Friday Favorites + Weekend 5k

Happy Friday everyone!

There is one face besides Lynn’s that I am extremely happy to see every morning. I get very excited to see her again sometimes two or three times each day… but almost always in the afternoon. The consistent welcoming smile is always there, and the energy I get after we reunite is the best. Who am I talking about? See below for my afternoon meeting…

This person isn’t real, but man am I happy to see that face on my morning coffee and afternoon Passion Tea Lemonade! LOL

Today was very busy but it’s Friday Fun…. so here are a few of my Friday Favorites;

Vanilla Lattes are my morning go too! Again, that welcoming face and the comfort of caffeine and espresso!

Mid morning snack got me through until lunch. I had a bag of the vanilla almond granola still on my desk with some crumbs, and I even have enough left for the other yogurt I have in the office fridge (if it doesn’t get eaten first!)

As I was cleaning off my desk, I straightened up my can’t live without Tabasco stash and a peanut butter that I haven’t quite got around to opening yet. You don’t have Tabasco on your desk in two different flavors? Yeah, me neither….. I used to put that stuff in and on everything, but I limit it to soup and breakfast tacos for the most part now. Yum 

I had a vendor drop off some drink samples yesterday, and I’m now in love with G Zero. I love G2 Gatorade, and this stuff is even better with zero sugar, different flavors etc! I will be buying this in the future. Try it today. 

Remember those huge $40 dollar bags of candy we got in Salado over Thanksgiving? This is what I have left (from my bag)…. and of course I’m comparing to how huge it was a month ago. Honestly, I’m surprised at how long it lasted. 

As I was scrolling through my pictures looking for the full bag of candy above, I caught a few of little Emmy that made me smile, therefore making my Friday Favorites list. The first picture is when we put her in a T-shirt that has “I’m the reason we can’t have nice things” written on the back. Appropriate, as the last thing I did before work this morning was clean up an accident she had. She’s lucky she’s cute, and I’ll leave it at that. 

The other two pictures are when she played Dachshund-Opoly last Christmas. Again, she’s lucky she’s cute.

Last night I was scrolling through the Trail & Ultra Running Facebook page and someone posted the following. Was super cool to see as Lynn and I went with her brother Erik and cousin Alan to a Nationals game over the 4th of July in Washington DC. We had so much fun when we lived in Virginia!

Tomorrow is the Stars at Night 5k, so I’m going to dream of a PR tonight! I haven’t ran a night time 5k in forever, but I’m super excited. 

I need to know if you are racing this weekend, where you are racing, and just how excited you are!

Have a great night! Lots more to report tomorrow!

– Have you ever been to a baseball game?
– Do you drink coffee and what type wakes you up in the morning?
– Give me something that was a Favorite of yours for the week!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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