Saturday Shopping + Run + Drinks with Whit + Forever Candy

Hope everyone’s Saturday was great and you all are gearing up for the super bowl!

I was so so so so SOOOOO excited to put on my Brooks and attempt a short run on the Dreadmill. (THIS typo on purpose Lynn, I don’t want to hear any OOOOoooopppss!)

I grabbed my AirPods, which I absolutely love) and headed to the gym!

I wasn’t planning on doing more than three miles as my ankle is still a bit tender and didn’t want to undo any progress before NOLA next weekend, but I wanted to see how I felt!

I was so excited to actually be on a treadmill, and that NEVER happens 🙂

I got 2.5 miles in at about a 9 min pace, but I will admit that my ankle was felt with every step. Not pain, but it was definitely talking to me. I decided to stop at that juncture. I can’t wait to run without pain and to dig back into my training! I also know that you are all tired of hearing about how much I want to run normal again. Lol!

Mom Papke posted some old pictures of her and some family yesterday. I saved one of them and compared to Lynn. Resemble each other much?! Love them! Ps, easy Lynn a cute baby?!

As you know from my Christmas present post, Lynn got me a Forever Bear which is good for a refill of candy a week for a year. I know, my fiancé is the best.

Well, we haven’t had the time to get and fill Bearsy up, so we decided to stop by Lolli & Pops before we met up with Whitney for dinner and drinks!

I was pretty much in sugar heaven. The nice gentlemen name Drew who was the manager on duty helped us out. They were out of the forever cards to record our fill ups, but he trusted us and told us to fill up a few times, dump in a bag and we would be good to go!

We didn’t have twist ties until we got to the register, so Lynn was holding onto the candy for dear life. We didn’t even make it to the chocolate section. Guys, they had chocolate covered Oreos! Next time! This candy should get me through a few days!

We walked into one of our other favorite stores while we were walking around La Cantera called Altar’d State. We’ve spent a few pennies here over the past couple of years.

I really really wanted these cute shorts but they were a little more than I wanted to pay so I put them back like a good girl 😦

We met up with Whitney at Yardhouse which is one of our favorite restaurants. I’ve never had a bad meal there! This was the first place I ever had truffle fries. I’ve been addicted since!

They have a really good happy hour too in which many of their appetizers are half price! It’s kind of a pricey place, so happy hour is awesome when we can make it!

I drank a few martinis, Lynn had Moscow miles and Whitney had cosmos. All were delicious! They brought me extra olives with my martinis so I got my salt intake for the night on those alone! Yum!

I ordered an Ahi Tuna Salad and added onions (of course) and avocado. It was so freaking good that I couldn’t wait to dig in before they brought me the onions they accidentally left off.

We always love seeing Whitney and we talked for about 4.5 hours!

I’ve got some cooking to do for the super bowl, but I have a lot to catch you up on this week 🙂 GU for days! #guforit

See you tomorrow!

Questions- (scroll down to comment)

– Are you watching the super bowl and if so who are you rooting for?

– What is your favorite kind of candy?

– What is your favorite meal to order at your favorite restaurant?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping + Run + Drinks with Whit + Forever Candy

  1. lol, dreadmill ! Aw the side by side of Lynn & her mom is too cute- they do look so much alike!! Okay, you really did discover Candy Heaven. Sheesh- how fun! How do you like martinis?! I love a lightly dirty martini with as many olives possible. All my friends think it’s gross, hahah. Have a great weekend to you both!


  2. You sure like your sugar treats – you don’t feel guilty?
    1. Didn’t watch, it’s in the middle of the night here.
    2. Never touch ’em.
    3. Portuguese restaurants here (Jersey, Channel Islands) have a speciality called ‘espetada’ which is basically meat chunks on skewers. Great, unless you’re vegan.

    Liked by 1 person

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