6 Miles + Day late + Hostess with the mostest + I’m Sorry

Happy Sunday world! This post is a day late as I started last night, but I didn’t get very far…. will make more sense as you read through the words of wisdom below (insert sarcasm here)

I went for an early run and did 6 miles. I immediately regretted the long sleeve shirt as it was 70 degrees outside, however it made me happy as it was from last weekends 5k. I regretted not bringing my Nathan water bottle from home as well as I don’t like to go more than 5 miles or so without carrying water or having access to a fountain.

I’m going to get up early tomorrow at knock out 15 miles and I don’t want to carry just a regular water bottle. So, I’ll do something I despise and do 3 out and backs and stop for a sip of water and GU each time. I’ll leave my stash outside the front door like a super cool person. Here is the link for the water bottle I use and miss dearly. Nathan Speed Draw Plus Quick Grip Water Bottle

I averaged an 8:58 pace and ran the 6th mile the fastest as I wanted my pace to be below 9:00 /mi. Was a nice easy run to start out the break.

I had three mini quiche and some salmon after my run and it was all delicious. I want to get salmon like that when we get back home! YUM

Bella came to say hi and she’s just the cutest thing. Her poor little paws though. She looks like she does ballet in her spare time 😦 I was super cold in the picture below as you can see my goosebumps. I’ve also since shaved my legs as well! TMI?

I tried the Gap Vitamins for Runners for the first time yesterday so that was pretty exciting 🙂 I’m excited to give my body more of what it needs as a runner. It’s pretty cool that another runner created them and I’m excited to post all about that in a few days. Link for these awesome vitamins is —> Runner Multivitamin & Omega 3 Bundle | Engineered for Athletes | Antioxidants: Vitamin C (5X), Vitamin E (2X) | Energy & Vo2 Max: Vitamin B12 (10x) | Joints & Heart: 1,000mg Fish Oil | GMP Certified

Dad Papke had Ladder Toss and Bags set up outside. I had never played before and I immediately loved it! Erik and I were on a team for most of the rounds and we kicked some butt. I did, however, throw my balls into a tree once, so there was that. Was pretty funny as i couldn’t have done that again if I tried.

After a few rounds, I turned around and Lynn’s Dad came out with something to make the game even more fun. Fireball, Tequila and shots. Talk about a hostess with the mostest!

We had a ton of fun drinking some of this outside and laughed and laughed! Lynn’s Mom was drinking straight from the bottle! (Okay, this was staged but was a cute picture. However, the REST of us drank from the bottle with no shame)

There were so many fun pictures of us just talking and laughing outside that I couldn’t post just one… or three! I’m lucky to have such wonderful soon to be in-laws and I love them all very much! What a wonderful family 🙂

So, this is where I say I’m sorry. I fell asleep on the couch for several hours after the fun, and woke up a little cranky.

If it makes you both feel any better though, when I slept on the couch I must have had my body twisted weird, and I have the worst kink and pain in my left shoulder blade. It hurts so bad it takes my breath away if I move just right. I deserve it, but it’s awful and hope that it doesn’t feel this bad tomorrow!

I also had a wardrobe change so I naturally had to change the color of my headband as well.

Yesterday was a beautiful and fun day and glad we get to stay here for the week. This coming weekend we are staying a night in Fredericksburg and I’m looking forward to exploring that quaint little town some more! We will also get to show Dad and Erik Barons Creek Vineyard where we are getting married. Mom saw it when she visited us in October before we made the decision to choose that venue.

Have a great Sunday! We are headed to Barrow Brewing in a few hours to play games and listen to live music. Will be drinking water today 🙂

– What are you up to on the eve of Christmas Eve?
– Do you carry a water bottle when you run or do you prefer something around your waste or on your back that holds your fluids?
– What type of vitamins do you take?

One thought on “6 Miles + Day late + Hostess with the mostest + I’m Sorry

  1. Oh my gosh- Bella’s paws!! Too funny! Not sure how that little pup even does that?!

    Looks like such a fun time with family (until the pain in the shoulder blade). No shame in the third day of headbands- they are so cute. I just got some headbands from my mom in law, and I cannot wait to whip um’ out. All my other ones were all stretched out and old, so I haven’t worn one in a long time. Have a great Friday, Taushah!

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