Hope for Chevron Houston Marathon + Leftovers + Another surprise for Shalane Flanagan Cookbook Giveaway

Whoa! It’s already Wednesday, which means it’s technically Thursday which means it’s actually Friday. So, what is everyone doing this weekend 🙂

I want to say right off the bat how much I appreciate all the support and love today! I announced yesterday that I’d be giving away 3 Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. cookbooks created by Shalane Flanagan. The publisher kindly sent me three copies to giveaway….. so stay tuned for how to win in the next week and a half.

If you are one of the sweet and supporting folks reading this, here is a surprise. One of these cookbooks is actually autographed and I’ll announce how to win that one as well very soon. Please follow me on the blog, and @roadrunnerchic1 for instagram!

Today I felt very productive! However, I realized I made a mistake in yesterday’s post. I mentioned 90 day fiance which we are quite addicted to. However, I didn’t mention a single word about it. I did edit the original post from the blog, but once sent out to the cyber universe….I couldn’t change. So, without further adieu… A few dorky iPhone pictures taken while we watched the latest episode. Anyone else addicted? Any couples you don’t think will make it?! Can’t wait for reunion part 2!!!!!

Two things happened this morning on my early commute to work. The first being after my wonderful fiance left to go to work. I finished getting ready and took out the pups. After I fed them, gave them love and put them in their little play area… I was out the door. Half way to my car I looked down and saw the following!

I can’t wear slippers to work! I mean, I want to… but not really professional! So, I went back inside, put my darn Da Boot on, and hobbled back out the door to my car. It’s amazing the difference i feel already from wearing the boot, but I still feel a bit off after walking without.

The pain isn’t as bad though, but I do feel it still and then off kilter a bit from my transformer leg. Prayers going on every step I take that I can do the Houston Marathon in 9 days 🙂 I got this, I really feel like I’ll be able to toe that start line.

The second awesome thing I saw this morning was the sunrise. I captured it perfectly and the photo is actually unedited. I went into today feeling very peaceful and excited.

I got a lot of love talking about the very near future giveaway of these cookbooks. The only thing cooler than being given Shalane Flanagan recipes to giveaway is Shalane Flanagan LIKING the fact that you are giving them away.

Of course I got the “OOOOPS” text message from the wife. I put to, instead of too. Well, I got a bit excited. Can I get a little supportive love here?! LOL!

When I got home I dressed our sweet and adorable pups up in clothes. Emmy in a cute T that reads “I’m the reason we can’t have nice things” Couldn’t be a more true statement. She lucky she cute 🙂 Bella I put in an anchor dress… isn’t she precious?!?!?! Remember, Emmy pouts when dressed and Bella refuses to make eye contact. Well, for at least 29 seconds.

Bells refuses to step on tile to get her food… can you tell which picture that is? LOL! I swear they are little people!

We had leftover of the lemon pepper tilapia and eggplant tonight. I chopped us both up a delicious fresh salad full of kale, spinach and tons of vegetables. I’m addicted!

I’m thinking of a baked salmon tomorrow… so I need your recipes stat! LOL! Seriously though, I have fresh salmon in the fridge.. what is your favorite way to prepare!

I’m going to try to hit the gym this weekend and do a small jog on the treadmill. I got this. The running Gods are with me, right? In the meantime and after, will be building up core at the gym and incorporating some sit cycle!

I have my follow up tomorrow afternoon with the chiropractor. Hopefully nothing crazy was found on the x-rays and I can do a few sessions of PT. Fingers crossed! I got this. I dreamt about the marathon last night.

See you at the start line!

2 thoughts on “Hope for Chevron Houston Marathon + Leftovers + Another surprise for Shalane Flanagan Cookbook Giveaway

  1. AHHH I started 90 day fiancé, but fell behind. I need to finish. I can feel the drama through these pics! Those pups are rocking the gear ! I am on the edge of my seat to hear how everything is going with the foot & how the xrays turned out. Fingers are fiercely crossed!

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