Adulting + Orthotics+ Almost February memories from 2018

Welp, the week is half over! TGI…..W? 😁

Work has been a bit crazy so I’ve literally been dreaming about numbers and solutions, but I’m enjoying the process!

I was looking forward to the evening as I had a chiropractor appointment and was hoping my orthotics would be in…. they were!

They were a bit different than I thought! Super hard and the heel lift is a bit funny looking.

I was told to start off wearing them SLOWLY…. as I will ache a little in different places as I get used to them. However, I have an entire year to figure them out, get remade as many times as it takes, etc… maybe that’s why they are $350 😐

I was also told NO running on them yet until I can walk around in them all day without discomfort. They are def bulky, so will be interesting to see what shoes they work with! I’m excited though, as I know this is good for me and my body!

I’m proud of Lynn and I, as we have been adulting for two whole days now! Applause appreciated!

  • Going to bed at a decent time
  • Taking the pups out more throughout the night
  • Eating healthier and earlier
  • Getting the ball rolling on the wedding
  • Not looking at social media once IN bed for hours before going to sleep
  • Waking up earlier to blog so I can put my focus on family when I get home at night (while still taking pictures for the next days post of course)
  • Getting errands done

We had to go to Michaels (which is like Hobby Lobby) to get some crafts for Lynn’s classroom and I needed some dry erase boards for something I’m doing with MY team at work as well.

I saw these desk plates there and wanted to Goal Digger one. Pretty funny stuff!

We had also good intentions of going to My favorite candy store ever to get my weekly refill (I’m due like 5 right now, was excited about the haul as we haven’t been since before Christmas) so I took my empty sad teddy bear with us. However, by the time we left Michaels, it was already 7:30 so we decided to adult and get home so we could eat and go to bed at a decent hour.

My salad was delicious! I added tilapia and pineapple to the usual suspects. Delicious!

February. Can you believe it? Seems like I was just posting about our amazing New Year’s Eve staying the night at our future wedding venue Here

Is also had some awesome memories popping up on Facebook from last year in Virginia. I. Miss. That. Place!

I ran a half marathon (the hilliest one ever) in Colonial Williamsburg and that experience from the entire weekend was so incredible. Storybook as are many of our Virginia memories!

Also, a visit to our favorite brewery Pro Re Nata in Crozet VA. We watched many Cavaliers Basketball games at this place. Ahhhh memories!

Well, now that I’ve audited by blogging early! Guess I should get dressed for work!

Happy Thursday!


– What is your favorite race ever?

– Have you ever been to Virginia?

– Do you like sports and if so which one is your favorite and who is the team you cheer for?

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