Motivation Monday + Inspired + Trail & Ultra Running

Happy Monday World! I hope everyone had an amazing start to their week. Mondays can be the least favorite day of the week for most, and I have the hardest time getting up on Monday mornings (yeah, yeah… I have a hard time getting up EVERY morning).  That being said, I’m trying something new where I reflect on the amazing accomplishments, memories, time spent with friends family etc that happens on that glorious thing called a weekend! Then, I look forward to what I can achieve over the week! Doesn’t make Monday seem so crazy 🙂 Plus I have a Christmas night time 5k this Saturday so I’m really looking forward to that! Jingle Jingle!

This morning was work, work work which always makes the day go by fast. Checked several things off my list which always feels good! I had a few Christmas cards laying on my desk, jammed out to Pentatonix so I was in a cheerful mood most of the day!

I took some of the Zipfizz that my awesome fiance bought me at the Rock n Roll Marathon expo last week to work today, and I really did feel a boost from it! It tasted a little like vitamins, but the good kind if that makes sense. Plus I felt healthy just carrying around the bottle. Ha Plus, it is much healthier than the Red Bull I can literally chug! I had Grape today, but I also have Lemon/Lime and Fruit Punch. Excited to try those throughout the week! Link is under My Gear if you want more information! 

I had lunch at Chili’s on campus today and I am in love with their salsa! Just the right kick! I could’ve drank it! (Salsa is one of my favorite food groups. It is one, right?!) I am a messy eater, what can I say. I also had their Boneless Buffalo chicken salad which was pretty tasty. Didn’t have time for a picture as I was shoving it in my face 🙂

I mentioned yesterday that Lynn was bummed about work today as if we’d have been in Virginia, they had a ton of snow dumped on them and school was cancelled. Funny as one of the two times we saw light snow was exactly a year ago today. I saw it in my Facebook memories and it made me smile… and miss that beautiful town a bit. So many incredible memories from this past year! 

I got home and sat with Lynn on the floor with the pups for a bit. They missed us 🙂  Still feeling bad for little Bella from last night’s seizure but she is a trooper and just wanted held. Emmy, however, just wanted her belly rubbed… over…. and over… and over… and over…. and……

One more of sweet Bella because Lynn caught a cute one of her “helping” me with today’s blog post! Thanks Babe!

I joined the Trail and Ultra Running Facebook Group last week and have absolutely been inspired and motivated by all the individuals and athletes that connect, post and motivate each other daily. I love how much communication goes on as a lot of times in groups there isn’t much interaction. I made a post today about Motivation Monday, and was inspired by  every single person, but a few pictures truly stuck out to me! It’s amazing the adventures people experience in the world and it’s so neat to see different parts of the country, etc as they post about their journeys!

Two individuals really stuck out to me and they agreed to let me share their story and a few pictures from this past weekend! I feel honored to have connected with them and am extremely inspired!

Theodore Dyment:
I loved the picture Theodore posted from his “0 degree WTF” 15 mile trail race in 20 degree weather in beautiful Rochester, NY. The picture was with his Dad, so I immediately wanted to know more as I love when family get’s to support adventures such as these!

I’m not only inspired by Theodore’s race, but by his story in which he was so willing to share. Everyone has a story and I am honored to share his;

“As someone plagued with the disease of addiction and alcoholism i found my outlet through running. I found sobriety just over 3 years ago and along with it came the addiction of running.

This past weekend in my hometown of Rochester NY I ran a small 15 mile trail race. One of many races i have entered and done fairly well in over the past couple years. Mid 20’s was the temp and the norm this time of year.

My biggest support, my dad was there and able to see me many times along the trail. Nothing better than being able to see him along the way. I took 10th out of 40 people for the race. I have 3 full marathons and a handful of half’s under my belt so far and will be running a few ultras this upcoming year.

With the recent birth of my son Walter and the engagement to my bride to be, finding time to run and train is becoming more and more difficult but that’s just fine.  The freedom and release i find from running is the greatest high I’ve found so far. The winter weather can keep many of us indoors this time of year but i can with absolute certainty assure you that getting outside for a run, however long, with make you feel so much better.”

Theodore,  congratulations on the birth of your son, recent engagement, and overcoming some tough obstacles along your journey!  I know you are and will continue to do amazing things in life! Thank you for sharing your story and I just know it will touch the hearts of those who read! I wish you nothing but the best! See you on the trails!

Phil Troyer:

Another picture I was extremely drawn to was from Phil Troyer… climbing straight up a beautiful mountain in the snow…1200 meters in 4.5 km!

After connecting with Phil, this picture was from an 8.5 km round trip up Mnt Hamel near Grande Cache, Alberta. It is the third and highest summit on the 125 km Canadian Death race.

So, I thought I was cool doing all of my half marathons, marathons, etc… but this guy is incredible! Check out his story and prepare to be freaking amazed!

“I soloed it in 2018 and have signed up to run it again in 2019. Typically, no one goes up this mnt in the winter, but my goal for this winter is to summit Hamel once a month all winter long. 

I started running in 2016 on a bet that I couldn’t run a half marathon. So I ran my first half in Vancouver. The following year, 2017, I ran my first Marathon (Calgary Marathon) then completed my first ultra (Golden Ultra) in September of that year. 

This year has been all trails. Two marathons in May, one leg of Sinister 7 on a relay team, then soloed the Death Race. 

In 2019 I’m doing the Sinister Triple. 160 km Sinister 7 in July, 125 km Canadian Death Race in August, then the 108 km Black Spur Ultra in September.” 
Check out his blog and be ready to be inspired! at

Thanks for the motivation Phil! See you on the trails… on top of a mountain… 🙂 

I hope everyone has been inspired by these two amazing athletes! If you would like to be on next Mondays Motivation post, please email me at

See you at the start line!

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