FUNtastic Friday + Weekend Plans + 5k Tomorrow

Whew! We made it to Friday folks! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and it ended on a good note! I can’t tell you how excited I am that it’s Friday! We have a full day tomorrow and I’m very excited, but I’m also looking forward to a long easy run on Sunday and relaxing with my fiance!

The weather was awful today.! Rainy and cold from the time I left to go to work, to the time I got home from work. I’m so glad that today’s weather isn’t tomorrow for the 5k!

Tomorrow morning is the Girls on the run 5k and I’m super pumped. I’m going to try to get some good rest tonight as I want to do well for this race! It will be nice and cold, and over 1000 people, and I have a vision and goal in my mind of how I want this race to go. 

I’ll do my typical pre-race routine before bed… pull out my clothes, Clif Bar, Nanohydr8 (Remember if you order you get 20% off if you use the code RRC20. You won’t regret it!), music, etc… that way when we wake up, I just throw on my clothes and leave! The race is a little later starting at 9:30am which I normally would hate. However, I am really tired and it’s cold all day tomorrow so a little extra sleep can only help! I’ll do a pre-run warm-up of about a mile and then will be ready to rock that 5k! Stay tuned!

This morning at work I listened to some new albums I downloaded while I got some projects done. I loved the Christmas albums from Pentatonix and Mannheim Steamroller very much and they gave me all the feels! I love Christmas so much and can’t wait to post about that here in the next few days!

I went and picked my packet after work so I wouldn’t have to wait in line tomorrow, but they are doing reusable chips so I have remember to get that in the morning. I always stress out a bit about the reusable chips as one race a few years ago gave me the wrong one and it was a mess to get fixed. I fought that though as I knew my time was different and I ended up placing second. They had mixed up a handful of runners chips so I always worry! 

On the way to get my packet, I heard a song from the Mannheim Steamrollers called Traditions of Christmas for the first time. I started to cry. Seriously. It was a beautiful song without words, and that combined with the title of the song made me thing about just how much I love all that Christmas is about. The love, kindness, comfort, family, traditions, coziness, magic, memories…. so much! Made me think of Christmas as a kid when it was so simple and everything in the world seemed possible. Anyways, glad my eyes dried up by the time I picked up my packet so I could come across as a serious competitor. LOL

I had to go back to work after to finish a few things late, and I saw this skunk roaming around for the second time! This picture is one I took earlier today from waaaayyy across the parking lot. Someone told me that if a skunk is out like that in the daylight, it usually has rabies. Ewwww. Stay away from these things!

I was craving veggies today so had this for a snack (along with a peppermint brownie cake pop from Starbucks)

For dinner, Lynn stopped by Panera Bread and I requested a Green Goddess salad. Of course I had to add 3.1 pounds of additional vegetables (and throw away the soggy tomatoes), and it was perfect. They have the best Green Goddess dressing and Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette!

I joined the Trail & Ultra Running Group Facebook page, and with over 100,000 members they have an expert or two in the bunch. The races these folks have completed blow my mind. Superhuman! I asked for some tips and pointers for my first 50 milers… The following was my favorite response today!

I also really liked the following three tidbits and appreciate these runners very much…

Wish me luck on tomorrow’s race and I’ll be seeing ya’ll tomorrow!

See you at the Start Line!

Questions : (Please comment I want to hear from you!)
– Do you have plans for the weekend?
– Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet?
– Have you ever ran an ultra marathon? Pointers for me please!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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