Sunday cooking + Super Bowl + HEB Crazy + Austin Rattler 33k

Pancakes. That was the first word my wonderful fiancé muttered yesterday morning. Actually, it was…. do we have enough eggs to make pancakes?

Yes. My answer was yes. However, we were out of chocolate chips so I got creative with the leftover holiday m&ms. Went right along with the Christmas stocking and wreath we still have hangin’. Just sayin’

As I was flipping her pancakes, I did make a bit of a mess. This type of breakfast requires coordination and we all know I don’t have much of that! Most of the m&ms made it into her pancakes. Okay, probably half the box. The rest (outside of the ones that landed on the burners) made it nicely into my stomach.

I decided to go for scrambled eggs with onion, kale, avocado and a bit of cheese. We didn’t have shredded cheese so I did what any normal grown adult would do. I broke a cheese stick into pieces and mixed in. Topped with sriracha it was delicious!

After breakfast I decided to brave the world of HEB. My how I miss Virginia with 4 Kroger’s within a 4 mile radius. Where you could park in the same zip code as the entrance and remembered where your car was parked when you came out.

Let me just say I was parked so far away I got my heart rate up just on the walk to enter the store. There were approx 15 carts left, and you could smell the Super Bowl crazy in the air. Everyone was loading up on beer, dips and more beer.

Even the tomatoes were football themed. Impressive.

I actually stuck with my list for the most part and actually patted myself on the way out the door on the hike to my vehicle. Once I remembered where I parked.

Emmy was super excited to see me when I got home. She is just the cutest little girl in the world. (Bella you’re cute too!!!) Its hard to tell, but she’s actually sitting flat on her stomach with her legs sprawled out behind her.

After settling for a bit, I decided to make some of the vegetables we had so we could munch on for the week. I also wanted to get our Super Bowl Queso going for the game. I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff to make since out of town Friday-Monday for the NOLA half, but was pretty excited about the healthy veggies roasting in the oven!

I roasted some eggplant with a little olive oil and soy sauce and some Brussels sprouts with a little olive oil and salt (then added a bit of Franks Sweet chili sauce and few other items and put em’ on broil)

After I freed up the oven I blistered some Shishito Peppers. This is one of our new favorites! Throw some olive oil, salt, lemon juice and a bit of honey… perfection. Well, until you broil them a bit too long. They are still really good, just gives it a bit of a roasted flavor!

Once I got done giving the oven a workout, I turned up the burners and got to work on the ground beef for the queso! Was so good and the perfect amount so we didn’t gorge on it all week. The picture is before I remembered to add Rotel.

I finished cooking and cleaning up right before kickoff. We were rooting for the Rams simply because Tom Brady and the Patriots have won at-least 113 Super Bowls already. We were ready for an exciting game.

We busted out our cans of wine (we fancy) that I found from HEB. Can’t drink out of a wine glass during football!

30 minutes later and into the second quarter we were still waiting for that exciting game to happen. Thank God for the T-Mobile commercials as they were the most entertaining thing about those 4 hours of my life that I can’t get back!

The most interesting thing was when I googled the lowest scoring game on Super Bowl history and last nights game set a new record! This was me being super hilarious during the third quarter.

In more exciting news, GU contacted me as get this – I am their ONLY 2019 ambassador in Texas! They wanted to offer me a comp race for the Austin Rattler if I helped the day before to get people excited with All things GU! I’m in, heck yes.

This will actually be a trail run and I decided on the 33k (just above 20 miles as that will be a good run about three weeks before my 50 miler to keep me accountable. I ran it by the fiancé of course and she is excited as well 🙂

Has anyone run this race before? I know it’s a Leadville 100 MTB qualifier for the longer distance so I’m excited to see that take place! How hilly and tough is this course? Pictures from last year show mud covered runners! What have I got myself into? Lol! Thanks GU, I’m excited. I’ll be posting more about the ambassador stuff this week.

Have an incredible week!

I can’t wait to lace these Brooks up again for the weekend! Nothing like Christmas in February….


– on a scale of -25 to 10, how excited were you by yesterday’s Super Bowl?

– What was your favorite weekend meal/snack

– Did you run or race this weekend? I’d love to know!

I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!

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