New Year’s Eve + Christmas Presents + Barons Creek Vineyard + Fredericksburg Texas +Lots of Pictures

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** This post will be full of amazing photos. Read and scroll through at your own risk. Warning – Warning – Warning – Warning **
Kidding – Please read and Happiest of New Years!!

Yesterday morning I woke up and had a big surprise up my sleeve for my amazing Lynn. Several months ago (right after we booked our wedding venue) I reserved a suite on the Vineyard in one of the villas for New Years Eve. I had a lot of scheming that had to take place yesterday to not blow my cover!

I finished my mountain of Jason’s Deli salad pretty early yesterday… as in like 10am. I wanted to be full as I knew that it would be later in the day before we ate again, and we’d be sharing wine at the venue. I was glad that Lynn didn’t suspect anything eating heavy so early. I was even happier when the salad smelled good to her so she busted out her leftovers and turned on trash TV.

I told her I had a few last minute Christmas things to do in the bedroom and that she wasn’t allowed in the bathroom or the bedroom. I wanted her to think I was wrapping something or maybe setting up a surprise, but what I was REALLY doing was packing for our over night trip! I really thought she had caught on, especially when I made a few trips outside to load the car, but she told me she never even suspected I was in their packing or that we wouldn’t be home for New Year’s Eve! Success.

There were so many times my big mouth almost spilled the beans. When we were in Fredericksburg the day before with her family I almost said something a few times… ESPECIALLY when we went TO the venue to show them how beautiful it was! I’m not a good liar, so if I would’ve said anything suspect, I wouldn’t have been able to cover it up. For once my mouth didn’t get me in trouble. HA

I don’t know how we got lucky with the weather, but it was perfect out (well, perfect with a jacket on) until the sun went down. So, my plan was to pull into the Vineyard and explain that I know we were just there, but I’d like to have a glass of wine and talk wedding. She guessed we were doing something in Fredericksburg on the drive there, but assumed maybe dinner or window shopping before heading back home.

I had ordered Lynn a pair of Tacori earrings as A.) She likes name brands. Did I mention she likes name brands? She likes name brands. B.) Her engagement ring is Tacori and I wanted to be able to give her another piece of Tacori jewelry and use that to segway into the fact that we would actually be staying on property for the entire night.

It worked out perfectly. After we got a bottle of wine and sat outside at the fire pit I noticed she was cold. I offered to get her jacket out of the car so that I could also grab the blanket and her Tacori earrings. As I was walking back I told her that I had one of her Christmas presents to open (we decided to open all of our presents on New Year’s Day to have something to look forward to after such a great week with family).

It was so cute to see her get excited. I had written a note on the inside saying that the next time I gave her a piece of jewelry it would be on our wedding day at that very place. I said how neat it would be to stay the night and that I reserved a suite months ago 🙂 Catching her surprise was super cute and she loved the earrings. It warmed my heart seeing her so excited!

After we finished our wine I went to the car to get our suitcase and a bag of snacks I packed. You know, healthy stuff like Doritos, Wheat Thins, Chocolate and more wine.

The suite was beautiful and we had a full view of the vineyard and area where we will get married. It was perfectly designed and we loved every moment. Lynn and I had to spend 15 minutes taking pictures and videos for the blog and social media, naturally. (@roadrunnerchic1)

At this juncture, it was around 5:30pm and we wanted to explore Fredericksburg a bit. I was worried that most things were closed and I couldn’t find a restaurant earlier in the day that was open so I was crossing fingers we’d find a place to eat. A place besides 7-11 or McDonalds.

Dad Papke also send me some information about New Year’s Eve festivities that were going on so I wanted to check that out as well. The sky was beautiful and we walked into some really cute shops that were open.

We even walked into and out of a candy store without buying 17 pounds of candy! Applause is much appreciated. Walking out empty handed didn’t stop me from taking pictures of and with the candy.

I also got a cute picture of Lynn staring at a Christmas tree made of wine bottles!

We got lucky and found a restaurant open and the wait was only about 30 minutes. The restaurant was adorable and in the basement of a stone building from the 1800’s and next to an old hospital. The restaurant was called Rathskeller and served German and American food. I got a salad with chicken and Lynn got a Filet Minon wrapped with bacon. The best for the best! We shared a glass of wine and some sweet potato fries and we both left very very satisfied!

After our delicious meal, we walked around a bit longer and then headed to the area they had the Christmas lights and the ball drop for midnight. Was absolutely beautiful and very holiday like. We loved it!

We decided to head back to the vineyard and enjoy our time there and I believe it was about 8 or 8:30pm. We really really wanted to sit outside and talk and enjoy the venue around a fire pit! It took me awhile to get it going (like a gallon of lighter fluid) but once I got it going it was magic! It was so warm and cozy and we literally had the place to ourselves until about midnight!

While we were out and about I got us some matching shirts that said “You had me at Merlot” so we could wear them drinking merlot and around the fire. Aren’t they cute? The store Camp Hayden was one of our favorites and had all sorts of cute things.

