Sunday Workout + Food for days + Bridesmaids

Where oh where did the weekend go?

The morning started off with pancakes for my sweet fiance (per her request & chocolate chips in the shape of a heart per my request) and scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes and little cheese for me. YUM! I added salsa, shoveled it in and got dressed for the gym!

I haven’t been to the gym in a long time. I think I was a little bitter not being able to run, so if I couldn’t run then I didn’t want to see people who could 🙂 Okay, I’m kidding… sort of. However, I do love going to the gym and I’m going to get better about cross training, strength training and working on a stronger core!

I worked on triceps and abs today. Triceps (and biceps actually) are some of my favorite muscle groups to work. I need to work legs into that more to make them stronger. I love the gym, and as you know I love to run. I’m ready to make even better choices to make my body as strong as it can possibly be and I know that includes more strength training. I’m excited and so ready!

Free weights are what I like to use vs the machines when doing arms. I did 7 different exercises (3 sets of 12 each), and I did 5 different exercises for abs. I really like utilizing this piece of equipment for some of the reps I did today!

After I was done with triceps and abs, I wanted to get my heart rate up. I didn’t feel like cycling, and want to give my ankle another ART treatment tomorrow and a day of rest before running. So, I hopped on a rowing machine, something that brother bear Erik has talked about a lot and showed us at the boat house in the Woodlands when we stayed with him last weekend. (I miss Marathon weekend… so much fun!)

I ended up doing three sets of 500m. I took a picture after my second interval, and texted Erik to ask him if it was good or not. He said I did pretty good, and that I had the resistance all the way up to a 10. I didn’t even realize there was resistance settings! I really like the machine, and I will be doing a lot of of this during cross training when I want to get heart rate up!

I had to stop by the leasing office to update our fobs (the way we enter buildings) and they had some free snacks. I took a bag of these ranch flavored garden veggie straws. They sat on the counter for 5 minutes once I got home before I ate the whole bag. They were pretty good!

Once settled, I decided to dive into cooking for the week. Lynn is tired of lunchables at work for lunch (she’s a teacher and gets like 7 minutes to eat. On a good day) and as a result is starving when she gets home. I work later than she does, and when I run after work I don’t get home until 7 or so which means we eat at different times. Let’s just say that I’m the cook of the house, so if it isn’t already prepared, it won’t get made and eaten. (Love you babe)

I started by cutting up a personal watermelon. It was SO good! I added some salt and lemon to a bit (quality check, you know?!) and put the rest away for some healthy snacking! Lynn wanted me to prepare meals so she can just heat and eat. I didn’t get super creative with a bunch of sides, so some is repetitive, but all of it is delicious.

Something not pictured is the wheat pasta I made with black truffle alfredo sauce. Can’t have fish every meal 🙂

I made two types of tilapia (blackened and lemon pepper) and a marinated salmon (our favorite).

I packaged the meals up so Lynn can pop in her lunch box, or into the microwave when hunger hits her as she gets home. We eat together half of the time, but I eat lunch later in the day, and she barely gets one… so this will help if she is hungry earlier and I’m not quite ready. Plus, it’s healthy foods, can eat half and put away if full, can make a salad to go with, etc… I had eggplant, and other items to make as well, but I got carried away so hopefully she likes broccoli and carrots this week!

I threw salmon and tilapia on top of my mountain of a salad tonight. Was delicious! The containers above are perfect for individual meals. They are very shallow but long so holds the perfect amount AND if leftover can slap a lid back on and save for later. Thank you take out Chinese! (old containers from months and months ago that Chinese food came in. ((Like when we lived in Virginia long time ago)) Amazing for storing meals!)

The girls are exhausted from watching me cook all afternoon. Emmy was missing and I saw her passed out on the floor behind the couch. She looks so small! Bella fell asleep on my lap as I was finally reading my Houston Marathon magazine given out at packet pickup. I finished reading before I fell asleep on Lynn’s shoulder 🙂

We will be finishing up our official Will you Be My Bridesmaid gift this week. I’m excited! I have had three girls who aren’t able to do it when I thought they’d be able to be part of the big day! My BFF is out of town celebrating her 10 year anniversary and it’s been booked before we even got engaged. Another friend who lives overseas will be in Asia for work, etc… However, I’m so grateful for the girls who will be part of our day! I love each and every one of them very much!

Have a great week everyone!

– Do you prefer free weights or machines?
– Do you ever pre-make meals for the week?
– Any fun plans for the week? Exciting workouts?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Workout + Food for days + Bridesmaids

  1. Ah, I feel ya on the running envy. When I taper before a marathon I get jealous of people jogging out on the road, haha. Us runners are such a strange bunch. Anywho, I hope you are closer to healing day by day. Keep us posted!

    Okay….. Truffle. Alfredo. Sauce. That sounds like a dream come true. WHERE do you get this magic?!?! I wonder if Amazon has it. I need to hunt it down ASAP. All your fish dishes do look spectacular! Aw I’m sorry some very important people won’t be at your wedding- I love your positivity despite it though!

    I’m basically free weights all the weigh, because max I can lift is like 10 lbs. 5 lbs if we are talking triceps, lol.

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