Windy Run + Gap Vitamin + Gift from Virginia + Crawford Claus

It is now 11:27pm. So yeah, if you read this morning’s blog about yesterday, you know that I promised myself I’d go to bed early tonight. Did you believe me? Yeah, me neither! That being said, I hope everyone had an amazing Thursday!

The picture above is more information about how to register for the Scallywompus events on January 5th. I will be posting more about it in a post it’s own, along with some of their other events for 2019. I’m excited to promote and ambassador the heck out of a group that I trust and believe in. It’s all about what the runner wants in a race… come run with me! Plus, the medal doubles as a beer bottle opener. We just got cooler. I know.

Remember how I said I was not totally looking forward to 10 miles tonight? Well, as a result of having to finish some things up at work, I was able to get 7 in before dark. I hit the trails again and man was it windy. 22mph winds most of the day and that is what registered when I stepped out of my car. Figured go big or go home, so I put one Brooks in front of the other and felt pretty good!

I forgot my music at home so I had to listen to myself gasping for air most of the run, but sometimes it’s actually nice to not have Lady Gaga blasting in my head. The wind was pretty brutal and made it feel very cold as well, but I enjoyed and actually wished I would’ve had time to hit 10!

I used Strava again as I like to see the breakdown of the runs, and it gives me more information that my Apple Watch. I averaged a 9:03 pace for a very windy 7 miles and glad I was able to keep my eyes open for most of the run. LOL

I’m really looking forward to the River Run Half on January 5th to see if I can better my time from the San Antonio Half Marathon 3 weeks ago. Hopefully I run smarter as well and don’t come in half a mile long from running the worst tangents in history. After the run, I headed out to pick up a few more items for Christmas stockings, etc… (Look how much my hair was blowing… even being pulled back in a super attractive bun. LOL)

I didn’t get home until 8:30pm or so and Lynn was still out running a few errands. So, I took out the pups and got the mail… and TWO very exciting things came!

The first was from George at Gap Vitamin! I’ve been wanting to try a vitamin geared towards runners forever, and after doing some research I stumbled upon his amazing product. I even loved how it was packed and I felt special opening everything up!

I can’t wait to try everything as George did a ton of research to make a vitamin geared towards someone like him… a runner! I will have a post all about the goodness of Gap Vitamins in the next day or two after incorporating them for a few days. Plus, they are so amazing they deserve their own mini post! Will be a sponsored post as he provided me this amazing product, Christmas came early! Thanks George!

I also put the link for these vitamins in MY GEAR so take a look and read about them. I think we will all be hooked and truly believe that as a runner, we should be taking vitamins, etc that provide as much as possible to stay healthy while training at peak performance. I also get to try Runner Joint, something not even on the market yet so I feel honored! Stay tuned for more, but read about it here

Lynn and I had another very special package waiting for us. Our good friend Elizabeth from Virginia sent us a sweet little care package. A Virginia Christmas card, plates with dachshunds and anchors (two of our favorite things), some home made sweets, and pasta in the shape of Texas. Oh yeah, and an adorable Snowman that she made as a fun project I think with her students. Isn’t it cute? Made out of a tealight. Genius!

Bella was trying to get in the box as we were opening it. She could smell the amazing cookies from a mile (or state) away.

Elizabeth… we miss you and your family very much! Your friendship was one of the best things that happened to us while we were living in Virginia! We hope to see you soon…. and feel free to send cookies for Valentines and Easter. Juuuuust kidding. Kind of. Okay I’m completely serious 🙂

Thank you for being so sweet, we love you!

I decided I wanted to get all of Lynn’s Christmas presents wrapped, minus the few things I still have hidden outside this apartment. Bella wanted to partake, and Lynn looked like a little kid when she saw me loading up her haul. I love her and hope she likes everything!

It is now midnight, so I will catch ya on the flip side. We made a pact… for the 18th time this week, that we will come home tomorrow and clean. Hoping we can get done early enough to hit the road tomorrow, but if not a good nights sleep will be in order. Tomorrow at this time, Christmas break begins!

I hope you are all looking forward to some incredible Christmas magic and memories! Lots to be thankful for and so much to look forward to in the upcoming year!

See you at the start line!

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