I want to run + Visit from friends + Barrow Brewing + Lots of Pictures

What day is it? Is it January yet? The pups want to know. It’s funny how easy it is to lose track of what day it is when you don’t have work to get up for each day. We’ve had a lot of fun this week with the Papke family and will be sad when it’s over. We still have our little Christmas to look forward to on New Years though 🙂

Busted out the sparkle for today’s headband of choice. Bling Bling baby! This one didn’t stay on long though as it’s stretched out. Guess I need to get me some more! Darn 🙂

The pups were being awfully cute this morning… until Lynn’s friends Courtney and Isaac came to visit. Then they were being real bad and we had to put them outside. It’s a ruff life.

They just wanted in so badly but didn’t understand how big they seem to a little girl. Little Stella loved the pups though and they eventually came in and were sweet. Emmy wanted to be petted and petted and petted and….

After a nice visit with friends, they decided to come with us to Barrow Brewing Company. This is one of Lynn’s parents favorite places and we like it a lot as well. This is also the place where they got one of our Christmas presents from (the shirts) and of course we had to all wear them!

I had one too many beers and am swearing off alcohol for awhile. Sorry Barrow, but it was very tasty!

They had some amazing popcorn and won’t give up the recipe. I’m not normally a popcorn girl, but this was buttery/sweet/salty/spicy all in one. Delicious! They also have a pizza truck out front and it makes THE best pizzas! I want one right now actually.

The fiance is getting pretty good at all the Instagram stuff and did a cute story post yesterday! I love Lynn so much and 2019 is going to be the best year yet. I can’t believe that I get to marry my best friend! Sometimes I don’t deserve her but I am going to try to prove with every action and hug just how much I love her and that I will be the best wife in the world. I adore her and am so very lucky to share this life by her side!

A few cute pics were taken at Barrow and we had a lot of fun! Till next time!

Something I saw while stalking facebook was the course elevations for the 6 major marathons. I hope to get to run all of these someday! How awesome would that be! However, I hope I can just run again in the next few days! Monday is the goal and that will make it a week of no running! I’m so sad as I was doing so good and the one break I have and can run any time as much as I want… I can’t because my foot hurts! Super disappointing and frustrating!

I know that running on it isn’t going to do me any favors, so I need to make sure it is feeling better. I just hope I can run the half marathon on the 5th of January pain free and then get a few solid weeks in before the full on January 20th. Exciting things to come!

See you at the start line 🙂 I hope….

One thought on “I want to run + Visit from friends + Barrow Brewing + Lots of Pictures

  1. Those pups are toooo darn cute! And Lynn + that little girl are too sweet!! I loved reading through this & seeing the roundup of elevations was fascinating! Thanks for sharing that! PS. your ring is perfect. beau-ti-ful!


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