GU Ambassador Athlete + Cycling no joke + No sleep

Happy Fri-yay everyone!

Yes, it is 4am and I’m blogging. However, the real story is that I was tossing and turning dreaming about work, woke up at 2am and haven’t been able to go back to sleep. So much for adulting by going to bed early to get extra sleep! Lol

I hope everyone had a great Thursday!

I had two pretty awesome things happen yesterday!

I got a package in the mail. I don’t even have to say what it is because just getting mail is always like Christmas. However, Running Snacks sent me an awesome kit to fuel me before and after I run!

I plan on being able to go for my first run outside of Chevron Houston Marathon recap since Christmas Eve, this weekend! Ankle is about 90% better so excited to try these snacks on my first run back!

I’m going to go easy on the run as I do have the NOLA Rock n Roll half marathon next weekend. Nothing like going cold turkey due to injuries and throwing a marathon and a couple of halves in the mix to keep it interesting! #notarookieipromise

Thanks Running Snacks! Excited to give this kit a whirl! I really like the thought process behind it as well as the pamphlet with all the information about the yummy treats.

As I was getting ready for work this morning I smiled. Doesn’t everyone still have their Christmas stockings and a candy cane wreath hanging on the 31st of January? Yeah, us neither…

I packed my workout clothes so I could hit the gym directly from work. I decided to cycle before weights and found a cool workout.

I haven’t been on a bike of any kind in years so I was actually looking forward to this workout.

11 seconds later….

4 miles of biking later I wondered if I would have to ask for help getting off the bike. I bow down to all you cyclists and spin people and …… That stuff hurts! Muscles in my legs were on fire that I didn’t know existed.

After I almost died on the bike, I headed into the next room to do weights. I dug my gloves out from their grave to protect my baby hands from blisters and got to work.

A few minutes later I kept smelling Bengay, only to realize it was ME! The gloves had been in a box with my running gear which at one point in time must have included a tube of that stuff. So, I smelled like a million bucks the entirety of my workout 🙄

The second awesome thing that happened today was getting an email from GU Energy Labs! As you know from this post Official 2019 GU Ambassador + Lazy Day + Can I run yet + Flannel Bachelorette I was chosen as an official GU Ambassador for 2019!

They sent out our swag boxes yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited to get! Also, we will be the first ones to taste a top secret new flavor that will be introduced in the next month or so with a second package being sent out in a few weeks!

Gu has been with me for every race I’ve done, and I can’t imagine my running without it! #guforit

You can see my official picture and link to my Instagram on The GU Athlete page HERE Also, please follow my Instagram page HERE as I do some fun giveaways etc on there as well. Plus I’m super interesting…. said no one ever. Lol!

“Salty’s Squad is our ambassador team made up of dedicated athletes and engaged community members. Our team includes athletes who spread the GU love and exemplify what it means to train and compete with integrity. Our Salty’s Squad ambassadors teach us what it means to love what you do on a daily basis while always striving for that next PR, from local fun runs to world championship competitions! #SaltysSquad”


Dinner was the usual but I used tilapia as my protein. I’ve got to get to the store for some more vinaigrette’s as the world will come to an end soon if I run out.

I cut up another mango and a ruby red grapefruit for the fiancé. Her eyes lit up like Christmas morning and she didn’t mutter a word for minutes while enjoying this deliciousness.

Life is good. Emmy was passed out on the other side of Lynn, and I had my other two girls behind me 🙂 I’ve never been happier!

I need some fun things to make for the Super Bowl this weekend. We watched it last year and had a few dips and stuff to munch on. Send any yummy recipes my way!

Have a wonderful Fri-Yay!

See you at the start line! I got this!

QUESTIONS (Keep scrolling to comment) –

What is your favorite way to get your heart rate up?

– Have you ever left Christmas decorations up till February?

– Tell me what you are up to this weekend!

4 thoughts on “GU Ambassador Athlete + Cycling no joke + No sleep

  1. Congratulations for being the GU ambassador! I usually shuffle between their different flavours I could find at my local store.

    As of right now, I’m sitting in a train and heading to a parkrun after which I’ll go for a trail run too. You’ll be hearing about that soon enough 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! Can’t wait to read about it and see pictures?! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Outrage. I believe I will be given friends and family discounts to use soon, stay tuned 🙂 I also have a link to my favorite flavor under MY GEAR! Have a wonderful Friday!!!


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