Throwback Thursday + White Elephant + Event Ambassador

It’s FriiiiIIIIIDdddaaaaaYYYyyyy! Sorry, just practicing for tomorrow 🙂 However, I thought I’d participate in Throwback Thursday. Above is my cute self when I had my very first birthday. My Mom always jokes that I was SOOOOoooo cute when I was a kid, but then I grew up. LOL! 

I was once again very tired as the alarm went off this morning. I was supposed to pick a friend up from a car dealership before work so I was being responsible not hitting snooze 37 times. As I was getting ready to leave, he cancelled as had a super busy day and had to reschedule. Man, I could’ve had another 3 minutes of sleep! Grrrrrr…. (I kid, I kid!)

This morning was a busy day with work as it’s getting closer to the holidays and lots to do before year end. It was also a shorter day as we had our manager Christmas lunch which was something we all had looked forward to all week.

I knew that I would have a late lunch and a Moscow Mule or two, so I doubled up on my speedwork Tuesday and Wednesday so I could take a rest day from running this evening. My legs were a bit heavy from last night’s workout, so it worked out for the best! It was great to spend time with everyone without the normal operation distractions. We have a great team. I of course wore my flannel!

We had to bring a white elephant gift, and of course alcohol is always favored and sought after at these exchanges. So, I got a bottle of wine, a banana flask (hey, we ARE in the food service industry) and some chocolate to give as my gift. 

Let me tell you, alcohol was involved in 90% of the gifts and everyone left happy! I ended up with what was the funniest gift of the evening. We have a manager that is not only a hilarious dude, but the safety champion for our campus. He literally put together the best thing ever:
– Bottle of Crown 
– Football Ice Molds
– A freaking Selfie that he took this morning in the Target parking lot, had printed, framed, and signed #BE SAFE

We all died from laughter! Then of course we had his picture sitting out on the table most of the meal so it looked like a memorial lunch or something sad. Was seriously the most clever white elephant gift I’ve seen. Kudos Matt, Kudos!

We ate at Whiskey Cake, which is a neighborhood joint for craft cocktails and farm-fresh comfort food. Even walking in the door they had a bunch of herbs and stuff growing. 

The food was delicious. I had the Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Chicken and it was very good. I of course made it more complicated and added grapes, cucumbers and onions along with the few other ingredients they had. 

After lunch, I walked around La Cantera and picked up a few things I needed for Lynn’s Christmas presents. I have a lot of surprises for her that I think she will love and am very excited to make her Christmas as special as she is 🙂 La Cantera is such a beautiful outdoor mall here in San Antonio that almost has a tropical feel to it. Tonight, however, was very cold and windy so I made my stops pretty quick!

When I got back into my car I smiled as I saw the following hanging from my rearview mirror, a stocking stuffer that Lynn gave me last year at Christmas. I AM doing what makes me happy and I’m grateful for so much! (I’d be REALLY happy if I could win this race Saturday night… just seeing if Santa is listening.) Life is pretty good!

As I got home tonight I did a quick email scan and got VERY VERY excited! I had an email from a Race Event Planner/Director that hosts and puts on several very well known races in and all around San Antonio. They were inquiring if I would be interested in being their ambassador. Um, no hesitation… YES! I emailed back immediately and can’t wait to connect to figure out the details.

These folks are great and I would be honored to promote, participate and represent such an awesome group doing something that I’m very passionate about. I’ll talk more about this later as I learn more, but I’m VERY excited! 

I want to represent at my best and will continue to put in all the work possible! I’m only a few months back at it, and I can’t wait to represent even faster times as the months pass. 

In other news, Emmy took a Selfie tonight and wanted to show off her baby teeth. She is just the cutest thing ever… when she isn’t annoying the neighbors with her barking skills. Seriously……

I hope everyone has a great start to their Friday tomorrow! I’ll be dreaming about a fast Saturday 5k for the next two nights! I’m really excited (except for the hill they warned the runners about nearing the finish line due to a reroute from flooding)!


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