LONG 5k + 2nd Place + Christmas Feels

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chriiiiiissssstttmmaaaasss. Speaking of, when I posted a hashtag of those words last week, I just had to screen shot how bad people misspell this word/phrase;

I mean, I have no room to talk… I can’t ever remember to put apostrophe’s in words, or how to spell definitely  (YUP, had to spellcheck that one, and I’m a darn good speller). Lynn (who I must remind you is a teacher) reads my blog post normally before bed. It will be silent, and all I will hear is… “OOoooooo”, or “Eeeeeeek” and when I ask her what happened, she is referring to my typos. Um, thanks babe, but no thanks… but please tell me again so I can quickly correct them. LOL

These are the two faces I pretty much woke up to today. Um, can I just say that Little Emmy looks pretty perfect, and Bella is totally judging me… Definition of sweet and sassy. 

The day started out… well, around noon after lounging and taking a nap after being awake for a few hours. We knew tonight was going to be super fun, so we took our time getting up and at em’. I had coffee this morning out of my Virginia Starbucks mug… have I mentioned how much I miss that place? That paired with a Clif Bar and Yogurt with Peanut Butter Granola was the perfect nom nom to get me ready for the day… at noon…. 

Bella was being super cuddly this morning. I guess she was still grateful for the extra bedtime story and goodnight kiss I gave her before bed last night.

Anyways, once the focus was on the 5k I was getting more and more excited. Until I remembered that it was on a golf course… and had been rerouted due to the lower part being flooded with rain from earlier in the week. I knew I was in for some hills and elevation as soon as we headed that way!

Lynn and I were both in awe at the beauty of the JW Marriott Resort here in San Antonio. The place was enormous and very Christmas like which gave us both the feels, especially after the race (more to come on that). Parking took longer than expected as the race was huge and people were everywhere. We saw Gingerbread men, Santa, the Grinch… etc… all dressed up and ready to run. Go figure that it was also 70 degrees out. WHAT?!

The race started promptly at 5:15, and I was pumped from my Nanyhydr8 and feeling good, so Lynn and I walked around and took in the beauty of the resort!

Did I mention they had a whole gingerbread San Antonio River Walk display? Well, they did! Was so neat to see and it smelled delicious! They even had the Alamo at the end of it and a huge Christmas Tree made out of cookies. I wanted to taste it all!

Also, they were transforming the resort/convention center as apparantly next week was the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaching Convention happening. They had banners, life size pictures, etc all around including posters of colleges etc. I was excited just seeing it all!

I had my professional personal photographer in tow, aka my fiance! I’m so lucky to have her with me at all of my races! She not only inspires me but captures amazing moments during my runs. There are several pretty awful shots where I look like I want to die, but we won’t share those here… I’ll spare you. You’re welcome! She caught a few before the race which I really liked!

So, the Stars at Night 5k…. I was REALLY looking forward to this race as I had huge goals for a PR here. However, driving up to the course (and I should’ve know being that it was on a golf course) and seeing how much the elevation changed.. I knew that a PR might be out the window. Once we lined up and people were stating that the first mile was pretty straight up… I knew it was going to be a challenge. One I was ready for, but still! 

There was a lot of flooding earlier in the week as mentioned and that on top of a few construction re-routes made the course very challenging. 1.5 miles in I just focused on the next rolling hill ahead and charged forward. I was in the top 10 around mile 2.5, and at that point I turned on the gas a bit. Mile 3 came along and I was looking for a finish line that didn’t pop up until 3.6 miles! Did I mention that the last .5 was going uphill? 

I was glad to be done, but pretty annoyed with the long course as I finished. Not because of the length, (okay a little) but because I was really looking to PR at the 5k distance! Anyways, fiance to the rescue with some cool pics…

The medal was awesome and the after party was huge with soooo many runners! It truly felt like Christmas for the first time as we enjoyed the music, food and ambiance! 

The awards happened later than expected, and I was VERY happy with second place in my age group…seems to be my place. For now. I WILL be improving and fighting not only for first place in my age group but for overall! Give me time 🙂 The awards for those that placed were visors with the event name which was pretty cool! 

We walked around the resort after and fell in love with the Christmas lights, etc. They had them set up to music and would change to the beat, etc… was so special and exciting to see and hear!

The night was great and one to remember! My next race isn’t until January 5th, which is the River Run half marathon in Canyon Lake (ScallyWompus event which I will be talking a lot more about in the near future. Stay tuned!) I have a lot on my calendar, but I have huge 5k goals and am excited to sign up for one in March or so after my other couple of half marathons and the full in January… right before my 50 Miler! 

Thank you for riding along on this journey and I can’t wait to continue to improve, set new goals… meet them… and set even higher goals! 

Have a great start to your Sunday!

See you at the Start Line!

4 thoughts on “LONG 5k + 2nd Place + Christmas Feels

  1. straussem426

    Taushah, you missed the golden opportunity to say, “They even remembered the Alamo…”

    Congratulations on your race! Cue my fifth graders: 1st is the worst, 2nd is the best!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. straussem426

        Break starts the 20th. Not too shabby considering we had a prebreak last week. Our BW Christmas party is this Wednesday- wish you two could join us!


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