First Chiropractor Ever + Adventures of Da Boot + Motivation Monday

It wouldn’t be Monday if I didn’t post a picture of how I look first thing on Monday morning. I think Lynn has actually used the word “troll” before.

It was also her first morning going back to school since before Christmas break, so she was totally loving life this morning, yes sirree 🙂 I figured I’d post something for her as well, lovingly referencing Bird Box in which we watched over Christmas Break.

The day started out at a chiropractor. My first appointment EVER! It wasn’t at all what I expected. I guess in my head I figured I’d go in, get called back and they’d crack a few bones. Not the case at all. I booked the appointment for two reason. 1.) I figured with all the mileage I run weekly (or did, lol) and with the fact that I’m on my feet all day for a living and have done that for almost 20 years… an alignment would do me good. 2.) I was praying to sweet baby Jesus that they could do something to help the old ankle.

So, once I got called back they did 20 questions and then I met with the Dr. She was great and did probably 20 or 30 different test to see my range of motion, flexibility, pain level, etc… She then took X-rays.

Like I said, I was thinking I’d get a quick crack to the back and I’d be out, but once she was done with the X-Rays she said I’d book a follow up to see the results and get a plan together. Apparently, the team meets daily to look at new patient X-Rays and the Doctors put together a specialized treatment plan to correct any issues each patient has.

The Doctor did mention that my right shoulder is a bit lower than my left, and my posture is a bit off. She also mentioned that my feet don’t flex out enough which is common from runners pounding the ground so much as that sometimes your feet just get jammed up. So, when I go back they will work on these things plus any X-Ray findings over a few visits.

Today they did do an ultrasound on my ankle to help break up the inflammation , and a Muscle step on my shoulders to break up a bit of the tense going on. So, my motivation Monday started here today as it gave me hope (along with my foot feeling a bit rested in the boot) that I’ll be able to get through the Marathon. Right before I end up back in it I’m sure 🙂

Once I got to work I had a lot of steps to hobble up and down, so I decided to just slide down the railing instead…

I’m kidding of course, but da boot is kind of annoying although I’m starting to whip around in it pretty good. It has felt better today than it has in two weeks so I’m really hoping with more rest…aka da boot… and a follow up with the chiropractor I’ll be okay to get out of the boot for the Houston Marathon in 12 days, 9 hours, 8 minutes and 50 seconds. Yes, I really have that on a countdown.

Speaking of, Chevron Houston posted today about the race in a few weeks and I of course screen shot it and added my two cents! Can you guess which comments were mine? Tee hee

As I hobbled to my car, I caught a beautiful sunset. Even in that darn boot I walked 4 miles around work today!

As I was getting ready to leave (before I hobbled to my car), I figured it would be pretty funny to show da boot my desk as everything shut down so I could pack up for the day! I took my anchor water bottle to work today and it made me think of my sweet girl several times throughout this glorious Monday!

I loved the sock that I wore inside my boot today 🙂

Lynn had already made her dinner by the time I got home around 6:30 as I wanted to finish a few things. I made a delicious arugula salad and topped with tuna. So. Stinkin’. Good! So many toppings, and then I mixed it all up. Arugula is my absolute favorite salad base. Love it!

I then indulged with skittles and a piece of candy filled with Amaretto we got from Fredericksburg on New Years Day.

Well, Bella is tired and it’s time to shed my purple for the day!

See you at the start line!

– Have you been to a chiropractor before?
– Still waiting on salad recipes that I have to try from all of you amazing folks!
– What was the best part of your Monday?
– What motivated you today in any way shape or form?!

3 thoughts on “First Chiropractor Ever + Adventures of Da Boot + Motivation Monday

  1. I absolutely love my chiropractor and, so long as I’m running, schedule a visit with him once per month. He helps me stay on track with my form by telling me when I’m leaning too much to one side and takes GREAT care of these old lady hips of mine!

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    1. I go back today and praying they can help with this annoying ankle of mine! I like the idea of scheduling an appointment once a month and think I will do the same! LOL on the “old lady hips”! Have a great day!


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