Monday Motivation + Shalane Flanagan + Need Hills

Have you ever woke up in the morning, still half asleep as you quickly jump out of bed only to open your eyes VERY fast as you scream in pain from the workout or race the days preceding? Well, that is exactly how I started out this glorious Monday morning! Putting both feet on the floor only to sit back down on the bed wondering how I was going to hobble around at work today, quickly became goal #1 as I started out yet another wonderful week.

This week is definitely calmer at work, but lots of little things on my plate need to be checked off the list before vacation which starts Saturday! 10 days of no alarm clocks is going to feel so incredible! I’m really looking forward to a small break and spending time with family and friends! 

I rubbed my legs with my trusty Tiger Tail foam roller stick for about 10 minutes last night, but that was all I could handle before I passed out in pain. (Okay, it wasn’t that bad) I love this foam roller! The fact that it’s handheld vs rolling on top of the big ones on the floor is a win for me… link is in MY GEAR, try it out!

My amazing fiance sent me a few videos loops she took from the 5k Saturday night (or should I call it a 6.5k) and I wanted to show you! Not actually of the race, but of some fun afterwards 🙂

I was trying to high five the dude in the picture. That was when my legs still worked! Today was a wake up call that I need hill workouts in my life. I should NOT be this sore after 15 miles of decent elevation runs/racing. So, I have already found myself a hill that SARR uses by the San Antonio Zoo for training, and I’m going to set myself up on a weekly workout at that location. Bring it!

I hobbled myself over to Subway for lunch and had a salad with the works and grilled chicken. I wanted to tell people that I wasn’t drunk or hadn’t been horseback riding for 17 days straight, I was just really sore from a few hard runs. I know I was making faces as I walked up and down many o’ steps, and I know a few 4 letters words probably escaped my lips. Okay, I KNOW a few four letter words did.

I also tried something new I saw in a grab n go cooler for an afternoon snack and it was pretty tasty. It is called a NOKA smoothie, with FLAX and Plant proteins, organic fruits and veggies, etc… I did, however, feel like a 3 year old sucking fruit out of a plastic bag. 

I found something funny this afternoon and it made me think of our little Emmy. The only difference is Emmy has this thought whether it’s hot OR cold outside. Also, when it’s sunny, cloudy, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, 2:30pm, dinnertime, the superbowl, etc… She doesn’t NEED a reason. She’s lucky she’s cute…

I got the coolest email this afternoon as I was headed back to my desk with lunch. You know who Shalane Flanagan is, right? KIDDING! EVERYONE knows who Shalane Flanagan is… LOL! Well, she has been doing a book tour to promote her Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow quickfix recipe book for hangry (yes hangry) athletes. 100 people got randomly selected for an autographed book plate and I got good news today that I was one of the winners! SUPER cool! Now I just need the book to put the autographed book plate in! Link to buy the book is in MY GEAR at the top of my blog. Santa, please send me this book 🙂

I never win ANYTHING so this was a wonderful Monday Motivator as I look up to her and all that she has accomplished a whole lot! I want to be her when I grow up and I admire her grit and determination… and her amazing talent… so very much! This surprise will motivate me all week on my runs! 

The sun felt so good today as I walked around work. Made me almost forget how much my legs hurt, LOL! At least I was wearing cute shoes if I couldn’t be in my Brooks today! LOVE me some Toms.

We bought some Frosty Paws Ice Cream cups for the pups, and because they are just so darn cute, we gave them each one when we got home. They went a little nuts. I do the same thing though when I have Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup in my face as well. No judgement girls, no judgement!

I was going to make us an amazing Salmon dish I do for dinner, but the salmon was spoiled. After Lynn and I both cried, she had leftovers and I made a salad with Tuna. Hey, if you can’t have salmon.. have the next best (or at least 7th down the list) thing.

We also didn’t clean the apartment like we promised ourselves we would do last night. So, we are aiming for tomorrow or Thursday, but definitely by next Monday. 🙂

I’m going to take my clothes with me to work tomorrow and get in an easy 5 miler . The weather is going to be warm until March I think, so I should be good in a tank top and shorts. 

PS – A super amazing blogger who has liked a few of my posts commented on last nights. I need to take notes from her blog as it’s full of fun things! I think she is my long lost sister… we like the same hobbies and food… and anyone who is down for candy sushi rolls is okay in my book! My fiance saw her blog and has now been reading it for the past 3.5 hours. Mackenzie, you have a new fan. You’re welcome. LOL! Actually you have two! Awesome blog! In case anyone wants to check it out

Have a great night!

PS – pardon my typos world, but don’t worry… teacher fiancé to the rescue! Hopefully she caught them all! I’ve corrected about 5 since I published the post… not too shabby 🙂 If I hear one more “oops” from the other side of the couch as she finishes reading the blog though, I may act like I don’t hear her. 😁

– Have you ever won anything before?
– I need recipes, what is your go to?
– How do you relieve sore muscles after runs or workouts?

6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation + Shalane Flanagan + Need Hills

  1. Haha I so love your enthusiasm even after the race!! Y’all live in San Antonio?! How awesome! I absolutely love it there. My mom lives in Forth Worth.

    Hahah- you’re cracking me up with the whole situation at Subway. I have been hardcore craving a salad from there lately (I usually bring it home and add some hummus), and this is making me crave it more now!

    What! How exciting you won that giveaway- Teach me your ways! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything like that before!

    Awwww I am gonna tear up- this is soo sweet. Thank you again for being so encouraging and supportive. Seriously we are long lost sisters- now add loving Subway salads to the list—not sure I’ve met anyone else who loves those too!

    Hahah… okay, I seriously edited one post about 15 times after because I found sooo many errors. Every . single. time… inevitably I find some after I press that “publish” button.

    Have SUCH a good rest of your week & Christmas too!

    Ohh and to relieve muscle soreness I love just stretching & a little icy hot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are just simply the coolest. Seriously! Yes, we live in San Antonio and my sister and her husband/kids live in Fort Worth! LOL! I can’t teach you the ways of winning, as that never happens… but if I get lucky again, I’ll send some luck your way… when we visit in San Francisco… because I’ve always wanted to go and never been. LOL

      I find errors in every post I do. I just leave the Edit page open until the fiance is done with her “oops”.

      I need to do more stretching, I’m pretty bad about that!

      What are your plans for Christmas?

      Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, I could say the same to you!

        What! They live in Fort Worth too? Small world! Yess I really do hope y’all can visit, the nice thing is you don’t need a ton of time to basically do the whole city since it’s only 7 miles by 7 miles… usually when fam or friends visit we designate a full day or two to the city to see and do all the big touristy things. The food is where it’s at though! So many good eats here.

        haha, my mom does that for me- she’ll text me if she finds errors, and I do greatly appreciate it. It’s funny what our eyes miss! I get so excited to publish sometimes that I just do it and then am like, “ehhh goood enough” vs. when I started blogging I would freak out if I found those errors. lol.

        For Christmas we are making the rounds- Ohio for my husband’s side of the fam, and my dad’s side of the fam, then Fort Worth to see my mom & step dad for a couple days. It’s filled with many red eye flights & probably zero sleep, but I am quite excited! How about you all?

        Liked by 1 person

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