Scallywompus Race + UVA Club of San Antonio + Roadmap Brewery with Friends + Da Boot + Grandpa is in heaven

My apologies as I was gone from 5am to 11pm yesterday and was so exhausted I didn’t blog. Wa wa waaaaaa. So, there will be TWO posts today and this one belongs to a great Saturday.

I did feel really guilty and awful and like a bad person for most of the day as I wasn’t able to make it to Colorado for my Grandpa’s funeral. My stepmother posted pictures of the funeral and family and I was heartbroken that I wasn’t there or able to see my family. When I saw the picture of my Dad carrying the casket I cried as my heart went out to him. I can’t imagine loosing a parent and it made me sad that I didn’t know them better (we moved when I was in high school and I haven’t been back).

With both my grandparents on my Dad’s side in heaven now, it closed a chapter of life. I have a lot of memories with them when I was younger… from camping and horseback riding to ice fishing and Christmas Eve’s! They were both incredible people and gave a lot of themselves to make sure their kids and grand kids understood work ethic, responsibility and integrity. I’m glad they have reunited up above and that they are in a better place!

I was very upset that I couldn’t run yesterday and Lynn got a picture of me at the Scallywompus River Run yesterday morning pouting. Our alarms went off at 4:20am as I was volunteering as their senior ambassador and Lynn was going to take some pictures. I literally cried when the half marathon started (even though I got some good pictures and Boomerangs, etc for Instagram).

I wanted to be out there running so badly and I was so upset being in a boot having lost two weeks of training already and with the Houston Marathon in two weeks being up in the air. I do have to say that walking with support yesterday made all the difference in my ankle today. Hoping that a week in this will be all I need and I’ll put it right back on if needed after the full to ensure it is good to go.

I’m still pretty upset that even if I am able to run, that I will have lost a month of training… just when I was starting to see results. When running gets tough in the future, I’ll remind myself of this tough time when I couldn’t and to tell myself not to take the ability to put one foot in front of the other for granted!

I still picked up my packet as I wanted the shirt, and we got to work filling about a few dozen containers of water to mix with Gatorade, etc for the course. We helping set up the finish line area and hung banners. It was so stinking cold that I had a hard time pulling the zip ties tight securing the banners to the barriers.

Scallywompus does an amazing job with all of their races and I suggest you sign up for the next race or the spring and/or fall series. Use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 for a 15% discount on any race or series. That’s pretty sweet on a race that is already an amazing price. Also, follow me on instagram –

It was so so cold that it was nice that the runners could hang out inside Anytime Fitness in Canyon Lake! Everyone there was so welcoming of all the runners as well!

They had an amazing DJ, an awesome table full of fresh fruit, and a few stations serving some alcoholic beverages if you wanted. Besides the normal beer, they also had Enchanted rock Raspberry Lemonade and Texas Ranger Whiskey with Simply Lemonade. Another table had Bloody Mary’s extra. Bart and Tony sure know how to do things right… come for the race, stay for the party!

Lynn, AKA LC Photography got some really good pictures of the race and runners. Keep an eye out on Scallywompus’s Facebook in the next few days as you will probably see your face 🙂 Here are a few cool ones she captured!

Our friend Dan placed 4th in his age group (10k) and he cheesed it up for the camera. He’s super cool in his red sunglasses 🙂

I also caught Dan and Jana before the race for a quick selfie in the 40 degree weather!

I mingled all morning, talking about running and all things Scallywompus. We met some really cool people like Troy and his friend, while my fiance was hopping around taking pictures. I loved talking about running, why my foot was in a boot, and about the amazing race.

Remember, more picture to come via this blog, my instagram and Scallywompus facebook!

At the race, we met a super cool guy named Matt as Lynn noticed he was wearing a Cavaliers sweatshirt (Go ‘Hoos!). We stopped and chatted with him for a few minutes and man is it a small world! We were missing all things Virginia so when he said there was a basketball watching game at the Pig Pen with the UVA Club of San Antonio we were definitely in! Was so nice of him to tell us about it and we have been missing our Basketball games.

So, we drove the 50 minutes home and I literally fell asleep in the car. Lynn was also exhausted, so we decided we’d take a 30 minute nap and then wake up and head back out. Well, I set my alarm for AM instead of PM so I was glad that Lynn set hers just in case! We got up, changed into UVA gear of course, and hit the road once again!

We got to the Pig Pen Bar about 30 minutes after the game started, but we found a seat right away as they had reserved some tables. We saw Matt right away and he introduced us to his awesome wife Lydia and they came and sat with us for the majority of the game. They are two really cool people and it was nice to talk all things UVA, Virginia, East Coast etc… Plus, we won the game! We will definitely be going to the next watch party!

While there, we had some really amazing brisket nachos and told ourselves we’d be back to try more items! So. Much. Fun! Thanks Matt!

After the Pig Pen, we had yet one more item on our agenda.. that actually turned into one more after! We were meeting our Red China NOLA RNR Half Marathon friends at Roadmap Brewing along with anyone from the race that wanted to come mingle and celebrate. Being that it was over an hour from the race, I wasn’t sure how many would show but we had a decent turn out 🙂

I got a picture with the majority of us going to NOLA! We were trying to figure out traveling and hotel logistics! I’m super excited and thing the group of us will have a ton of fun! Whiteny, Liane, Dan, Sylvia, Andrea and Jana will be some awesome travel buddies! Our other friend Lilvia and one other person I believe will be in tow as well. Will be so much fun! One of these days I’ll figure out how to take selfies! Lynn is holding up a picture of the house in NOLA that we may select as an Air BNB.. or however you abbreviate that. LOL

Once we finished up at Roadmap Brewing (can’t wait to go back) we all decided we were hungry. We ended up .2 miles away at Guillermo’s.

We were a little confused if it was a Mexican or Italian restaurant so we decided it was ItaliMex. I got a Tuna de gallo salad (like I said) and Lynn got ceviche. As beautiful as they both were, it was a bit pricey and the ceviche needed a ton of salt and lime juice. It filled the whole, but I wouldn’t make it a point to go back. I did enjoy my salad though but it was a bit all over the board. From pineapples to craisins.. mixed with pico de gallo and almonds for example. That was only half of the ingredients.

Once home, we were in bed within minutes. We had a good talk reminiscing on the day and looked forward to sleeping in. I appreciate Lynn for supporting my running and I like that she can utilize her talent as she tries to gain the following she deserves at my events. We are an amazing team.

– What have you been up to this weekend?
– I love salad. Like love love. I need your recipes, what is your favorite?
– What is the most memorable race your ran or volunteered at and what made it special?

One thought on “Scallywompus Race + UVA Club of San Antonio + Roadmap Brewery with Friends + Da Boot + Grandpa is in heaven

  1. Y’all seriously have the MOST fun. Glad to see that boot didn’t stop you from having a great time at the race too (and glad you still made sure to get the tshirt, I would have done the same, haha). Also “Italimex” sounds like a dream- two of the best cuisines combined?! YES please!


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