5k + Christmas tree NOT + Venue

Happy Saturday world! I hope everyone had a relaxing day and I need to know what you were up to! As I’ve been talking about all week, I had another 5k this morning. Was a bit later than normal starting at 9:30am, but it worked out as it rained until 3am and the trail was pretty muddy for most of the race!

I was SUPER stressed out this morning as we left the house later than I wanted, and I didn’t get to the start line until 10 minutes before the gun went off. I DO NOT LIKE THAT and I will make sure we are leaving earlier in the future. I kept thinking that one missed exit, or if we couldn’t get my chip in time….I totally would’ve missed the start. Never again!

The race was great and there were a lot of elementary school kiddos and coaches participating in it as well. It was beyond freezing and I was the only yahoo to show up in shorts and a tank top in 37 degree weather. At least I looked the part, right?! The trail was pretty narrow so on the turn around (it was an out and back course) I had to dodge a lot of people not realizing runners were turned around heading home as they were taking up the whole path, and there was lots of loose mud which made it slippery in areas. I know that cost me a bit of time, but I am satisfied with the results…. for now! I was 4th overall woman, 5th overall male AND female, and second in my age group (never fails!). 

There were about 1000 people at this event so I am very happy. Plus, with so many kids who can run and not feel pain, I am proud. I envy them. HA

I fueled with a Clif Bar and a Nanohydr8 and I ran in my Brooks Hyperions! My toes were going a bit numb for some reason half way through so my form might have been a bit sloppy today coming off the half marathon a few days ago! If you purchase Nanohydr8, you get 20% off! See MY GEAR from the menu bar to see code and link to website. I swear by this stuff!

I am already looking forward to some solid workouts this week. I have a goal in mind for this weekends 5k and I’ve been so close these past few races… I will get there! Then, a few months after that, I’ll be achieving a new goal! I’m so excited for the next year of racing!!! Next weekend is a Christmas race at night, very popular and held at the golf course of the JW Marriot. Excited to do a feel good Christmas time race!

One of our friends who was walking the course stopped to snap these as I was headed back. My amazing fiance took the rest of the photos. You guys should book her for a photo shoot. She is seriously good at this and I can’t wait to see her blossom!

After the race we headed to Fredericksburg as we were going to hit up St. Nick’s tree farm and chop down a good ol’ Christmas tree like we did last year in Virginia…

HOWEVER, We pull up to the address for good ol’ St Nick’s Christmas Tree farm and the gate was shut. So, we proceed to call the number on their website, and it has a recording that it’s been closed for a year. ARGHHHHH! Mind you, I looked this place up a month ago, went to their website and could tell you what day they opened for the season, what their hours of operation were, etc… BUMMER!

Anyways, we love Fredericksburg and we will be married in this quaint town on 11.23.19, so we decided to visit our venue and have a few glasses of wine! Barron’s Creek Vineyard is incredible and we are beyond excited to dive into the planning over break and into the next year!

We were both really tired today as I think life is catching up to us so we were ready to hit up a few shops and head out for the day. I cried during a Christmas song or two and was sad not to get a tree, so we decided to stop by Target to see what they had for artificial before we met up with my good friend Joel. Well, let me tell you… $400.00 for a picked over artificial tree at Target isn’t my idea of Christmas, so we will try to hit up HEB or Lowe’s tomorrow for a real one! Glad we had coffee for the road and this picture of Bella to remind us how good life was!

We had plans to walk the River Walk tonight but it was so darn cold and windy that Joel decided to meet us at our apartment. We live at a beautiful area where there are restaurants etc close by, so we walked to Piatti and had some appetizers, small meal and a few drinks. Was delicious and the view from out front was gorgeous!

After dinner we walked through the hotel here (mostly to stay warm) and it was beautiful! We felt fancy just hanging out for a few and walking through. This is also where I do my treadmill (dreadmill) running and weights when I’m not hitting the trails or track.

Once we walked back home through the cold, Joel had a few gifts for us! He is incredible with the gift wrapping, and bows, and all of that tedious stuff. The presents were so pretty we didn’t want to even open them up! Joel is a great friend and even little Emmy loved him!

He got Lynn some awesome journal type items and they came in the most beautiful box… Bella got lost in the wrapping paper! He got me a pair of Apple Ear Buds…. I’m so excited as I’ve been wanting these for a long time! SOOOOOO excited and very grateful for his kindness. Joel also got Lynn an electric can opener as he read my post from last week where she didn’t know how to work a handheld can opener and the pups almost starved (kidding, kind of. LOL)

Today was a lot of fun, but Lynn and I were both very tired and didn’t take advantage of our time as much as we should’ve. I love her with all my heart and I want her to know that each and every day! This Christmas will be special because I get to spend it with her… our second Christmas! She is the best gift I’ve ever been given. Now, if I could just get down to that 19:59 5k. Give me 6 months! Santa please? 

Questions (Why doesn’t anyone ever comment? LOL!)
– Are you artificial Christmas tree or real?!
– What did you do today?
– Give me pointers on the Apple ear buds, as I hate reading instructions!

3 thoughts on “5k + Christmas tree NOT + Venue

  1. straussem426

    I felt like you yesterday because I managed to run/ jog eight miles! It was also in the 20°s, so I stuck to staying indoors on the treadmill. It was my first time running in forever so my average was 10.8 min/mile. Abysmal for you but I’m pleased with myself.

    Also, we’re an artificial tree family. I tell myself it’s more environmentally friendly. Not to mention, we can be lazy and leave the lights on when we pack it away. Happy tree hunting to you and Lynn!


    1. Elizabeth!!!! How we miss you! I can’t believe your first run back was 8 miles and great pace as well missy! That race last year in DC was one of my favorite and I’m still proud of how awesome you ran!
      I agree on the artificial tree… I remember each year growing up with the real tree, we all were so over it by the time we got rid of the tree that everything was just thrown in a box, only to be untangled for hours the next year. LOL
      What are your plans for the holiday?

      Liked by 1 person

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