Home Sweet Home + German Bakery + OUR Eve of Christmas Eve + Shalane Flanagan Autograph

We have made it home! It’s crazy to think how fast the past week went, but if feel’s like forever ago that we packed up to make our journey down to Salado to spend a week and Christmas with the Papke family.

I still haven’t been able to get out and run and I’m honestly going a bit stir crazy. Knowing I’m missing valuable training time when I actually HAVE the time to run infuriates me. However, I know this is temporary and healing is more important for the big picture. I didn’t come up with that, my fiance did. I wanted to go run today, but knew I wouldn’t make it out of the parking lot. I wouldn’t have really tried though… I don’t think 🙂

We all had the worst night sleep ever, but it was okay as at least we woke up on the same playing field. HA! It was brutally cold out and Lynn’s parents had twice the distance to drive back home as we did, so we decided we’d drive to get a quick breakfast before we (sadly) parted ways.

The line was absolutely insane, but we figured out really fast that we could walk up to the counter (STILL A LONG LINE) and order from there since we were taking our nom nom to go!

The food and pastries looked incredible. They had home made bread on the wall that looked too perfect to eat. The pastries were enormous and were beautiful.

This little piece of heaven was called Old German Bakery and Restaurant. I got a jalapeno sausage kolache that weighed like 7 pounds. Was delicious and by the time we got home I had finished it. I even offered to drive so that Lynn could doctor up her coffee and munch on her prized purchases.

We said “see you soon” to the family in the parking lot and missed them immediately. Lynn told me to “blow in her eyes” so that she wouldn’t cry. It’s always so good to spend time with family and I’m lucky that I get to share and create memories with such amazing people.

We will see Erik in 3 weeks as we get to crash at his place for the Chevron Houston Marathon. Please cross your fingers AND toes that I’m good to go by then…. or by tomorrow. HA! I’m not excited or anything…

Once home and unpacked, I had a few errands to run that couldn’t include my amazing fiance. We are doing OUR Christmas on New years and I had a couple of things to do. She took the opportunity to wrap my presents and we have quite the pile going. Will be a lot of fun to unwrap and make her smile in a few days! She got cute too, as she cut out hearts to signify which presents were mine.

One of the stops I made was a quick run in target. While there, I wanted to get some more anti-inflammatory medicine and some Ben Gay to grease up my ankle and calf. Everyone else must be suffering (or hungover) as the pain medicine aisle was pretty wiped out! They better get it stocked up before people need after celebrating New Years Eve! Just sayin’. You’re welcome Target.

We didn’t have much food and not sure what we are doing the next few days so decided we will grocery shop on Tuesday. As a result, I stopped by Jason’s Deli and got two salad bars to go. I take every advantage of the space in those to-go containers. I’m not ashamed.

The pictures don’t do it justice. This thing weighed like ten pounds. Lynn got one a little different and it will make for atleast two meals for each of us. Thanks Jason’s Deli, you saved the day!

I got a balsamic dressing and an Italian dressing and was VERY upset when I clumingly (is that a word?) dropped the Italian all over the floor when I got home. Smelled delicious. I never claimed to be coordinated. Quite the opposite in fact.

After dinner I was craving a cup of coffee. I put some Glutamine in it (amino acid that assists in muscle everything) as I figured it couldn’t hurt. Emmy of course had to be right on my lap! (The mug that we love and the glutamine are both in MY GEAR if you want to be twins)

In the mail today I got the autographed bookplate from Shalane Flanagan’s new cook book – Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow. THAT was super exciting and I’ll be receiving some cookbooks to do a giveaway with in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

We also put the flannel collars on the pups with the new gold name tags we got them. They just look like the classiest little Dachshunds around now 🙂

The pups were super tired and passed out in what Lynn called a Doxie bunk-bed! Lynn also played with Emmy when we got home and she was just the happiest little pup! I just love them so much!

Elizabeth, in case you were wondering… the few cookies we had left were legit. Was one of the first things I did after unpacking!

Mom Papke also posted a cute picture of all of us at the Christmas Lights in Fredericksburg last night. We miss them already!

Happy Early New Years Eve everyone! I hope your last few days of 2018 are the best yet!

– What was your favorite picture or memory of 2018?
– Still want advice on anything Achilles tendentious (assuming that is what I have. Web MD claims to think I’m right. LOL)
– What is your favorite type of pastry?

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home + German Bakery + OUR Eve of Christmas Eve + Shalane Flanagan Autograph

  1. Lynn Papke

    2018 has been one of the best years of my life! I met you, beautiful girl! So many pictures, so many memories, it’d be impossible to post all my favs here! ❤️❤️❤️

    I hope your foot, heel, ankle (all of the above) start to feel better, my sweet girl! I know it hasn’t been easy but I hope we can figure it out soon! I know you’re missing the roads!

    Fav pastry is most def the chocolate puff I had this morning from the Old German Bakery & Restaurant! There were huge chocolate chips inside and it was beyond anything I’ve ever had! …besides all of your delicious cookies of course lol


  2. Okay that bakery looks next level YUMMMM!!!!
    – Favorite memory of 2018- oh man this is a hard one! I think I’d have to say it was probably graduating from my nursing residency program & celebrating with the fam in wine country!!
    – From the sounds of it, definitely sounds achilles related, but I honestly do not know much about it 😦 But if it is inflammatory than ice should help. <— that's some real pathetic nursing advice right there, hah. I really do hope it feels better soon. Keep us posted!
    – Favorite type of pastry- depends on the mood, and I will literally eat any pastry- but I LOVE a croissant with coffee.

    Happy Friday to youuu!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congrats on graduating and I know you will make a fantastic nurse! And no better way to celebrate than with family and wine!

      I got a boot on today, but no broken bones etc. I sit need the support as I’m on my feet all day so it’s not getting better. Hoping a week or so in this gets me to the start line of the Houston Marathon on 1.20.19 🙂

      Thanks for you thought on ice!!!!
      Have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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