Senior Ambassador + Friend + Memories

**Well, I got home late last night and made the decision to blog first thing instead of posting at 2am. I know everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for my Tuesday post, so fear not… here it is 🙂 Bella was tired too and was up in our face. Sweet girl

Yesterday was a great Tuesday and one day closer to Christmas break! I still have some shopping to do and I’m about out of time. Yeah, I might want to get on that. Not to mention, I haven’t wrapped a single gift yet. I’ve been hiding all of Lynn’s presents in my closet. Today I told her I’m going to just stick a big bow on the front of my closet door and tell her to open it to get her gift. LOL.

I woke up to a few fun Facebook memories and saved them to post about as I was drinking my morning coffee. One was from exactly a year ago when we were in Fredericksburg Virginia for a Christmas 5k. I won my first overall female at that race so it meant a lot, not to mention the town was Christmas Hallmark, and that is where I tried on my engagement ring that Lynn ended up proposing with. Funny how that town has special memories, and now we are getting married in another quaint town called Fredericksburg, but in Texas!

Another memory I loved seeing was something that the Chevron Houston Marathon posted a few weeks out from my first full. I had just run the 30k the day or two before which is why I’m complaining about soreness, but I honestly have no idea what I was jabbering about. I just like the quote. I question some of my early Facebook days.

I met my long lost sister from the blog I posted about yesterday. Mackenzie, this is for you! I found where we can order the candy sushi online! (I’m an Amazon junkie!)

I had the most incredible meeting today and it went better than I could’ve imagined. I had been contacted last week by the Bart Childers, owner of Scally Wompus
He had seen my blog etc and wanted to meet to discuss possible ambassador opportunities!

After an hour of laughing, talking all things running, etc… guess who is the new Senior Ambassador for all things Scally Wompus?!?!?!?! I am beyond excited to work with such an incredible group. This is going to be a ton of fun and I can’t wait to connect with other runners, get to know them, and run these events together.

I will be running the River Road half on January 5th. We (I can say WE now) also have a 5k and a 10k so please sign up! I’m planning on a meet up at Roadmap Brewing later that night to celebrate, so get signed up! There will be a lot more to come on this, but I am honored and excited!

After my very excited meeting, I had an extra pep in my afternoon run! My quads still a bit sore (I have a plan to work on this!) but I wanted to get 5 miles in before we met up with our friend Whitney for dinner and drinks. So, I headed to the trails again to get my run in! I once again wondered why I didn’t pack shorts and a tank top, but oh well… atleast I remembered to bring my clothes. I’m not the sharpest tool in the box, or whatever that saying is, first thing in the morning when I’m getting myself ready for the day. 🙂

I was happy with an easy 5 miler and 8:53 pace and what a beautiful day to run!

I was regretting my choice for lunch a bit yesterday as I was running… Tuna sandwich with onion and bell pepper. Just sayin’

After work, Lynn and I met Whitney at Yardhouse for dinner and drinks. We got there right before happy hour ended which is perfect as they have half price apps and cheaper drinks.

I knew it was going to be a blast, and 5 hours later we weren’t disappointed! We talked about everything under the sun. I always say that it’s about the quality of the people you keep close in your life, not the quantity. It’s been awhile since we’ve met someone we really connect to and it’s nice to have Whitney as a really good friend! She’s even going to be part of the wedding. When Lynn and I were both thinking that, I knew she was a keeper. LOL! We love you Whitney and I’m already super grateful for your friendship!

Lot’s more to come on tonight’s post and it will be a later one. We are see A Drag Queen Christmas at the Aztec Theater and are super excited. Some of the ladies are from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Will be a ton of fun! Stay tuned!

Have a great Wednesday! See you at the Start Line!

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