We were also the cool kids on the block and didn’t wear jackets outside, but sported our Barons Creek Vineyard robes over our merlot shirts. Isn’t my fiance the most beautiful person in the world? She has that pouty face down pat. Just sayin’

We enjoyed our time and talked to a few friends and family before midnight. I also talked to my Dad in Colorado for a bit as my Grandpa (his Dad) passed away yesterday morning. It was hard to hear Dad so upset and to realize that another chapter of life was closed when he went to heaven to be with Grandma. I have so many memories of them as a kid, especially around the holidays. Grandma and grandpa were some of the kindest and hard working people I’ve ever met. I’m glad they are together again and I have another guardian angel watching over me.

The night was amazing and I’m so lucky I get to share the rest of my life with the person I’ve always dreamed I’d find.

We woke up this morning around 9 and had to be out by 11 but we wanted to enjoy the room and milk it as much as possible. We were hungry and so we had a very nutritious breakfast of leftover wheat thins, doritos and cheese. We paired with coffee and Dr Pepper. Don’t be jealous.

After we sadly packed our stuff and left, we decided we would hit up the Old German Bakery and restaurant so we drove back to main street. Well, it was closed. So, we went to Clear River and got some pastries and breakfast for tomorrows as well and a hot chocolate and chai latte for the road. We walked around a bit more, went back to Camp Hayden (Lynn got me a really cute vest… she’s the sweetest) and hit up a chocolate store. Amaretto filled chocolate anyone? Candy Cane truffle? If I must! We also went into a French Style shop that was incredible and was huge. It was called Farm Haus and I wanted everything in there. Or, just to live there.

We got home mid afternoon, unpacked and turned on Christmas with the Kranks to play in the background as we finally opened Christmas presents. We were SO excited to see the pups and they were so happy they could barely stand it. Our friend Joel checked on them for us and I’m grateful he was able to help as it wouldn’t have been possible had he not helped us out. THANKS JOEL!

Within 7 minutes, the girls were pretty bored with our Christmas enthusiasm.

It was so fun to spoil my girl and see her get excited each time she opened a package. I got her a bunch of stuff for her camera, LL Bean and J Crew clothing, a Michael Kors wallet, Toms shoes (got me a matching pair) and a bunch of other stuff. She loved everything so I was very excited.

Lynn spoiled me as well! I got three pairs of amazing shoes including… DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. Wait. I don’t think you’re ready for this. Okay, I got a pair of the Brooks Ugly Christmas Sweater Levitate 2s!!! I’ve been drooling over them since they came out in November. They are hard to find and sold out in most places and I’m so excited to wear them. This ankle/heel issue needs to resolve itself. Stat! The shoes have jingle bells on them and even glitter in the soles. I hugged them I was so excited!

She also got me some candy sushi and a candy jar that keeps on giving for 52 weeks. I get a free refill every week! Um, is this real life?

Lynn also got creative on doing some funny things like getting our faces on pillows (I told her she could hold mine up during races instead of posters or signs) and some air fresheners with funny faces on them. There are even pics of the pups and Lynn tried to mimic one when I held hers up to her face. LOL

My car will always smell good now and lord knows I need all the help I can get. Cough cough.

I want to describe more about a few of the items below but will put that in tomorrow’s post as this one is long enough already 🙂 Just remember – Heating pad with a face on it. Don’t forget.

I also got a very sweet and sentimental photo book that Lynn designed and took a lot of time picking out the pictures, etc. It’s a book of our memories and looking at it together made us laugh and made my heart swell. I have so many amazing memories with my wonderful fiance and it truly has been the best year and a half of my life. I couldn’t be more happy or feel more loved than I do with Lynn.

Finally, I have to share with you the hilarious wrapping job Lynn did on one (actually on most but this was the funniest) of my gifts. Geez babe, I wonder what it is. I just can’t put my finger on it. (Insert TONS of sarcasm here).

I could go on and on and on and on, but I’ve been working on this post for 2.5 hours now (It’s a long one I know… plus the pictures kept disappearing causing me extra work).

I want to wish everyone the happiest of New Years! I hope all your goals, hopes and dreams come true and are reached in 2019. It’s 364 days and 364 new opportunities to start fresh and aim for whatever it is in life you are reaching for. I hope you and yours had a magical holiday season.

I’ll see you at the start line… SOON!

Happy New Year!

*** I apologize now for any typos and for the millions of large pictures. I plan on hearing lots of “OOOOOPPPSSS” when the fiance gets her hands on this post.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve + Christmas Presents + Barons Creek Vineyard + Fredericksburg Texas +Lots of Pictures

  1. Oooo that salad looks amazing! I love the idea of putting cheezits in the salad- I like putting Pita chips in mine sometimes, but I think those would add a nice cheesy flavor to it! You really did pull off the surprise without a hitch!! How awesome. Those earrings are stun-ning!!! Everything about the Vineyard is just perfection. Woah woah woah- Kudos to you walking out of a candy store empty handed- I could never. I admire your will power, haha. Okay, my next year goal is gonna have to be to make a wine tree just like that. How pretty!!

    Ahhh I love your wine shirts!!! You two are so darn adorable.

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa ❤ Big hugs to you and your family. Can’t wait to hear about the heating pads, lol. Happy New Year to youuu!


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