Transformation Tuesday + Trail Run + Speed work + GU Salty Squad

Two days in folks….. two days closer to Friday! Happy Tuesday! High Five to all those who have a transformation Tuesday… be the best version of you! That is something a wise fiance (mine, and she’s taken!) once told me… and I’m trying to live by that more and more every day! We all have a story… and someday I’ll share mine and I will always want to hear yours! 🙂

The day started out in meetings, so I stopped by my favorite morning coffee shop, aka Starbucks! Got my usual Vanilla Latte and headed to the office. I pretty much chugged the whole thing by the time the meeting started, so I double fisted it with Grape Zipfizz and a Clif Bar. This stuff seriously is amazing, and please see yesterdays post to learn more. I’m not receiving anything from Zipfizz to promote, I just really like the product. Much better for me than all those Red Bulls I was gulping on a daily basis. Link is in MY GEAR, you should try it today I also love how the product comes in powder form in tubes that you can add at any point during the day. Cute so of course I like it even more 🙂

I put myself in a good mood before work when I took out the pups and took a look around. I reminded myself of the beautiful place we live in and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful home and surrounds. Plus, our little pups are just stinkin’ adorable. Then they started barking at complete strangers and I was back down to reality. HA

Something funny this morning was I noticed it was extremely cold. Showed 33 degrees out, yet the low for today was 50 with the high being 60. Someone was WAY off. Just sayin’

I’m really not liking this time change as it is getting darker and darker by the day and really affecting my running at night. The track I visit isn’t lit and I don’t feel super safe being out there by myself when it is full on black outside. My plan was to hit the track tonight, but since I didn’t leave work until 5:30, I decided to hit the trails instead! I had one of my GU’s from my car stash, and hit the trail! GU, I still need you to puh-leaze pick me for a Salty Squad Ambassador! (It’s on my Christmas list!) I’ll GU BIG.. I PROMISE!

I still wanted a bit of speed work mixed in so I did the following workout:
1 mile warm-up – 8:52 / mi pace
1 X 800 – 6:40 / mi pace
4 X 400 – 6:40, 7:15, 7:00, 6:38
2.1 miles – 8:11, 8:34, 7:44
Recoveries for everything ending in 5 miles

If I could just put all of this together during a 5k I’d freaking rock it. It’s such a balancing act.. starting out fast, but not too fast as don’t want to burn up. However, if you don’t start out fast enough, there isn’t time to make up much time. I always wonder if I could’ve done more… but they hurt so bad! I’ll get there… I’m only a few months back into training and this will be my always and forever for running now. I WANT to do the work, and earn the results and see them. Get faster. Faster. Faster. Is that too much for ask for! Come on legs and lungs, help a girl out!

The run felt good as I was happy with it being super tired today. Remember when I said I need to be in bed at 9 each night? Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. Plus, it doesn’t help when one of your pups decides to jump off the bed at night and then whine wanting back up.  I told Lynn this morning that if I don’t get sleep at night, I’ll never get better and make it to the Olympics. I kid, I kid….. Seriously though… I don’t know what it feels like lately to NOT be tired. 

Also, have you ever listened to Pentatonix Christmas music on your runs? Yeah, me neither. LOL

Shower and Salad were amazing tonight, and I actually washed my hair. Go me! I need it cut very bad, need to find me a place here in San Antonio! TMI, I know! Salad below was delicious… before and after I added some tuna for protein! YUM

I was so happy to put on my Brooks tonight and went straight to my happy place! What put you into your happy place today?!

Questions (Comment please)
– What do you listen to on your runs, and does it change depending on workout or distance?
– What is your favorite type of salad? I need all your recipes!
– Are you a morning runner or an evening runner!?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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