First Shalane Flanagan Cookbook Giveaway + Saturday Shopping + Night Out + Random

What. A. Weekend! What a WONDERFUL weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed every moment of Saturday and Sunday. Can you believe that January is almost over?

Speaking of January… I had a fun memory from 6 years ago today pop up on Facebook…my first marathon! Plus, at that expo for packet pickup was when I met Ryan Hall!

Looking at that picture, man do I look rough. LOL! I was so proud of that, and it was THE WORST weather. Pouring rain, 20 degrees… I remember it being so cold I couldn’t grip my GU to open the packets. From that race I learned to never show up without gloves. The clothes I had on top of my shorts and tank top were purchases after the race as I was so cold.

Who would’ve thought this would be the first of 20 marathons… and this next weekend will be my 5th Houston Full and my 21st Marathon… assuming my ankle can get me through! I haven’t ran in a month, but it feels about 75% better. I have three chiropractor appointments and an ARP session tomorrow… fingers crossed!

My morning started with an amazing cup of coffee in our new Love You – Love You More mugs. I then headed into work for several hours before hitting up HEB. In my slippers. I’ve become quite the fan of UGG slippers. Comfortable AND stylish. Check out how to buy so we can be twins! They will change your life 🙂
UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasin, CHESTNUT – COMFY

Also, had a few requests after Friday’s post about the I love you Mugs. I got them at target, but here is another set that is super cute! Those that drink coffee together, stay together. LOL
Our Name is Mud “Love You More” Stoneware Mug Set, 12 oz.

Grocery shopping. Let’s be honest, it’s a love – hate relationship. I LOVE walking to my fridge and having so many amazing things to eat and snack on. I love even the shopping process. I don’t, however, like waiting in line… going through checkout… unloading into car and dragging up 52 bags to our apartment. However, it’s all worth it.

I got us a ton of healthy goodness. Veggies and fish galore, etc! I also went down a fun aisle heading to the dreaded checkout and saw a few cute things (didn’t buy, be proud)

I saw some shishito peppers and excited to make with an entree this week as it’s something we had in Virginia a few times. Excited! Does anyone have a fun and delicious recipe for them? Please share!!!

I also got us a quick and easy pizza making kit that we can do together this week. Will be a lot of fun 🙂 I would like to make a pizza dough sometime, but I prefer thin crust. If anyone has a favorite recipe or store bought brand… share as well!

After work, groceries and clean up was finished we started getting ready for a night out with our super awesome friend Whitney! We live in an incredible European Style complex and it’s like a little city. Restaurants and things to do are actually attached to where we live. We absolutely LOVE it living here and every time we walk around at night, we promise ourselves we will do it more often!

We started at and had a few martinis and some strawberry serrano pepper/pineapple shots. George’s Keep is like being in a cruise ship while drinking expertly crafted cocktails. We love it and we love our friend!

After George’s Keep we went to for dinner. I had an amazing arugula and pistachio, beet, chicken salad and it was so freaking good! It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it 🙂 We finished the night at around 12:30am which is a record for me lately!

What a great night with incredible company! It’s o great to have amazing friends in your life!

We also discovered we have a fire pit at our apartment complex. Um, can we fire that thing up now? How about now? We LOVE fire pits!

I wore my flannel Toms last night. I got Lynn (and myself) both a pair for Christmas. We love them!
TOMS Women’s Red Felt Plaid Shoes
TOMS Men’s Seasonal Classics Red/Black Plaid Loafer

I’m so so so so so excited to mention the following! As mentioned last week, I was given three Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow cookbooks by Shalane Flanagan. One of the three has an autographed name plate… be excited!

The first giveaway starts today and I’ll announce the winner of the first cookbook this Friday as I head down to the Houston Marathon!

To win the cookbook:
1.) Follow me on Instagram @roadrunnerchic1
2.) Follow me on this blog by entering your email (to follow)
3.) Comment on this post, or on my instagram post about your favorite thing about running, Shalane, the cookbook, etc…
4.) Tag a friend on my instagram – The more you tag the more entries your receive!

I’m so excited to give the first of three cookbooks away as it’s incredible! Anyone receiving this will love! If you can’t wait to win.. you can buy at half price through the link below…
Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.: Quick-Fix Recipes for Hangry Athletes

This morning started with coffee and a healthy breakfast! I crawled out of bed WAY later than normal even though I woke up originally at 7am.

Ya’ll, I am so praying that I can run next Sunday at the Marathon. I’m so disappointed that I’ve lost a month of training when I was at my best, but if I can get through it I’ll be so emotional and grateful as a week ago I didn’t think it was possible with my ankle. I think it’s possible at this point, and I will NEVER take a hard workout, running, etc for granted again. I will remind myself of this setback and use this as fuel to perform even better.

Weather is perfect too! Low of 37 and high of 52… sunny! My perfect marathon weather! I’m also super lucky as not only will my amazing fiance be there, but her brother Erik will be there cheering as well.

I have so many goal and such fire under me. I wish I would’ve trained hard a decade ago, but present and future is something I can control and improve. I love running so very much and I will reach my goals!

Don’t forget to enter to win Shalane’s cookbook! I also need some recipes for this week so submit your favorite pre marathon meals!

PS – Sorry for typos 🙂 I’ve heard way too many OOOOOPPPSS from the peanut gallery aka my fiance this week. 🙂

– What is your favorite healthy recipe?
– What were you up to this weekend?
– What keeps you going through a tough race… my weakness is mental. Help!

5 thoughts on “First Shalane Flanagan Cookbook Giveaway + Saturday Shopping + Night Out + Random

  1. Love your enthusiasm Taushah 🙂 The little I know of Texas tells me it’s best to run a marathon this time of year rather than August. Good luck.

    1. I cook real plain stuff but presently have a nice casserole going in the slow cooker.
    2. Easy 5.5 miles with the group on Saturday and 11 miles solo on Sunday.
    3. Usually the fact that my car’s near the finish line so no choice really.


  2. Okay so roasted Shishito peppers with goat cheese are sooo good!!!

    This weekend we went to a mac n’ cheese fest in SF which was a tonn of fun.

    Andd one thing during a race that helps me stay motivated is actually saving songs I love until the race itself (so I won’t let myself listen to them until the day of)… getting to listen to my favorite playlist for the first time in over a month gives me such a rush of adrenaline and helps me go for miles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooo! I love goat cheese so that sounds awesome! Lynn doesn’t love it so much though 😦 I actually made Shishito peppers last night 🙂 Little olive oil, salt, lemon juice….. and honey! Made for sweet and spicy!

      I like the idea of saving songs for a month to get the ol adrenaline going! Cool thing is, I haven’t ran in a month so I hopefully will have all sorts of adrenaline going! Lol

      Mac n cheese fest?! Man, I need to move to SF! Lol!

      Have a great day Mackenzie!!!!!


  3. Ren Johnson

    Pre race I like sweet potato fries the day before. One of my last races we made pulled pork barbacoa burritos and ran one of my best races.
    Staying warm supposed to be high of 29 here in the valley tomorrow.
    What keeps me going in the middle of a race is to refocus and enjoy the moment look st the scenery around and be thankful that have the health to do what I enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

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