Friday Favorites + 9 Days + Valentines Day Sugar + Ticket to Ride NYC

It’s Friday! Once again I hope everyone had an amazing evening and day!

Skipping to the end… it is now 10:23 P.M and I’m just eating dinner. My sweet fiance is asleep on the couch so I’m watching a documentary about cross-fit!

Ya’ll, I didn’t wear da boot day. I didn’t notice my ankle 75% of the day. I’m not sure if the crack of the back helped yesterday, but it was a good day. However, when I feel the pinch…it stops me in my tracks hard. However, I’m on the up and up, and I truly truly TRULY think I will be able to toe that start line of the Houston Marathon next weekend…especially after my treatments this week!

Nothing like not running for an entire month, only being trained for a half and still doing the full! Pretty much the marathon story of my life. We will still see though! Fingers crossed

Also, If you are reading… I will be doing a giveaway this weekend for Shalane Flanagan’s cookbook Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. so stay tuned!

Work was super super SUPER productive today and I’m so excited to see the progress of what is possible with my team. When I left, I went to Target to pick up some Ben & Jerry’s (which we will nibble at over the weekend), wine and a few sweet surprise gifts for my amazing wife.

Games have always been so much fun for Lynn’s family. I grew up playing board games as well and I’ve always loved that we all play games during the holidays. Lynn’s family has a few different versions of Ticket to Ride and when I saw the Ticket to Ride New York at Target, the $30.00 price tag was worth it.

A.) It is an average of 20 minute game play so will get real strategic very quick. We may even throw our cards at each other. LOL

B.) I have wanted to go to New York my entire life. The first time was when I saw Home Alone (don’t judge me). Plus, Christmas time make my world go round. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I still owe all of you a heart felt Christmas post 🙂

So, someday I’d love to see Central Park, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Macy’s day Christmas Parade, etc… I want to experience each and every single piece of Christmas in New York. Next Year! PS… I want to crush the marathon course there someday as well.

While I was in Target, I walked past the wine aisle (duh) plus the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Section (no brainier). I also stumbled upon a 1 lb gummy bear (my favorite flavor) and a few kits to make my favorite drink….a Moscow mule!

I really liked all these cool Valentine’s Day gifts… but the aisles were so flooded with chocolate and sugar it was hard to choose which way to go!

So, coffee tomorrow will happen hopefully on a patio somewhere or in the convenience of our beautiful apartment in our new coffee mugs!

Once I got home from Target, my girl and I had dinner. She had the leftover salmon and broccoli. As mentioned above, I had a salad with tuna later through the night.

PS – Did you notice the Barons Creek Vineyards wine glass in the picture?!

So, we really need to get on wedding planning! GIRLS?!?!? Let me know the following?!?!?

Questions –
– How far out from your wedding day did you start trying on dresses?
– How much was you total wedding budget?
– What type of food service do you believe is best perceived? Family? Buffet or Individual?

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + 9 Days + Valentines Day Sugar + Ticket to Ride NYC

  1. Uh oh you opened a can of worms- I could talk weddings alllll day!!!!
    How far out from your wedding day did you start trying on dresses? We only had about 9 months from engagement to wedding, and I started trying them on about 7-8 months out (ordered the dress at probably 7 months, tailored at the 2-3 month mark, and one more try on a few weeks before the big day!)
    – How much was you total wedding budget? I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was in the 18-20ishk range.
    – What type of food service do you believe is best perceived? Family? Buffet or Individual? I think it totally depends on the type of wedding! Ours was in a renovated barn, so buffet worked best for the mood (we did outside barbecue and everyone loved it), but I think a nicer venue people prefer to be served. Ultimately, it is whatever you want! Food is food! hehe. Although I have had bad experiences with family style- one time someone at the table thought the dish was his alone and started eating straight out of it, lol.


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