Sunday Runday + Poor Bella + Checkout My Gear Page

Well folks, we meet again at the end of another way too short weekend! Yesterday was extremely cold with today being the absolute perfect day for a run! We had a late start to the day as got a little extra sleep to catch up on two weeks of late nights and early mornings!

Once we got out of bed, we talked a bit about our day yesterday and how it was snowing in Charlottesville, VA where we just moved from in July. We spent a year there and we had the time of our life! There is just something special about that town, the people, history, UVA… We both miss it very much but are glad to be here close to family! We are also getting out and about more and connecting more to San Antonio, and it truly does feel like home! 

Last year it only sort of snowed once in Charlottesville over Christmas, and then we got a decent few inches in March I believe. However, one of my old co-workers had over 9 inches of snow from yesterday and today. WOW! We were so not ready for the cold winters there. When the March snow happened, I had to dig myself out of the apartment complex with our dustpan as we didn’t own a shovel. True story!

Lynn is super bummed and is still complaining that if we lived in VA still, she wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow! Better set that alarm babe! HA

Anyways, I had some little quiche bites with some yogurt for breakfast/lunch and worked on the blog for a bit before I went on my run. My legs were a little tight today from the 5k for some reason. Maybe still from the half partly, or a result of not warming up/cooling down like I should’ve before the start. I literally didn’t have time as we made it 10 minutes before the gun went off!

I decided to go to the Greenway Trail Heads as I love all the connecting trails, with just a bit of elevation change, bridges, etc… beautiful places to run and I’m grateful they are here for everyone to enjoy!

I decided I would just do 3 or 4 miles, and a mile into it… it was one of those runs that no matter how pretty out it is, how much you WANT to run… I knew it was going to take a few miles to “feel it”, if you know what I mean. So what did I do? I didn’t quit! I knocked out 5 more miles at a moderate tempo and was really happy I did when I was finished! Average for the 5 miles was 8:49 and I didn’t record the first two. I used Strava again as I’m an idiot and left my watch at home. 

I did two out and backs for the 5 miles as this happened at two different spots… for the 437th time I’ve ran these trails! I’ve never been able to cross one of the bridges, as it’s been flooded since we’ve lived here, and another part was flooded as well as I was trying to get that last 200 in to hit 5 miles!

I started the first out and back with my jacket on and I hate running in anything usually more than a tank top. I just get too hot! However, I was already a few minutes in and didn’t want to turn back so I just tied it to my waist. 1.25 miles in I had to tie it… like roll it up and tie it. I can’t stand things flopping around. I can’t run with things bouncing on my waist, my hair flopping, any of it! Drives me insane!

I stopped at Sonic on the way home as I was craving something really cold and sweet/sour! I got a blue raspberry slush with fresh strawberries and through NERD candy in it for grins. It was delicious and hit the spot. Sugar spike happened for hours, I’m sure!

Lynn spent the afternoon editing pictures from last weeks photo shoot and they came out beautifully! She should be very proud as I am so excited to see how far she can take and use her talent. As I’ve mentioned, she has an incredible eye and the sky is the limit for what she can accomplish in her photography future 🙂 Emmy was trying to help and couldn’t get close enough… isn’t she cute!

Poor Bella had a seizure tonight 😦 Poor baby has them every few months and it breaks out hearts when she has them. We just hold her until she is finished and try not to move her too much or too fast after as that seems to trigger something which makes her have more. They last a long time and it’s sad seeing her suffer. She’s the perfect little pup and it takes so much out of her. We love you Bella!

I literally just put my salad plate.. okay, bowl… down! I am super full from this dinner but man was it delicious! I had everything on it from arugula to pomegranate seeds. I LOVE SALAD!

Lynn is going to the track with me Tuesday (unless work crazy happens) as I want to do one more speed work session before Saturday’s 5:15pm 5k start. Yes, PM! Headlamps are required, but hopefully won’t need. I hate running in the dark as when doing speed I’m always afraid I will trip and fall.

Lots of people have been asking about what I use during races, brand of shoes I wear, etc… So, I’ll be updating and adding to the “My Gear” section over the week! Please click to see more about each item and let me know if you have questions! If you end up purchasing, let me know how you like! My Gear is in the menu of the website, take a look!

Anyways, will try to hit the hay a little earlier tonight (like soon) and start the week off not sleep deprived! Hope everyone has a great night!

Questions (Please comment)
– What is the one item running related you couldn’t do without?
– What type of running shoes do you wear?
– What is your perfect weather for running?

One thought on “Sunday Runday + Poor Bella + Checkout My Gear Page

  1. straussem426

    Poor little Bella!! </3
    Wish you guys were here to enjoy the snow day with us! Before I went to bed, it was about one Appa deep. I’m supposed to have a formal observation on Tuesday so I’m a little bummed about the timing of everything.


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