Blisters + ART appointment #2 + Monday Motivation

Happy Monday everyone!

Love the above quote!, LOL! Add a shower in there and I was ready to take on Monday and this week! I even took a shower after the gym tonight, so make that two for the day! #winning

I was a little sore from yesterday’s gym workout so I wanted to make sure I had extra protein this morning. After my normal handful bagel and granola handfuls, I snacked on this goodness a few hours later. This actually wasn’t as good as I thought it would be flavor wise. It was almost too tangy (and I like tangy), but I still gobbled it down anyways. The spoon was super convenient as you just unfolded it and it snapped into place ready to scoop some tuna!

After a productive and stressful day, I had my second ART appointment (Active Release Techniques) to work on my other bum ankle now. It was pretty swollen from both the marathon and being worked on Friday. He worked out my legs, more of my ankle and my lower back where some of the nerves meet up.It’s not a pleasant massage, it’s quick and painful 🙂

My ankle is actually creaking so he said it may be the tendon. However, it actually feels a bit better after this second treatment and after a few days of rest and one more on Friday I should be good to go!

I swear, I will NEVER take running for granted again. I will NEVER complain about how hard a workout or run is again. This has been said by every injured runner. Ever.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but the left ankle is much more round and fluffy on top that the right ankle. Excuse the tan lines from my Toms, etc… Girl’s gotta stay in style!

I got home a bit later than I wanted, and since I was already changed I just parked and headed to the gym!

My plan was to do a few on the rowing machine and then some weights. However, I did 5000m with a resistance of 10 and could barely stand up after. So, I did a few bicep curls and called it a night!

I’m actually really excited about the Rowing machine as a form of cross training. I didn’t realize it used so many different muscle groups until my butt felt like it fell off halfway through the workout, my arms were on fire and my legs were a bit jello like! Okay, a lot jello like!

I like all of the above, while it won’t build a ton of muscle… it strengthens all muscles which is awesome especially for those weak ones!

I of course asked Brother Bear E if my result was good for a first time 5000m row and he gave me the thumbs up, especially at a 10 resistance!

Once I was done I already had blisters. One stinking time! Guess it’s time to dig my workout gloves out of the graveyard somewhere in my closet! The blisters looked much worse an hour later and i had to jab a safety pin inside to let the water out of them. TMI, sorry! I have baby hands I guess 🙂

I just love that we get to utilize the gym at the hotel in our apartment complex. I mean, coming from the bottom this is my view up, the little shop to the left that is a We Proudly Serve Starbucks, and then the grand doors that lead to the gym! Pictures don’t do this place justice!

Once I got home and showered, I was super hungry. Lynn finished speaking to her cousin Sarah (who is going to be a Bridesmaid!!!!!), and we finally got to sit and talk about our days and more things wedding! I was starving, so I made my bowl of salad and salmon while we talked and we munched on more watermelon at the same time. Seriously, I’m so excited for lots of watermelon this summer. Add some salt and lemon and it’s heaven in a bowl!

My motivation Monday was getting my official Marathon finisher certificate in my email today. It makes me proud and want to recover yesterday already. I have so many goals I want to achieve, and I have a year to get to that Marathon time I want while hopefully achieving 5k PRs/goals and half marathon PRs/goals along the way.

Oh yeah, I hope I don’t die completing my first 50 miler in May! This ankle needs to cooporate so I can get to that start line as strong as possible. After that race, it’s 5k and half marathon game on! The below is every race I ever run! LOL

Have a great night!

-What is the hardest race you’ve ever ran?
– Advice for this 50 miler as I gear up?
– What is your favorite way to cross train or strength train?

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