One more 13.1 + Beer + New Orleans + Love Runners

Happy Wine Wednesday ya’ll! What a day if I must say so myself. Thank goodness for 5 hour energy, red bull and Starbucks coffee! All at once. Okay, I’m kidding but I’m ready for a morning of sleeping in until noon!

The day was busy and I didn’t really stop for pictures of any kind, but I did take notice when I got this!

I was so excited to see this notification pop up late this afternoon and when I checked my stats today, I had triple the visitors of any day! THANK YOU for visiting my blog and please keep coming back. There will be plenty to talk about and lots of running to come! 

Lynn and I moved to San Antonio late July of this year, and a few months ago I signed up to be part of the San Antonio Road Runners. This past weekend, 600 of us completed a race during the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon weekend and they were having a get together at Roadmap Brewing to celebrate this evening. I was very excited to meet some of the members, and our friend Whitney was going to be there as well. (I look exhausted in this picture, please forgive me 🙂 )

I knew the evening was going to be fun, but it turned out to be a complete blast! Our table had so much fun getting to know each other! Lynn and I drank a few of the Midnight Train to Moscow beers, which was a 9.1 abv Imperial Stout. Hey, go big or go home, right?! It was delicious and wasn’t hard to drink three. A piece. Cough. Hey, it was earned 🙂 The brewery was awesome and the beer was fantastic. We will absolutely be returning! Tomorrow. Morning. (Kidding)

Members of the group also brought snacks, and the Doritos, tamales and guacamole were definitely on point! The salty goodness tasted better and better as the night went on! I love runners! We fancy!

They took a group picture of those that showed up tonight and Lynn snapped a pic so I’d have for the post. I’m so glad we got to meet a lot of the peeps. Awesome group and I’m looking forward to doing more with the group!

The group below was awesome and boy do I have a story… can anyone say RED CHINA? What in the world is that you may ask? Keep reading….

So, as we got talking about our experiences and another fun race that we’d like to do… the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon came up. Some members of the table had been before, but no one had ran that race. So, since the beer was starting to hit home… we decided right then and there to sign up for the New Orleans Half Marathon!!!!!!!

We all wanted to have the same name on our bib (besides our real name which is also included) and so we brain stormed. So, our new friends Jana, Sylvia, Dan, Lilvia and Whitney and I all decided that our name would be RED CHINA? Why? Well, beer. Duh. Seriously though, Jana will be headed to China to teach for two years soon, and Whitney has very red hair… so the name RED CHINA was born! Lynn will be the team captain/mother/photographer and we will all head there together and will look for an Air B and B. It will be so much fun!

This does, however add another race to my already pretty busy 10 weeks. So, this makes for 4 half marathons, one full marathon and two competitive 5ks in 10 weeks. Go me! 

I’m going to need to stock up on my GU, Nanohydr8 and Clif Bars! LOL
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I’m so glad to have found some awesome people and new friends within SARR and am looking forward to training and races and laughs to come! New Orelans better watch out!

I’m going to do a short run tomorrow to wake the old legs up again. I have a competitve 5k on Saturday and I am going in hoping to win overall. I want to be as fresh as possible after the half on Sunday so I’ve been taking it light this week. 5k’s are my favorite, but they hurt more to me than any other distance as I push myself to the limit. 

Tonight was a blast and it’s meet ups like that which make me fall even more in love with the sport. The connections one makes and the support everyone gives each other is priceless.

See you at the start line and back to running tomorrow!

Questions (Please comment and Like)
– Have you ran any of the Rock n Roll races of any distance? Which was your favorite?
– Are you part of a running group and if so, what is your favorite part of belonging to a running club?
– What is the farthest you have traveled to a race?
– What would you take for a group to snack on if you were meeting a group of friends?

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