Haircut + 11 Miles + Sugar Galore

I love Sundays. I always enjoy doing my long runs more when I can get them in early in the day. When I complete them, I always feel amazing and accomplished with an entire day ahead to do whatever seems fun. I guess they call this a runners high. LOL

I should’ve gotten up earlier, but went to bed pretty late after the race last night so I slept in a bit later.

I forgot to charge my Bose Earbuds, so I ran with my new Apple Airbuds and I love these things. I am, however, very paranoid running with them that one will fall out and I’ll lose it. 

I ate a fast breakfast of a few mini quiche and topped with green cilantro salsa and a bit of shredded cheese. I love eggs, but don’t always get around to making them. My favorite is tossed with a ton of veggies and with a little ketchup and salsa on top. People always make fun of the fact that I put ketchup on eggs… isn’t that normal? 🙂

I packed a water bottle, grabbed my airbuds and put a few GUs in my pocket and I was out the door! I tried the French Toast GU for the first time and it was pretty legit. Tasted just like French Toast! My favorite is still the Chocolate Outrage and that was the second one I took around mile 5. 

I also sported my Houston Strider’s shirt today. I miss that running group and I still keep in contact with many of them now. GREAT group of very talented runners and they are so much fun to be around! The shirt also matched the headband I bought at the expo for yesterday’s race. They were on sale for $2 bucks so I got 6 different varieties. I needed more headbands like I needed a hole in my head, but hey…. I like them.

I wanted to get in ten miles today at the trails. It was a perfect day for a run although a little warm, and I regretted not wearing a tank top and shorts pretty quickly. I run cold by nature, but when I sleep or when I am running I get hot really fast. 

I was going to do 4 of the out and backs again which would’ve given me 10 miles. However, when I got to that first creek crossing that has been flooded every single time I’ve ran on these trails, it was completely dry and passable! I couldn’t believe it, especially with the rain earlier in the week. They must’ve drained it because it was bone dry! I took a picture from the other side on my way back, but to compare…

So, when I saw that the trail was passable, I got very excited and decided to just keep running. I figured I’d do 5 miles out, then turn around and hit the same 5 miles back. I love how these trails all connect at different parts and have resting spots and water fountains. Let me tell you, at the turn around this was worth its weight in gold… I get so thirsty when I run and there is nothing more refreshing than ice cold water. I have to be careful when I carry a bottle, or during marathons that I don’t drink too much along the way. I want to, but have to refrain a bit or I’ll be sloshing all the way to the finish line!

Being that I could run a different path today, I never realized how much up and down there are on the trails. After the pretty tough 5k last night and the rolling trails this morning… my legs were burning around mile 6 or 7. I did decide to do an additional 2 miles up and down some real trails and I made it without tripping on any rocks or branches so I was pretty proud of myself!

So, I got a total of 9 miles on the trails, and 2 more miles on the tougher bike and hike trails which was fun for a total of 11. I realized that I need to do more of these trails and a ton more hill training. I did Tuesday trails while I was in Houston and it made the world of difference during my races. I realized that I haven’t been incorporating this component into my training so I will be finding a hill tomorrow and start putting that into my weekly runs. I’m excited as I know this will make me even that much stronger. 

When I got to the finish of my run I was only at 8.8 miles (I didn’t record the two on the hike and bike trails), so I naturally had to run back and forth until I hit that solid 9. My legs were feeling every bit of that run, and although I wasn’t going for speed at all, I was happy with a 9:12 average pace for this run.

I did a cool down, caught my breath (while trying not to pass out on the trunk of my car) and headed home. We had a 1:30 hair appointment so I had to get going! Hill training here I come! Legs, prepare yourself!

I was hoping I didn’t smell too bad as I didn’t have time to shower before our appointment. Sorry to the very nice lady who cut my hair! I’ve been wanting to get it cut for awhile now and only needed a couple inches which I was happy about. My ends get pretty bad from the flat iron and the buns I always throw my hair up in. Good thing I don’t wash it super often so it doesn’t get dry as well. Cough cough! 

