it with this empty bottle!” 

I can’t make this up folks. Lynn is shoving an empty bottle of Opti-Free in my face telling me to please squash a baby cockroach. For the record, our apartment is VERY clean! So, I put two feet on the floor and do what any good fiance would do… beat the crap out of a cockroach with a bottle of contact solution. I then proceed to sweep it into a dustpan before tossing both the bottle and what’s left of the cockroach into the trash before heading back to bed to close my eyes until my snooze goes off for the 14th time. Good times. Happy Tuesday. Morning! 

Work was busy today and I had a lot on my list, so I made an everything bagel with Chive and Onion cream cheese for the road to go with my vanilla latte when I arrived at work. 

Laugh number 2 for the day? Compliments again of my fiance. I love this girl and giving her a hard time, just like she dishes out to me on a daily basis. She truly is my best friend. Okay, back to the laugh….

I had a car appointment after work to get my inspection as I still had my Virginia and it was about to expire, and to get the tires rotated and oil changed. Two and a half hours later, when I even had an appointment I may add, I was out the door. I happen to be missing a hubcap as it rolled off one day when I was driving as I hit a pothole or something just right, and I haven’t replaced it as of yet. Well, the tire with the missing hubcap WAS the front left tire, but when they did the tire rotation they put that tire on the back left. Where am I going with this? Keep reading…

This evening when we came out of the movies (more on that in a moment) Lynn made the comment (as we headed back to my car) about always thinking that the tire with the missing hubcap was in the front, not in the back. I reminded her that I had my tires rotated that afternoon. She didn’t understand still how the hubcap moved. Her whole life she thought the below happened. I’m serious. I almost had to pick myself up off that pavement in front of Alamo Drafthouse from laughing.

Rewind back to the movie we saw. I bought us tickets to see the Trail Running Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse. I’m glad I got tickets early as it sold out and the films were incredible. Very inspiring as it shows that the human body is capable of so very much when you have dedication, drive and grit. I’m inspired as those are some hardcore athletes! I’ve done one Ultra Marathon and I can’t even wrap my brain around doing 300 or 400 miles up mountains with snow and ice, etc… I give all those athletes HUGE props. 

I was very disappointed in the food we received. I ordered an Asian Chicken Salad and it was TINY with very rubbery chicken on top and hardly any ingredients. I shed a tiny tear at the $16.00 price. Lynn got stacked enchiladas and it was simply two tostada shells that were burned with barely any cheese inside. Those cost a whopping $13.00. We tried a candy cane shake which tasted delicious, but when they brought it out, it was completely melted and the consistency of milk. Thank goodness the movie was good. The young lady waiting on us was excellent as well.

Some huge news for me today was being featured by Nanohydr8 on their social media, complete with me stating how much I LOVE their product and a picture of me and Des Linden from the Rock n Roll Half marathon this past weekend in San Antonio. I take the 4oz dragon fruit shooters and I swear by this product. If you want to feel the difference and have something propel you to the next level… give it a try. I promise you won’t be sorry. Oh yeah, it tastes like punch. It’s awesome.

See MY GEAR at the top of my blog and all the information is there! For a quicker shortcut today,
Use code RRC20 for 20% off your entire purchase! Pretty cool! I’ll be posting more about this product later in the week, but don’t miss out on this great deal!

Finally, I was also super excited when Blue Buffalo featured our little Bella and Emmy on their social media for National Cookie Day. They both got an extra treat when we got home 🙂

Finally, an embarrassing photo of me from 9 years ago when I was in Houston and was JUST getting into this running thing.  It was snowing! LOL
I apparently didn’t know what fashion or contacts were, but I’m down to embarrass myself tonight! I’m putting this in here for Transformation Tuesday. It’s amazing how you can see growth and progress in yourself when you look back in time if you put in the time and effort to select some goals and work towards achieving them. I want to connect with all of you and inspire each other! What is your Transformation Tuesday?

Questions (Please Comment and Like)
– What is an inspiring movie or documentary you have watched?
– What is your favorite workout fuel? (TRY NANOHYDR8)
– What is the most you’ve paid for a disappointing entree or meal?

One thought on “Trail Running Film Festival + Nanohydr8 Ambassador + Famous Pups + Transformation Tuesday

  1. Lynn Papke

    – What is an inspiring movie or documentary you have watched?

    Netflix has so many great trail running and CrossFit documentaries that are super inspiring! Check them out!!

    – What is the most you’ve paid for a disappointing entree or meal?

    $35 give or take….but it’s super disappointing when the service is bad as well. Grr.

    Liked by 1 person

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