I got da boot + I love the DMV – Said no one ever + Early morning

Why do so many people have to go to the DMV or DPS the same mornings that I always seem to be there? I mean, what in the world can that many people possibly need? 🙂

We got up early to hit up the DPS. I made sure to have everything we’d need to apply for a Texas license as we just moved from Virginia late last year. However, Texas makes you register your car first before you can get said license (Virginia didn’t have that rule). So, after waiting for quite some time, we went to the DMV, registered like good law abiding citizens and headed back to the DPS. Man had it gotten busy in the time we were gone. 2.5 hours later though, we were completely Texas legal. HA

Lynn, we are never moving again. I would rather pull my eyelashes out one by one than sit in the DMV half the morning. Just sayin’

By the time we left, I was a raging lunatic who had become insanely hangry. Okay, I wasn’t that bad but the half of a Clif bar I had before we left was definitely not cutting it at that point. I happened to have a snickers in my bag and it was like the commercials about some crazy hungry person turning from lunatic to cuddly and lovable.

I wasn’t really that bad, but Lynn made that comment and it was pretty funny. I DID have my Runners World magazine and was reading up on Garmins, etc… so I was still surviving. Snicker bar for the win though!

I had my ankle appointment at 5pm, and I give them credit as they got me in right on time! After explaining my situation and taking X-Rays I’m happy to report nothing broken and no bone spurs etc… She can’t completely rule out a fracture though as she explained that they sometimes don’t show up until they start healing. She recommended me to an ankle/foot doctor and I should have an appointment in the next week or so.

However, she did want me in a boot as my foot isn’t getting better. It’s gotten worse since going back to work and the Fredericksburg trips as a result of being on it vs relaxing at the Papke home. So, I’m in a super fancy, totally sexy walking boot. I wore one of these 7 or so years ago when I broke my ankle, and it got easier to walk in, but man does it feel super awkward for now!

I’m hoping it’s just still irritated and that’s truly all it is. It hasn’t improved and I can’t walk without limping so hoping the support of the boot relieves my foot and I’m good by 1.20.19…Houston Marathon time!

As I was waiting to hear results of the XRays, Lynn sent me a screen shot almost identical to the one above that I had taken a few hours ago. It was a post from Shalane Flanagan, who is recovering from an injury. It reminded me that everyone goes through this and it does get better! She’s so inspiring and was a reminder that I need to dig deep and use this opportunity for some kick ass cross training!

I was optimistic until the doctor office threw this in my face as I was taking the elevator out of the building. I’m kidding, but it makes me want to run so badly. I promise I will never take it for granted again…. said every runner who has ever been hurt. LOL

It’s going to take me some time to get used to walking on this thing as it is awkward and hurts a bit so I need to adjust the straps etc. Hoping for a miracle in a short amount of time!

I stopped at Potbelly for the 3rd day in a row. Hey, why ruin a good thing! Plus it made me happy having to wear da boot!

I am getting up at 4:30am to go volunteer at the Scallywompus River Road Run that I was supposed to compete in tomorrow. I’m so exhausted and sad not being able to run, but this will be a good opportunity to support Scallywompus, meet members of the group, for Lynn to take pictures, and to see the other side of things and how amazing runners and athletes are!

Have a great weekend! I need to hit the hay as if I fall asleep now, I’ll get exactly 5 hours. Go me!

– What are you up to this weekend?
– Have you ever had to cancel a race?
– Any advice for my sore ankle, heel and back of foot?

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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