I need to get my Keratin treatment done again as THAT is what make my super curly & thick hair look calm and frizz free. I will be doing that over break. It’s super expensive to get done (anywhere from $250-$400 bucks), so I bought the product from a super reliable source (ebay is my friend) and did it myself last time! The bottle was $80 for 8 oz I believe, and I still have half left for this treatment. Can’t wait to put that in my hair as it makes it so silky smooth and much more manageable, it just takes 3 or 4 hours to do the whole process. 

The pictures aren’t very good, and let’s be honest it’s already up in a ponytail. Lynn got her hair cut as well into a cute bob. She looks absolutely beautiful. My blue eyed stunning girl 🙂

I saw some of the messages on the Stars at Night 5k facebook page and it was pretty funny. Everyone was complaining about the super long 5k. Some folks said their watch showed 3.8 miles. Grrrrr! Was still an awesome race and such a fantastic Christmas after party, but for us crazy runners, we are all about numbers so like the race to match the distance it is supposed to be. 

After our hair appointment we walked around the La Cantera Mall for a bit. We went into Loli & Pops candy shop and I wanted to sample every single thing in that store. They have 5 lb gummy bears, a jar that you can purchase and fill once a week for a whole year (the jar isn’t that big, but still!!!) and so much more! 

We were both getting hangry, so we decided to eat at PF Changs. The place was on like a 42 day wait, but we saw a couple empty chairs at the bar so we scrambled to take those! Lynn had the spicy Changs Chicken, and I had the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Everything was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture until I hit a stopping point! I LOVE the wraps… YUM YUM YUM!

It was already almost 5pm by the time we left the restaurant, so instead of window shopping some more, we decided to head to Target to pick up a few things and head home. We should’ve had some of the candy sushi we saw from the candy store for dessert!

We were going to clean the house tonight, but by the time we got home, put the groceries away and gave the pups a bath… we decided we will have tomorrow be our official cleaning night. We did do laundry so the day wasn’t a complete failure. LOL

I’m excited for this week as although it will be super busy, next week is Christmas! Excited for another week of training and setting new goals! I’m loving life! Bring it on! See you at the start line!

6 thoughts on “Haircut + 11 Miles + Sugar Galore

  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for ear pods this Christmas!! They are so awesome. And that quiche- oh my that looks so good. I saw that Candy Sushi recently at Candytopia in San Francisco- so tempted to get some. Good to know they sell it elsewhere too 🙂 Have a great week!!

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    1. Morning Mackenzie! If Santa brings you the airbuds you will love them. Easiest thing to connect as well, just put them in your ears and they will connect to your phone right away. Technology amazes me 🙂 That’s cool that you saw the candy sushi as well… we should both get some and report on which our favorite “roll” was. Have an awesome week and thanks for reading! PS – I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco… for the marathon and to visit. Looks like perfect weather year round!

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      1. Yessss! I have no clue how people come up with these genius tech things but I’m thankful for them & their brains, haha.

        Ahhh I so love your idea! Next time I see the sushi I will definitely grab it.. hmmm I wonder if they have it on Amazon.. if so I may have to get myself a little Christmas gift, lol. Okay- if (when) you visit SF please let me know if you need suggestions! I get soo excited when people visit to give allllll the food/hikes/things-to-do lists. It’s a wonderful and special place- I hope you get to visit soon!


    1. Morning! I should’ve worn shorts and a t-shirt yesterday, so if you wore those you were smarter than me 🙂 What type of fuel do you use when you run/workout? I love GU but always curious what others use! Thanks for the kudos on the 9 miler and for the comments. Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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      1. If I’m lifting weights for more than an hour, I may eat a little snack, but never when I’m running. Afterwards, though, I may eat everything in the house! I always have a shake with whey protein, creatine, milk, about a tablespoon of olive oil, and sometimes a banana all blended together after a run or lifting.

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