Jello Legs + Gym + Best Fruit Ever

Have you ever had a piece of fruit that made your world stop for a moment… a fruit so juicy that you couldn’t shovel it in fast enough?

Well, I had the best piece of grapefruit in the world yesterday. By piece, I meant the whole gosh darn thing! I was in the zone, I only saw Ruby Red. Let me tell you, I didn’t think I even liked grapefruit as I haven’t had a taste since I was a kid. I just remember having them around when my Mom was on a diet and would cut one in half, dump a cup of sugar on it and that was breakfast. LOL! I remembered them as bitter and more bitter.

Well, I was happily proven wrong! Sweet Leah in the office brought me a handful of them when she visited Mexico over the weekend, so I have a few more to devour in the next few days! The oranges she gave me didn’t disappoint either. I had my fill of fruit yesterday, that’s for sure 🙂 Took me 9 years to peel the dang thing, but it was well worth it!

Lynn had a similar Don’t talk to me I’m inhaling fruit moment as well yesterday. I cut up a perfectly ripe Mango and I don’t think she realized there was a world going on around her for about 12.5 minutes. She ate every bit of mango off the seed even, and wanted me to take a picture and see if you could see her teeth marks from trying to get every last bite!

At the gym tonight I decided to do another rowing workout to get the old ticket going for a few. I decided on a 2000m at a 10 resistance and felt pretty good after!

I did a better time than the day before, but it was also a shorter distance. My butt feel off around the 1000m marker again. I need a cushion to sit on 🙂

You can see my Knot bag from one of the Wedding Open Houses the fiancé and I went to late last year. I carried my jacket, keys, phone and a banana around with me yesterday. You know, the important things!

My ankle seemed to be doing better when I woke up, but after being on it all day it was bothering me and a bit swollen again. I’m debating wearing Da Boot again for a few days just to let it continue to rest when I’m at work walking around all day. It really helped last time…. well that and the ARP appointment. I’m trying to get in for one more of those. 🙂

This was the best water in the world after sweating from the rowing machine!

Next I went to do some weights, and worked a bit of chest and legs. Deadlifts, squats, free weights, etc. I enjoyed every rep!!!!

After 75 minutes or so of gym time, it was home time! My legs were like Jello walking down the stairs! They look so much prettier walking UP! Again, the gym we get to utilize is in the hotel and it’s incredible!

I ate a banana before I headed down the 73,000 stairs and once home, Lynn and I spent an hour or so catching up on our crazy days before we got super hungry.

I had a salad with salmon and was out of my favorite dressings or vinaigrette’s. I used this cilantro lime and although good, I didn’t love it on salad. Would make a much better marinade as it tasted like Spanish rice. Not the flavor I was going for.

However, I shoveled a few of these pomegranate seeds into my face and I was instantly happy again!

Hope everyone’s Tuesday was good and that Hump Day was great!

I’ve decided that going to try to blog in the mornings instead of at night for a few reasons.

1.) I miss out on time with my sweet girl

2.) I’m already getting home late from the gym

3.) When I’m tired, eating, trying to connect, watch TV AND blog it takes me like 8 hours.

4.) If I set my alarm and get up early, I’ll knock it out on 30 min and talk about the previous day!

5.) Today was a fail though. I set my alarm early and proceeded to hit snooze for an entire hour. I tried! Tomorrow is a new day though!

See ya!

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