Track Workout + Candy Cane Wreath + Wacky Wednesday

Way out Wacky Workout Wednesday World! LOL

I hope everyone got through the infamous hump day just fine and are headed towards the weekend with smiles on your faces!

Hit my snooze two or seven times this morning, made my bagel and was out the door by 7 a.m. On my way to work I had an employee who insisted I stop by and see her first thing as they had something to give me. I have an amazing team and they are a huge part of my daily success, so when they do things like this it means a lot 🙂 She had some chocolate covered strawberries for me for Christmas and was so excited to give them to me! We will be devouring them!

I was also given a card by a co-worker friend who Lynn and I both love. Lynn had a photo shoot with their family a few weeks ago and she had a Christmas card made with a few of the pictures . The card was designed beautifully and I LOVE the plaid! I was so proud of my fiance in that moment as she truly has a talent for photography and it’s something she’s loving the more and more she gets to get behind the camera. She helped create two families Christmas Cards this holiday season and I know she has a lot more ahead of her! Good job babe!

I had a delicious salad for lunch with Arugula as the base. I LOOOOVVEEE arugula and try to mix it into my salad whenever possible. I mixed it into scrambled eggs a few weeks ago and even loved it that way.

As you know, Lynn and I went to Fredericksburg last week in hopes of cutting down a Christmas Tree. We should’ve just gone and got one from the 174 places where you can buy fresh trees here in San Antonio, but we never made it to get one after we were so disappointed. I’ve been a little upset all month not having a Christmas tree as this is the first year my entire life I haven’t had one. Cue sad music….

So, guess who decided to come home with a real Christmas Tree Candy Cane Wreath today instead?!?!?! Isn’t it perfect? It smells so fresh and Pine-y!

The place was super cute! I completely lit up and am very very greateful for my friend pulling in on a whim and saying, “Crawford, you’re getting a wreath!” LOL! 

They had it all Christmas like… Home Alone was playing on a small TV, a fake Santa made for a perfect selfie, kids could drop letters off to be sent to the North Pole, etc… 

The trees themselves were incredible.. Noble Firs, Pine Tree, etc… There were some 9 feet tall… gorgeous trees! The dude helping us  was awesome and I felt so bad for him… he said his house burned down earlier in the week. I hope him and his family are blessed and safe and sound over the holidays! 

It felt like Christmas for a few minutes and it was awesome! Lynn loved the wreath and we added the Pickle ornament (German tradition) that we got over Thanksgiving in Saladao, TX when we visited with her family. We love it!

I went to the track tonight since I wasn’t able to make it in time yesterday. I wanted to do some speed work again since yesterdays was a bit off being that it was getting dark. I decided to do a similar workout but changed it up a tad. I was dragging today, but put my big girl pants on, poured myself a Zipfizz and hit the track. I hadn’t been in a few weeks as had been sticking to the trails, so felt good to be back! Well, until I started the speed part and then I asked myself for the next 30 minutes why I do this to myself. LOL

Today’s Workout;

1 Mile Warm-Up – 8:15 /mi
4 X 400 (With 400 recoveries) – 6:26, 6:51, 6:50, 6:29
2 X 200 (With 200 recoveries) – 5:54, 6:04
1.5 Mile Cool-Down – 8:48 avg pace

The workout felt good, but man I have work to do on speed and maintaining it for longer distances. All in good time, and I will get there and with more reps in my speed work! 

I passed out and laid on the track for a few minutes while I caught my breath and took some Wacky Wednesday Workout Selfies. You don’t do that? Yeah, me neither….

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s 5k as I mentioned. I hope it’s not too hilly as it’s on a golf course at night. It won’t start until 5:15pm though, so I will be done before it’s black outside. There is also a half marathon going on and part of me wishes I would’ve signed up for that distance, but I just had one 10 days ago, and I have another in 3 weeks… plus I really want to be working on my 5k speed! 

Have a great night and I have some important questions below!

Questions – 
– Do you like the smell of Pine?
– What is your favorite speed workout?
– Did you ever write letters to Santa as a child?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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