Friday Favorites + ART with Dale + Meb

Hope everyone had an amazing Friday!

I started off the morning by almost losing a finger. Lol! You know your shaver still works (and that you need coffee) when you somehow miss your leg and almost take off the side of your finger. Story of my life, lol!

Speaking of coffee, I want this Running Coffee Mug This is another story of my life!

So, I “settled” for my favorite kind of coffee… Starbucks! Great way to start the day!

I love this mascara! I used to wear the eyelash extensions and oh how I miss them! After wearing extensions for so long, you become used to them being so long and full. I hated the maintenance though and it did shorten my real eyelashes after wearing for 5 years, but I miss them! However,L’Oréal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara does the job!

Lynn and I were adulting and getting errands done last week. While we were at Michaels we found a really good smelling candle! We LOVE candles and can never have enough and we burn them every chance we get. Makes it cozy and homey! Sighhhh

I noticed that we are getting low on our Light Blue Dolce Gabbana Perfume . We both realized we wore the same perfume on our very first date. Makes it nice sharing the same bottle and is a fun story! I always think it smells good on her but I’m immune to smelling it on myself.

One of the amazing blogs I follow written by Mackenzie tagged me in a post about the candy sushi we first connected about 🙂 She finally tried and loved! Mine is still on the counter and think we will do something fun with it this weekend and throw some sake in with it 😁

My favorite picture of the day? The one Mom and Dad Papke sent of their sweet pup Wrigley. Wrigs loves his Teddy and Cammy, being bundled up, putting himself to bed and long walks on the beach. Lol

I had my third appointment with the awesome Dale Londos for ART (Active Release Techniques).

This appointment was super fun. Besides the fact that my ankle is about 80% pain free, we talked a lot about athletes, running, etc.

Dale used to work with the track team at UTSA, has worked on many athletes and Olympian’s, including…. wait for it… Meb Keflezighi. I’ve met Meb once before and he won the Olympic trials in Houston many years ago. However, Dale got to work on him after the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon this past December!

If you have an injury, or even want your muscles to have a little tlc… go see Dale! He is the very best!

After Dale worked on him, Meb gave him his medal from the race (This race was fun for him as he was a pacer for the half marathon). So, when Dale showed me the medal, I told him I had to try it on a take a picture for the blog. Naturally 🙂

Please excuse the hair, I look like a Troll.

My favorite Friday Night was this ice cream Lynn brought home from Chick-Fil-A. Cookies and cream is the best ever.

I’m about to head to the gym and have some really exciting information to share with you tomorrow about GU and another race!

I think I’m going to jump on the treadmill for a few miles and rest the ol ankle our. I don’t want to do too much this week with the NOLA half next weekend. I don’t want to undo any progress and at this point a few more runs isn’t going to really help my performance. I’ve ran once since Christmas and it was two weeks ago for the Marathon. YOLO 🙂

However, I’m almost back on track and will be back in training in the next few weeks after the next two weekends of half marathons. Then, I’m coming back strong and more determined as ever!

Have a great weekend!

See you at the start line!

Questions –

– What is your favorite flavor of ice cream.

What is your favorite candle smell?

– What are you up to this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + ART with Dale + Meb

  1. Oh no! So sorry about that nail. But at least the lashes are doing well! Seriously, that mascara looks awesome!!

    I spot your Wicked shirt- we LOVED it when we saw it in Broadway. I’m actually using my Wicked cup we got as a souvenir right now, funnily enough. Chic fil A’s milkshakes are probably my favorite- but I’ve never just tried their ice cream- it looks SO good!

    I really hope your ankle is 100% before too much longer- I know injuries are the MOST frustrating.

    – Favorite flavor: Hmm depends on the mood- I usually go for something chocolatey like double fudge brownie, but sometimes I’m in the mood for mint or strawberry (but strawberry with something chocolate in it!). I’m serious about the ‘scream. I have a cone every night. I’m not kidding… hahah.
    – I love vanilla candles (basic as can be, I knowww).. but recently I have been burning a lemon lavender that smells just divine.
    – This weekend: School work & church tomorrow. BUT I am taking a tiny chunk of time to catch up on blogs so I’m enjoying the break from school right now !
    Have a great rest of your weekend, Taushah!

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