Official 2019 GU Ambassador + Lazy Day + Can I run yet + Flannel Bachelorette

Hard to believe Christmas is already over! The holidays always come and go so fast, and before you know it another year has passed. I hope everyone is still enjoying some down time and family and friends! Only 364 more days until Christmas 2019! I’m already looking forward to it as I know the holidays next year are going to be some of the most special as I’ll be marrying my best friend!

We are still at Lynn’s parents and we had a pretty lazy day. I’m going a bit stir crazy not being able to get out for a few and run. I’m all for laying around TRUST me, but I’m just wanting to get a solid run under my belt so I know I’m good to go. It’s only been 1.5 days, so I really just need to chill…. I know!

I’ll take tomorrow and holding my breath I can get a few miles in Friday…. we shall see! If I can’t go Friday, it will likely be Monday since we will be in Fredericksburg Saturday night and Sunday (It might actually be the best thing for me though…..said no runner ever)/

Anyways, I attempted my 6th Day of Headbands… I think 🙂 I ripped it off at some point though as if I can’t run, I don’t deserve them 😦 Kidding…. Please send all sparkly headbands my way as I can never have enough!

I wore the Crocs that Erik gave me around the house today and they are quite comfy! I had some of the Icy Hot type strips on the back of my heel and foot so I was looking quite sexy today. LOL.

Dear Santa, I know it’s a year early, but if you fix my foot I promise I’ll be a good girl all year! Well, at least until February. I do love the Athleta Joggers I had on

I love these Crocs so much I may get another pair in a different color as well! What color would you get, see link for every color of the rainbow and at a great price! Crocs Women’s Classic Mule Shoe Sandal

Something else I saw while I was stalking the internet today is a shirt that describes the 6 stages of Marathon running! However, I think this is every run I ever do no matter the distance! I want one of each of these so let’s all get and be twins! Conversation starter for sure each time I’d wear I’m sure 🙂

I iced my foot a few times today while I was looking at all things running. I also figured, if I couldn’t GO running I could at least READ about running! This book is really good so far and very inspiring! I’ve also added to MY GEAR under motivational books. Run or Die Motivational Book Running

I got some AMAZING news today and something I was really really hoping for! A month ago, I applied to be selected as an official Ambassador for GU Energy Labs as part of Gu’s Salty’s Squad for the year of 2019. Well, I got an email today that I was chosen! I couldn’t be more honored as GU is something I’ve taken during every race and during my training for the past 9 years!

I remember the very first GU I took after my friend Liz gave me one before a 5 mile Jingle Bell Run in Houston, TX. She had gotten it in her packet for another race and I was hooked ever since. I even remember the flavor of Strawberry Banana, but I prefer others WITH caffeine and my favorite is Chocolate Outrage.

I will get to participate in expo’s, receive merchandise and samples, and a swag box which I can’t wait to receive will come in a few weeks! I’ll know more the first part of January of what is expected, but I am seriously SO excited! GU with me and see link under MY GEAR and add me on Instagram for the latest and greatest @roadrunnerchic1

After a quick 30 minute nap, I woke up to the smell of some amazing Lasagna and the sound of carrots being chopped. Was absolutely delicious and I hope Mom Papke knows how much I appreciate all that she does! The Papke family has always welcomed me with open arms and I feel so blessed for that. It’s hard to remember what life was like before these amazing people came into it… especially my amazing fiance! I went back for more salad of course 🙂

Lynn and I spent some time on Pinterest today looking at Bachelorette stuff. We have absolutely been in love with Flannel, and we think we want to work that into the whole thing. We could do a play on Lumberjack, Buffalo Plaid, cozy and classy flannel & frost!

Initially, we were thinking late summer next year for the bachelorette weekend, but we may do fall instead to keep the holiday coziness a part of it. We shall see and our next step before anything is to officially ask our bridesmaids and then talk to someone who we both want to be our wedding planner and offsite caterer. Fingers crossed on all accounts! (Girls, you know who you are!)

Anyways, as I moved onto stalking Pinterest, the following popped up. You look for one thing, and before you know it you are on 10 different things wondering how the heck you ended up looking at Dachshunds in backpacks and flannel pajamas. LOL

I hope everyone is ready for a year full of running and wedding! This is going to be the best year of my life and I can’t wait to experience all the fun, love, goals and memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!

See you at the start line!

3 thoughts on “Official 2019 GU Ambassador + Lazy Day + Can I run yet + Flannel Bachelorette

  1. I LOVE your thinking- yes yes, only 361 more days now?

    Last week I tried to back off on training for a couple days to recoup after my knee/hip pain, and I was totalllly going stir crazy too. Only runners understand the agony it is to NOT run. Those memes are soo accurate. Your headbands are all so adorable- where do you get them? Lynn’s family sounds incredible- and that lasagna- oh YUM! They sure know how to cook too! I’m loving the bachelorette ideas- so cute. Whatever you decide on I’m sure will be perfect! I am working on planning my sister’s bachelorette party right now too so I’m soaking up these ideas!

    LOL- ya got caught in the dachschunds in flannels hole, huh? Always a fun Pinterest bunny trail! Happy Sunday to youu!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are just my favorite and I always love seeing your comments!

      How is your knee/hip? I hope you are recovering well. Nothing worse than when you CAN’T run!

      Lynn’s family is incredible and her Mom is quite the cook!
      I’ll be posting the hummus recipe we “spoke” about soon 🙂

      Happy New Year!

      PS – We want to know ideas about what you are doing for Bachelorette! We are leaning towards all things Flannel! Will be cozy and fun 🙂


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