Lazy Day + Houston Marathon Corral Assignment + Few Words Friday

Hello – Howdy – Hiya

Day started by posting yesterday’s blog post. 🙂

Few Friday Favorites as well;

Lynn’s American Girl doll Molly that she still has from her childhood. She was sitting pretty in the closet at parent Papke’s for our arrival. (The Simba plush was her brother Erik’s)

These are the best peanut butter cookies with Reese’s inside. Mom Papke made quite a few and I probably had 10 myself before they were all eaten. I’ll see if she can give us the recipe 🙂

For lunch, Mom Papke made homemade chili and it was delicious! Paired with cornbread and/or Fritos, cheese and crackers it totally hit the spot!

My Mom gave us some fresh sausage at Thanksgiving to bring back. We kept it here since we were on the road and Mom Papke rolled out the grill and cooked it as well. It was supposed to be very spicy, but I didn’t get spice at all from it. However, it was delicious and I couldn’t believe how much was in one package. Looked like a snake when all unrolled and on the grill. Thanks Moms!!!

Bella has been super exhausted from doing nothing all day!

I couldn’t go the whole day without my cup of Joe! I LOVE coffee. Send any and all my way.

I saw this today and thought it was very funny! Did I mention I want to run so badly?!

We watched Bird Box on Netflix today starring Sandra Bullock which is one of my favorite actresses. I normally don’t like movies that have plots that are sci fi, etc… but it was really good and well done! I recommend you watch it today 🙂

I hope everyone had a great week! What are you up to this weekend?!

We leave for Fredericksburg with the family tomorrow and will be there till Sunday before heading home To San Antonio. Hard to believe a week ago we were on the road coming here and it stinks to think it’s almost over 😦 It’s been a wonderful holiday!

I’m super excited as I got my Corral assignment for the Chevron Houston Marathon in 3 weeks! I really really hope I’m able to run, but really disappointed that I’ve lost a week (or more) of training. I was only a few seconds away from qualifying for Corral A. Next year!!!


– Are you running this weekend?

– What are your New Year’s plans?

2 thoughts on “Lazy Day + Houston Marathon Corral Assignment + Few Words Friday

  1. Ahhh I so hope you are all healed up by then for the marathon. We have ours on the 20th in San Diego- so I am also a bit nervous that I’ll be ready to run. I think I’m just gonna nurse my knee till then (maybe one more long run if I’m up for it) and then hopefully the previous training & adrenaline will take the injured little knee the rest of the way. Keep us posted on the achilles/ankle situation!!! Fingers crossed!

    Loved reading these faves- ALL this foooood! YUM! I am drooling over here. And that American Girl doll is probably worth so much nowadays- is that Samantha? She was always my fave.

    Also this answers my question about Bird box- so glad you enjoyed it! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and thought it was well done too! I only wish I could have ACTUALLY known what they saw. But that’s just my own curiosity. Have a great day tomorrow!


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