Back to the real world + Top 100 Running blogs for 2019 + Sweetest Fiance Ever + Hard Decision

Why did we all have to grow up and become adults? This was the question I was asking myself as my alarm went off for the third time this morning… for the first time in about 10 days. Back to the real world aka work! It’s going to be a great few months at work though as I have a great team and lots of goals for this part of my life as well as all the running goals I have!

I hope everyone enjoyed every minute of their New Year’s Day and that you feel hopeful, empowered and excited for 2019!

I saw the above tonight and laughed out loud. Lynn goes back to work Monday and this will be her over the weekend. Poor girl!

Speaking of this weekend, I have officially made a difficult decision, but probably one of the smartest in regards to my running. As you know, I’m contemplating amputation on my right leg as my ankle has been bothering me. I also have a half marathon scheduled for this weekend and I’m BEYOND upset that I lost a few weeks of training over break and lost out on any progression from not being able to run.

Difficult decision? I’ve decided NOT to run as I’m praying that I’ll be well enough to run the Houston Marathon in 2.5 weeks, and running this weekend would pretty much guarantee that wouldn’t happen. Plus, what’s the point in hobbling through a half marathon to just say I did it and to injure myself further. As my very wise fiance said, “think big picture!”

That being said, I’m content with my decision. For now. Kind of. Okay I’m really upset. When I say upset, it’s more geared towards not knowing when I can run again. I know this isn’t long term, but I was doing so well and want to keep that momentum going. It’ll all work out though, maybe this is my cue to slow my roll a bit! Said no runner ever. LOL

I am really excited to volunteer, however, at this Saturday’s River Road Run. I’m the senior ambassador for Scallywompus events and am already loving this group of folks. It will be fun to congratulate all the other incredible runners who are out there that morning and to celebrate and connect with everyone that night at Roadmap Brewing with a cold beer. If anyone else is available that morning to help, please sign up

I forgot to show you a beautiful picture of the stars on New Year’s Eve that my beautiful girl took 🙂 I miss that place so much already!

I also wanted to show you a few funny boomerangs that we took in the room ballin’ in our robes. (Couldn’t get them to post though) Did I mention I miss that place? Barons Creek Vineyard’s is an incredible venue!

I am very proud of myself as I made 5 appointments today. No time like the present, ya know?! Plus, remember when I used to be a runner 9 days 12 hours 6 minutes and 45 seconds ago? Yeah, me too. I made a chiropractor appointment as well as an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. My eyes will be happy getting checked as well as an annual physical and a few other appointments. Applause appreciated!

Really really hoping they tell me it’s just inflamed and to stay off it for a bit. You know, REST! Peace of mind will be nice and knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, I want to wear these!

Something I DID wear… or have on my foot tonight was one of Lynn’s oh so funny Christmas gifts. Remember yesterday when i told you to remember heating pad with a face on it? Well, she got me a heating pad with her face on it. It also smells like potpourri on steroids. I popped it in the microwave for a few and it was too hot to put on my foot. So, Lynn of course said she was too hot to handle. BUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. It was pretty comforting though once I was able to utilize. She thinks she’s soooo funny. I also saved you from seeing my non manicured toes. You are SO welcome!

Going back to this morning, I was sad to leave Lynn at home and head to work as we had a great 10 days together during break. She told me to “blow in my eyes” as she got a little emotional. I love this girl more than anything!

I also had the sweetest notes (and I think there are more) around the house as I was settling in after coming home for the night. The one that looks like a 2 year old wrote it was the note from the pups. LOL! Did I mention I love this girl?! I am leaving the one about the ankle up for awhile as every time I open my closet and see the running shoes I can’t put on, I’ll see her note and smile knowing this is just a few more days of rest. I’ll come back even more determined in the next few weeks!

We hadn’t been to the grocery store yet and I knew I had zero food to eat except for carrots and grapes. So, I stopped at Potbelly and got a Mediterranean salad and added those grapes and carrots. With my special dressing and seasonings it was SO good. I inhaled it and am now looking forward to the little bit of ice cream I have left in the freezer.

I also got an email today that I was featured in the top 100 running blogs, websites and networks to read for 2019. That was pretty cool as I’ve only been at this for 6 weeks and I love it! I’m so glad to have an outlet I can TALK about running… especially in these moments when I physically can’t. Thanks to my fiance for keeping my spirits up and to all of you for reading about my crazy. Lynn posted about it on social media and I’m so lucky to have such an incredible cheerleader in my corner.

Lynn staged a photo shoot and edited several of the amazing photos that were taken when she proposed. (I proposed the weekend before). Here are a few from last April, and I’ll share some more tomorrow with more I’d like to brag on my girl about! She is going to be a great photographer and I can’t wait to see how far she goes. #proudfiance

– What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
– What is the silliest gift you’ve ever been given?
– Have you ever had a running injury?

4 thoughts on “Back to the real world + Top 100 Running blogs for 2019 + Sweetest Fiance Ever + Hard Decision

      1. Thanks! I’ve got a boot on but nothing broken 🙂 It’s for stability etc so hoping a week or so in this for support will allow it to heal. I’m on my feet all day even without running so I’m not doing it any favors! Have a great weekend!

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