Garmin Help + Grocery Shopping + Silent (mostly) Sunday

Well hello again! Finally. Able. To. Sleep. In! Man was it the perfect start to a day where nothing was planned!

When we were finally up and at em’ we were both pretty hungry. I knew we had absolutely nothing to eat as we hadn’t been shopping since the week before Christmas as we new we’d be away and didn’t want anything to go to waste. Lynn absolutely despises grocery shopping, so she literally walked through the kitchen and said “I think I’ll be okay for a few days, but you have nothing to eat.” She was literally okay with pudding and cheese sticks to get out of going shopping.

Mind you, Lynn would’ve been very unhappy coming home tomorrow and having to eat a can of corn with Italian dressing as that was about the gist of what was possible. So, I sucked it up as I knew that I would go crazy without veggies and wheat thins and I head to crazy town – AKA HEB on a Sunday at noon.

I’m in a walking boot so it took me a little long. Plus I can’t drive with my transformer leg on, so I had to remove to drive, put it back on to walk… take it off getting back in the car, etc… Plus I had to stop and get gas so add one more off and on to that and it made for one annoying trip… but super glad to have groceries!

It was super packed, but we are both doing the healthy thing so I loaded up on 95% healthy and a few guilty pleasures. Lots of veggies, fresh fish, fruits, greens, etc… I’m excited to cook a few meals this week. Plus, with how much I spent on Christmas and eating out the past 5 days.. having groceries will prevent my picking up food on the way home. I have a NOLA trip and a wedding to pay for after all!

I cut up much of the fruit when I got home, and had to reach up into a cabinet to grab a big enough dish for it all. Climbing a step stool in a boot is totally safe, right?!

After I filled the cart with what was above plus another ton of stuff, I headed home and Lynn helped me carry everything upstairs and put it all away. Emmy was chilling on the couch and looked super exhausted from us bringing everything upstairs.

So, I have been really really wanting a Garmin for running. I’m asking everyone to comment at the very bottom and tell me what they use and/or recommend. I like the Forerunner 645 with music that way I wouldn’t have to carry my phone. during training runs, etc… Plus, I really want to dive deeper into my running stats, etc. I’ll pull the plug and get me one once I can run again so need advice on what the best out there is!

I blogged this afternoon and wanted to finish up today seperately, but I am currently enjoying a fabulous Salad de Tosh (salad by me, cough) full of arugula, pomegranate seeds, celery, tomatoes, carrots, onion, radishes and tuna. I would’ve added cucumber and beets but it was already pretty massive. Salad is life. YUM!

That’s about all I have today! However, before I let you go let’s all wish Lynn luck and more luck for her first day back to school after the Christmas break. We have a lot to look forward to so I’ll keep reminding her of that! May the force be with you, babe!

Have a great week everyone!

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