Christmas Eve + Possible Running Injury + Sugar for days

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone’s Christmas Eve was full of magic and family and everything that makes you happy.

The day started out with a PLANNED 15 mile run. I set an alarm, had my clothes and fuel all set out and was out the door. Half a mile in my right inside ankle started to bother me quite a bit, but I figured it would shake out like most little annoyances do during the beginning of a run.

Well, it didn’t. By mile 2.5 (first turnaround) I sat down to try and rub it out a bit. I was definitely running a little off and slower to try to not make it hurt so badly. I still thought the bit of pain would subside as I didn’t trip, fall, step wrong… NOTHING! I didn’t run yesterday and the 6 miles the day before was just fine, so I was super frustrated.

I headed back to the house to hit the 5 mile mark, grab a GU and to wash it down with some water. My bun was swinging all over the place and my foot wasn’t getting any better, but I was determined that I could do at least 10 miles. I had my I thought they said “RUM” headband on for my 5th day of Headbands which was fun, but kept sliding off.

I headed back out to the 2.5 mile turnaround again to hit 7.5 so I could head back home for 10. I was so glad to see this little snowman as I knew it would be the turnaround. I sat again and rubbed the ankle and noticed my times were getting slower and my ankle was getting more sore to the touch. I KNEW at that point I wouldn’t get to 15, so I hit 12 running a bit further out before turning back around. (Didn’t remember to hit resume after I got up as I changed my music and then my bun… and with all the frustration I just ran. I caught it after another mile out and back to the snowman 🙂

I got a total of 12 miles in with a 9:40 average which is about 45 seconds a mile slower than I’ve been running. I am so irritated and frustrated as this came out of nowhere. Yes, I should’ve stopped running as soon as it started to flare up, but I really thought it was just an off day. The way a runners brain works sometimes…

When I got back, Mom Papke gave me some Excedrin, some Icy Hot and some Salonpas patches that had pain medication on them (smells like Ben Gay) and I’ve been nursing the ol’ ankle all afternoon. As soon as I stopped running, it’s been hard to walk without limping.

I’m been trying to self diagnose of course and think it is definitely from my heel striking (do you think my shoes are getting to that point as they have about 300 miles in them and the back part of the heels tread is pretty flat but the rest looks good). Anyways, with the internet has told me I either have Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis. The bottom of my ankle towards the back of my foot is tender and hurts all the way down to the heel but not in the arch or anything.

Anyways, I’m going to take tomorrow and Wednesday off if I need to and truly hoping a few days off will be enough, but I’m not holding my breath. I have so much coming up in the next few months and will be devastated if I can’t run some of the races I’ve been looking forward to for months. Patience and few days of rest is hopefully all I need!

I got a couple of pretty pictures during the run. The first is when I was looking for a pet deer (yes, really) that one of the neighbors has around here. It roams free of course, but has a collar on and goes “home” all the time to eat and will let you pet him, etc. They call him Buddy. When I was on the first few miles before I wanted to chop my leg off, I saw a deer in the location I thought was his area. So I stopped and called out BUUUuuuuuddy a few times.

Well, I didn’t see him but still took a picture. Found out later I was in the completely wrong spot. Erik and Lynn both laughed and said that deer was probably like, “Yo who’s Buddy, my name is Brad.” LOL The second picture was an accident while I was trying to take a headband selfie. Whoops.

As I was trying to self diagnose, I saw a funny Christmas tree that only a runner would have… something I’d do to be funny. I care for my medals like they are real gold and silver. Don’t judge me.

After some showers and getting half ready for the Christmas Eve service, Mom Papke made Oyster stew. It was delicious and I chose to have some of the fresh oysters in the bottom of mine. If you don’t look and just chew, it’s pretty good 🙂 Seriously though, delicious flavor with all the celery and chives. Yum

Lynn and I also made a trip into Salado and hit up the candy store. $65 dollars later we are set on sugar and salt for a few days. Sheesh! We’ve become quite the pro though and we each separated our chocolate from our sour this time. We aren’t rookies anymore!

We went to candle light church service at 7pm and it was really nice! They had some amazing flutists playing before service started and it made me want to whip out my flute from high school and play along.

After church, we ate some delicious appetizers that Mom Papke spent time making from scratch all day. Meatballs, oysters wrapped in bacon, mini quiche, etc. Was such a good little snack! Dad Papke made a drink called a Grasshopper and tasted like mint chocolate ice cream. Good stuff!

After dinner we opened presents. I will get a picture of everything tomorrow, but I love the Crawford Brewery hoodie and tshirt they got me when visiting Iowa and Erik got us some Crocs! Super awesome and I’m grateful for everything. Amazing family and they make me feel like one of their own!

Lynn needs to work on her wrapping skills….and this was one of her best.

Lynn had some funny socks with our faces printed on them and they were a hit as well! WE also played a game called search history and it was a blast. I also kicked everyone’s butt and won! See below for link as it was my favorite game we’ve played in a very long time!

Anyways, it is almost 2am and we are watching the movie Dumplin’ on Netflix. Very cute feel good pageant movie with Jennifer Aniston. Movie and bags of candy equals perfect ending (or beginning) to the day! We are all tired though and are going to bed!

Happy Holidays and have an amazing start to your Christmas! See you at the start line…. I hope! Merry Christmas!

PS – didn’t proofread this, so puh-leaze forgive the typos!

– Have you had a running injury before? How did it happen and how long did it take to heal?
– What are your plans tomorrow for Christmas?
– What did you ask Santa for?

One thought on “Christmas Eve + Possible Running Injury + Sugar for days

  1. That is such a beautiful photo of you two! I am so sorry about your ankle—ugh, hate when injuries creep up like that. But at least you had the greatest headband ever despite it all, Lol. Still- 10 miles is no small feat. That’s too funny about the pet deer- baha. All these sweets, food, & drinks look great. What a fun few days leading up to Christmas!

    Running injuries: For me everything from awful shin splints to pulled IT band to pain in knees & hips (currently)… after some rest they usually heal up with stretching too… but lately I’ve noticed they take longer to heal.. I have a feeling it’s because I’m getting older (but I’m also in denial about that). Keep us posted- hoping your ankle heals up so soon!

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