Saturday Shopping + Save the Dates + Sunday Plans + Shalane Flanagan Giveaway

Happy Saturday everyone!

The day started way later than expect.
1.) Ran a marathon 6 days ago
2.) The day before the marathon and the day of I only slept about 3 hours each night
3.) Wednesday I was at work till 2am
SOOOoooo… I have been pretty sleep deprived. I woke up at 8am, did the whole social media thing for a bit. Then fell back asleep till 1pm. I haven’t done that since forever. Seriously, but it felt good.

Once I woke up, I ate two whole bagels (Lynn didn’t believe me) but I was hungry. One was plain, one I threw peanut butter on it. Delicious!

I shipped out the three books to the winners of the Shalane Flanagan Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. Cookbooks. Ashley @runbreakable won the autographed copy and I’m so excited to see the recipes and hopefully pics of excitement as they receive.

Funny story as I went to ship. I went to try to buy manila envelopes to put the books in. Forgot my credit card at home. So had to drive all the way back home to get. I also purchased double sided tape on accident, and had to get brown paper to wrap the books in as they didn’t have manila envelopes big enough.

Made it to the post office, wrapped one. Looked behind me and the kiosk was out of order. UUUGHHHHH! Well, off to HEB for this weekends shopping trip and I figured I’d hit a different USPS after. When I hit the second USPS up, I wrapped all the books only to realize the kiosk didn’t offer Media Mail Shipments. So, books are being sent priority mail 2 day. Enjoy everyone 🙂

I was SOOOOO happy to hit up HEB. We didn’t have much in our fridge, and Lynn and I decided on some precooked meals for the week to not only promote healthier eating and better portion control but convenience also!

I tried to find a kit for more of these personal pizzas that were made for today’s lunch. However, they didn’t have. That’s okay, however, I found a ton of fish, veggies, chicken etc to make for the following week. The pizza was a nice treat 🙂

I found POM POMS pomegranate seeds and this is one of my favorite salad toppings. Lynn and I both love them as they give it a nice sweet & sour crunch. Yum!

Along with Kale and Spring mix… I got a bag of my favorite salad base! Arugula. I can eat this stuff plain. I freaking love this stuff!

I also bought some apples as big as my face! I also put some Granny Smith in the basket along with some blood red oranges. I was in heaven and wanted everything!

I also found (among a whole basket full of yummy goodness) a guilty treat… a new flavor of skittles!

Something else I absolutely love is truffle. Truffle Fries, truffle sauce on top of steak, truffle lobster mac n cheese…. TRUFFLE! So, I saw a deal today that if you bought a black truffle alfredo sauce, you got a free bag of pasta. Um, no brainer… DONE!

So, lots of healthy this week (90% not pictured) and some fun treats, I’m excited to cook tomorrow to prepare us for the week.

The best part about tonight was already receiving our Save the Dates!!!! Now, I can’t post a picture of them and ruin the surprise, but we love them and are so excited to send them out. I’ll be doing a whole post about them in the next wee or so, so stay tuned for the reveal. Minted is amazing, and even sent us a free mini calendar… we love it and our save the dates so very much!

So, it truly was a short day! My ankle is a bit sore… from the pain I was feeling all week from the marathon, and then the ART treatment I had yesterday. I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow to work on core and with another ART appointment Monday, my goal is to hit the trails for the first time Tuesday since before Christmas! AHHHHH! I am so excited and can’t wait to run again on a nightly basis. GOALS. I have SO many! Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey!

Now, I’m going to finish a glass of wine and make me a salad. I found some new tuna snack items. I’m so excited to try them all as I’m all about the protein right now! YUM! Anyone see a sweet little black dachshund in the background?

Questions –
-What is your favorite way to add protein to your diet?
– What have you been up to this weekend?
– What is your guilty pleasure as far as dessert or snacks.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping + Save the Dates + Sunday Plans + Shalane Flanagan Giveaway

  1. The photos look great!

    My preferred way to add protein to my diet is multifold. It comes in the form of beans or legumes, a glass of milk (whole or soy), wheat-based breads. That usually take care of my protein needs given that we are just 3% protein.

    I went for a trail run this weekend after a long time! Could only manage 13k in two hours but I’m happy with that 😁 It was my first weekend of training after a while.

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