Emmy was really exhausted last night. She literally fell asleep falling asleep falling off the couch with her little ears up like an airplane. Love this girl!

Happy Wednesday!

I HOPE that I attend this Saturday’s Chevron Houston Marathon Expo and fall in love all over again with running like I do at every single expo. Every single time. Especially Houston.

I HOPE that I can remember how emotional I was crossing the finish line of my first half Marathon 7 years ago at this very same race and my very first full marathon a year later. Same Finish line. Even more emotion. I know I will, I always do. Especially when I see Lynn cheering me on as I achieve my goals.

I HOPE that I can feel as good as I did 3 years ago when I ran my strongest Houston Marathon. I’m going to dig deep, try to fuel my missed training with memories of the last 7 years when I created a monster crossing that first finish line. 🙂

I HOPE that I can earn this amazing medal. It will be one I’m most grateful for as a week ago I didn’t think this race was possible. I’m still not even sure it is. Hope.

I HOPE that my ankle holds up and that my fall training was enough to toe that start line and carry me to the finish line. Come on ankle. We’ve been through thousands of miles together. Just give me 26.2 and I’ll be kind to you for a few more weeks. Plenty of Chiropractor and maybe some ARP.

HOPE that I can find a way someday soon to do ARP. I fell in love with it and know it has the ability to heal some of the damage I’ve done running with scoliosis and some uneven hips for so long. I know it could surpass my best and make me better. $2500 is much more than I can put into it as of right now, but would be worth every penny. Some day. I’m grateful I got to try it and I am keeping it in my back pocket for the future.

I HOPE that I can make my amazing fiance incredibly proud by making it to the finish line this Sunday. It won’t be my fastest race, but will be one of my most proud. Not being able to run for the first time makes me incredibly grateful that I have this sport. Grateful that the power to be MY best is in MY power. Excited to see how far I can go. Determined to take the very best care of my body and mind to pursue my dreams in the near future. Hello Boston, I’m coming for you too. Hello sub 20 5k I’m knocking on your door as well.

I HOPE that my sweet Lynn and her brother Erik can find me on the course Sunday. How lucky I am to have two awesome people giving up their morning to see me reach another goal. One I’m not even sure I’ll be able to do. One I wanted to do in the best of health. One I know I could run faster if I hadn’t been injured. One I wanted them to be proud of me for. I WILL finish this Sunday, healthy. Mind made up. I got this. Ankle, you listening. I’m the boss.

I HOPE (I know) that some amazing meals will be shared with loved ones or created to fuel one’s body, from the recipes in these books I’m giving away! Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. by Shalane Flanagan. I’m giving away 3 copies, so make sure to follow my blog via email, follow me on Instagram while tagging a friend or 10 (@roadrunnerchic1) and comment below about why you’d like this book. I HOPE to someday be as inspiring to even one person as Shalane is to thousands.

I HOPE tonight’s dinner will be remembered as one of our favorites for awhile. We. Loved. It. Salmon my way, roasted Shishito peppers, marinated mushrooms and salad.

I HOPE that Lynn enjoy’s the leftover meal I put together for her at school tomorrow as she has to work super late tomorrow (However, I agreed to clean the house while she was at school. I’m a sucker for pretty blue eyes)

I HOPE that a week from now I will still feel a bit of soreness that will be a reminder of success and accomplishment.

I HOPE that I remember this month of not being able to run and use it to fuel those hard miles when it feels too hard and I just want to quit.

I KNOW that this month of not being able to run was necessary. It taught me to slow down, appreciate each mile and listen to my body. I WILL remember this month and I will use it as fuel to make me better. Stronger.

Questions –
-Tell me a HOPE that you have during your next race or workout
– Tell me if you HOPE to win this amazing cookbook
– Tell me something you HOPE to accomplish outside of running this year

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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